Match-day 2: Malmö stuns Djurgården

Malmö FF - Djurgården/Älvsjö 4-1 (3-1)
Malmö FF:  Caroline Jönsson - Jenny Engwall, Emma Wilhelmsson, Therese Jönsson, Dóra Stefánsdóttir - Johanna Rosén (90 Emelie Ölander), Nilla Fischer, Therese Sjögran, Frida Nordin - Therese Lundin, Ásthildur Helgadóttir
Djurgården/Älvsjö: Bente Nordby - Ann-Marie Norlin, Therese Brogårde, Kicki Bengtsson, Linda Lekander (38 Malin Engdahl) - Linda Fagerström, Elin Ekblom, Katrine Pedersen - Sara Thunebro, Victoria Svensson (80 Sofia Simonsson), Laura Kalmari (86 Jenny Dannberg) 
Goals:  0-1 Sara Thunebro (15), 1-1 Therese Lundin (26), 2-1 Ásthildur Helgadóttir (29), 3-1 Nilla Fischer (45+1), 4-1 Therese Lundin (79)
Attendance: 1,028
Malmö FF out played a lack-lustre Djurgården/Älvsjö to gain a deserved 4-1 win. Malmö's attacking duo Therese Lundin and Asthildur Helgadottir, that last season had 38 goals between them, proved just as lethal this year.

Djurgården/Älvsjö started best, in particular Laura Kalmari proved dangerous from her left field position, and when Sara Thunebro scored on a rebound after 15 minutes the lead seemed fair. Malmö's somewhat reconstructed defense (Malin Levenstad had been delayed in Austria and didn't get to Malmö in time to start) seemed shaky and Caroline Jönsson had to stretch herself to tidy up defense mistakes. But already after some 20 minutes Malmö began to get a hold on the game, winning the midfield and making good use of the outsides. 1-1 came from a Frida Nordin cross which Therese Lundin converted and three minutes later Asthildur Helgadottir headed in a great free-kick from Therese Sjögran. When Nilla Fischer in first half overtime chipped the ball over Bente Nordby in Djurgården's goal the outcome was decided.

The second half was entirely Malmö's. The team played composed, comfortable with ball, good passes and making frequent use of Helgadottir as a target player. Djurgården's defense had big problems handling her and Lundin, who could score 4-1 against a fumbling Djurgården defense. Victoria Svensson and Laura Kalmari on the other hand were mostly unsuccessfull trying to penetrate Malmö's defense, that had shaped up a lot since the start of the match.

Malmö's Lundin commented that the win was really good for the team's confidence after yet again being downplayed in the preseason speculations.

Malmö FF:
match report, match pictures, more pictures
Djurgården/Älvsjö: Förlust mot Malmö
Sydsvenskan:  MFF Dam vann med 4-1
Svt: Storseger för Malmö FF:s damer, video clip

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