Helgadottir stays with Malmö FF

Malmö FF today announced, rather pleased, that their target player Asthildur Helgadottir will stay with the club for at least the three first Damallsvenskan matches. "And we are negotiating for more matches", says MFF's Kenny Jönsson.

Malmö FF says that the deal has been possible thank's to Helgadottir's committment to the club and to the cooperation from her Icelandic club, Breidablik.

Malmö FF:
Påskpresent till alla MFF DAM-fans
Damfotboll.com: Asthildur premiärspelar med Malmö FF

Posted by: orange

Does the Icelandic season begin later, or are you saying that she is choosing to divide her time, regardless?

And by the way, does the average Swede understand what "Eigi veit ég það svo ofboðslega gjörla en hitt veit ég að af er fóturinn" means? (It's on Helgadottir's profile at the MFF website.) !

2006-04-13 @ 16:51:39
Posted by: Dandal

The three first Damallsvenskan matches are played before the Icelandic season starts. The additional matches that are negotiated are probably September and October matches, after the end of the short Icelandic season.

And even if we all probably talked something like that in Scandinavia a thousand years ago, I find it almost impossible to decipher Icelandic.

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