Sweden squad named for Cyprus camp

Thomas Dennerby today announced the squad for the training camp on Cyprus, February 11-18. The camp includes matches against Japan (February 12) and Scotland (February 17), but mostly hard training: "The players will continue their pre-season training programs. We're not going to Cyprus with the main purpose to defeat Scotland, we're looking much further ahead." Still, Japan will be an interesting encounter as they are building up for their March World Cup qualification matches against Mexico.
The most interesting to see in Dennerby's first 2007 squad was his choice for the midfield - how he replaced the retired trio Fagerström, Moström and Sjöström (and for the first time I noticed that they all have surnames ending in "ström". Peculiar, isn't it? Not that "ström" is an unusual part of a Swedish surname, it's probably one of the most common and an evidence of the Swedish fascination with nature: it means swiftly flowing water. But it can also mean current as in sea current or electric current. This was a ridiculously long parenthesis). So we're looking at Nilla Fischer, Frida Nordin and Salina Olsson instead. Not that exciting. And since Hedvig Lindahl isn't available, Umeå's newly signed keeper Carola Söberg makes the trip and could get her first national team cap. And Hanna Ljungberg is intentionally left out - Dennerby thinks she needs to rest.

Sweden's squadDate of birthCapsGoals
Caroline Jönsson

Malmö FF DFF



Sofia LundgrenAIK82092016-
Carola SöbergUmeå IK820729--
Hanna Marklund

Sunnanå SK



Sara LarssonLinköpings FC790513686
Anna PaulsonUmeå IK8402292-
Stina SegerströmKIF/Örebro DFF82061710-
Sara ThunebroDjurgården/Älvsjö790426132
Karolina WestbergUmeå IK780516114-
Frida ÖstbergLinköpings FC771210492
Nilla Fischer

Malmö FF DFF



Maria KarlssonLinköpings FC8305147-
Frida NordinMalmö FF DFF820523252
Salina OlssonKopparbergs/Göteborg FC780829619
Caroline SegerLinköpings FC850319222
Therese SjögranMalmö FF DFF7704081037
Josefine ÖqvistLinköpings FC830723336
Maria Aronsson

Linköpings FC



Therese LundinMalmö FF DFF790303407
Lotta SchelinKopparbergs/Göteborg FC840227337
Victoria SvenssonDjurgården/Älvsjö 77051812748

Dennerby visited Linköping yesterday on his tour to national team players. He had talks with Sara Larsson, Frida Östberg, Caroline Seger, Josefine Öqvist, Hedvig Lindahl, Maria Karlsson and Maria Aronsson and would have liked to get a one-on-one with Linköping defender Lotta Rohlin, who unfortunately was in Germany visiting her boyfriend. "She has for a long time been playing on a consistently high level, and that's what makes a player interesting for the national team", he commented on Rohlin, who at 26 has never played for the full national team.

Svensk Fotboll:
Dam: Årets första landskamper
Corren: Rohlin aktuell för Dennerby

Posted by: e.

Does Hanna Ljungberg have some specific injury or is "needs rest" her perpetual health status nowadays?

2007-01-30 @ 22:19:12
Posted by: jocasta

Agree with e. And no Ekblom. Bummer.

2007-01-30 @ 23:40:58
Posted by: Dandal

Ekblom declined any further national team assignments a couple of weeks ago, wants to spend more time on "education, family and club team". Should of course have posted that, but I do make the occasional slip.

Hanna is supposed to be rehabbing from something, don't really know what. Playing football maybe?

Posted by: jocasta

Sorry, but I must ask for clarification. Ekblom declined *any* further Nat'l team duties, or just this training camp?

I'm still not convinced that the botanical grens and grans can make up for the departures of the sturdy ströms.

2007-01-31 @ 00:09:36
Posted by: Dandal

Last year I got the impression that she really wanted to break through as a regular, but I guess she has changed priorities. I haven't heard her own wording, but "quitting" is the word used about her decision. Not that she ever was much on the national team, but still a loss. If nothing else because I like players that can speak in full sentences.

We still got Segerström. And berg (mountain) east, west and south.

2007-01-31 @ 00:36:04
URL: http://dandal.webblogg.se
Posted by: hagabo_i_exil

I'm thinking Ekblom realized she was no closer to being a regular after these recent changes, and if you can't become a regular in the NT with all the changes going on despite the stellar end of Damallsvenskan 2006, then what would it take? I tnink she figured it would never happen with the world cup coming up, so why not focus on DIF.

2007-01-31 @ 09:27:27
Posted by: hagabo_i_exil

Oh, and re: Hanna Ljungberg. She has perpetual problems with the back of her thighs. I'm guessing that's what you get after you tear your ACL. What Dennerby does not want is what happened last year, when the Algarve Cup put Hanna Ljungberg out of action for six weeks and impeded her performance for most of the season.

2007-01-31 @ 11:12:34
Posted by: jocasta

I hope Ekblom doesn't get discouraged-- after that spectacular goal she scored on the US last summer I had high hopes for her NT career. If her understanding with Svensson (which even hagabo grudgingly admits can be impressive) continues to develop this season, maybe she'll get another look before the WWC.

As far as Ljungberg goes, is it Dennerby who wants her rested, or is it the UIK mob bosses Jeglerz and Arnqvist? (this is a somewhat rhetorical question)

And does Ljungberg count with the botanicals or the mountains?

2007-01-31 @ 19:47:27
Posted by: Sund-fan

Hmm.. Cross posting with the Bigsoccer board:
Yes, Ljungberg counts with the botanicals and the mountains...
Ljungberg = heather mountain ("Heatherhill"?)

2007-02-01 @ 08:48:23
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