Marta back from Brazil - to play midfield??

Marta returned to Sweden and Umeå a couple of weeks premature, to the big pleasure of her boss Roland Arnqvist. Marta has spent the time since the FIFA World Player award in Brazil, but it hasn't been a vacation. "I've been doing interviews every day. I can't turn people down, it's really important to promote the women's football in Brazil." But with no vacation, no time to train and hardly any time for her family, she decided to return to the relative calm in Umeå. On her future with Umeå - she has been quoted to say that 2007 will be her last year with the club - she just says "God only knows what's in the future".

But a place on the midfield in Umeå might be in her future. The club is still looking for a replacement for Moström, but manager Roland Arnqvist has set a deadline at February 15. "We are having three agents working for us going through the market with a fine comb, but if we fail, we can easily see Marta taking a step down to the midfield".

Västerbottens Folkblad:
Bästa Marta hemma
Svt: not a clip really, but you can see the interview with Marta about 6 minutes into last night's sports news
Expressen: Moströms plats kan tas av - Marta

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