Umeå: Frida Östberg returns, Lise Klaveness leaves

First Umeå announced the anticipated return by Frida Östberg. The 30 year old defender/midfielder said it felt great to be back home again. Umeå has been trying to persuade her since the summer, but Frida had umeå waiting for her answer: "I wanted to feel that I had the right motivation to continue. You don't take a place in Umeå by just going 90 %".
While Östberg returned to Umeå, Lise Klaveness returned home from Umeå. After a lot of thinking, she decided to go back to Asker in the Norwegian league. She was sad to leave Umeå, but after finishing her law studies she felt she had to return to Norway if she wanted to establish herself on the work market. She stated that she wants to use her experience from her two years in Sweden to help making Asker the Umeå of Norway.
Young midfielder Lisa Dahlqvist also had to do a lot of thinking and some feeling of home-sickness tempted her to move south, but she finally decided to accept a new one year contract with Umeå. The 20 year old has more or less made her break-through in the team during the 2007 season, her second with the team, and is now a regular starter.
Young attacker Erika Karlsson was one of the few Umeå players that did not get an offer for a renewed contract. She has had problems breaking into the squad and the competition for forward positions doesn't seem to be easier next year. She hasn't signed anything, but will almost certainly be moving to Sunnanå, where she is hoping to get more playing time.
Umeå now seems to have signed 19 players for 2008, but that includes one 16 and one 17 year old players that might not be first team material yet. The club haven't yet declared that they are finished with the 2008 squad and the 2007 18 player side proved vulnerable to injuries, so there might still be some movement.
Västerbottens Folkblad:
Dahlkvist stannar i Umeå IK
Västerbottenskuriren: Frida Östberg skrev på för UIK
Asker FK: Lise Klaveness til Asker
Norra Västerbotten: Erika Karlsson till Sunnanå

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