Post Award show comments: Mockery, insult, scandal!

Marta's non-nomination for Forward of the Year was still the big talk the day after the Sweden Football Award show, and few people (including me) understands what the jury was thinking. Apart from that, the award winners were considered worthy their prize. I had expected some disappointment from Umeå considering the outcome of the midfielder prize, but the local Umeå journalists must have caught Arnqvist and Jeglertz after they spent too much time at the bar. Arnqvist calls the event a mockery and an insult and promises to never put his foot there again and blames the Football Association for the jury's choices, while Jeglertz states that not a single one of the winners were good enough to get a spot at the Umeå team.
"Det här är så pinsamt"
Västerbottens Folkblad: Jeglertz dömde ut Fotbollsgalan

Jeglertz is wrong by the way, and he knows it. Caroline Jönsson is a better goalkeeper than Sofia Lundgren and Umeå would take back Hanna Marklund any day, no questions asked. Schelin could probably move Anna Sjöström out of the starting eleven, but Caroline Seger would find herself in an Lisa Dahlqvist position in Umeå - thrilled for every minute she gets to play. Mäkinen and Moström are better players than Seger, but she is much more fun than they are. And this is show business.

A couple more Lotta movies, just to make Joao happy.

EDIT: Ok, this almost getting ridiculous, but I found another Lotta Schelin clip. This one is from the SVT morning show, and Lotta confesses that she hasn't been to bed yet. I won't translate the interview - she's just happy, she's had a great year, she's looking forward to China, women's football has won a lot of recognition the last years but still far from equal.

Posted by: jocasta

Granted that it's show business, where the Pretty have an undeniable advantage... are there any actual benefits from getting one of these awards, other than glory and a makeover?

2006-11-15 @ 00:14:36
Posted by: orange

What's so fun about Seger? No, I mean it.

And are you serious that it's just show business and not awraded by merit? That seems so un-Swedish. I thought the highest value was places on honesty, intregrity and general not-showing-off-ness.

2006-11-15 @ 05:39:45
Posted by: orange

I should never type when I drink. (Orange juice). I meant to say "awarded" and "placed".

2006-11-15 @ 05:41:52
Posted by: Joao Pereira

Thanks. It is just a pitty i don't understand Swedish :)

Posted by: jocasta

I second orange's question about general not-showing-off-ness. And yes, that is a whole lotta Schelin.

2006-11-15 @ 15:48:03
Posted by: dandal

To understand this you have to recognize that the Football Gala is mostly show business. It's two hours prime time television on the biggest commersial network.

The event thrives on controversy. The more pre-event press, the more viewers. Getting a row over the nominations is a good thing. Not only Marta was missing. Top Swedish players like Källström (Olympique Lyon) and Ibrahimovic (Inter) didn't get nominated and a (convenient) rumour says that Fredrik Ljungberg wasn't nominated for Midfielder of the Year until they changed the rules and allowed 4 nominees. And if nothing else, you can always make sure that the female gala hostess wears a really really short dress.

The jury consists of both people from the football community and from the media, with good representation from the broadcaster. It's not a blind vote, they have meetings and debate the choices. And it is pretty obvious that the Midfielder (or whatever) of the Year doesn't have to equal the best player. As a TV4 journalist wrote, in that case we would have Ljungberg and Ibrahimovic year in and year out. And that's not good entertainment. Henrik Larsson and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are much better forwards than Marcus Allbäck. But Allbäck is a nice guy, has been around a long time, has had a good season with FCK in Denmark and scored a few really important goals for Sweden, while Ibrahimovic had a, for his standards, disappointing season and Larsson already has more awards than he can carry. So Allbäck won Forward of the Year.

Malin Moström didn't get the midfielder award this time, because she has already been subscribing to it since the dawn of time. Picking Seger over Mäkinen helps enforcing the idea that Sweden has a great new generation coming (good for football) and she's a bit of a tabloid darling, always prepared to say something a tad inappropriate and add a big laugh (good for show business). Mäkinen, I'm sorry to say, is a bit dull. Off-pitch, that is.

I'm not saying this is how the jurors reasoned with one another, but I'm sure thinking along these lines played a part for some of them.

2006-11-16 @ 23:19:48
Posted by: dandal

Oh, and about entertainment value. Nothing I've ever posted here has attracted even close to as many comments as these two entries about the Awards.

2006-11-16 @ 23:32:50
Posted by: jocasta

ha! got us there. I plead guilty, but with the excuse that at no other time would I dare to make any observations about fashion, which is a welcome break from the deadly serious business of trying to figure out whether AIK Reloaded will be good enough to beat Linköping next year.

So the criteria for the awards are a little more "fuzzy," a gestalt kind of thing. That's cool-- hey, it's all entertainment-- well, deadly serious entertainment.

2006-11-18 @ 00:09:19
Posted by: secret code

"Mäkinen, I'm sorry to say, is a bit dull. Off-pitch, that is."

If by dull, you mean educated, thoughtful and avoids bursting out with dorky comments about how great she is, cute she is and important she is, then yes, I guess Mäkinen is duller than Seger.

2006-11-20 @ 03:51:18
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