Umeå on Ramona Bachman: She could be a new Marta

16 year old Swiss prodigy Ramona Bachman started her 10 day try-out at Umeå last Thursday. She is not the established world class player, that Umeå is looking for, but they are nonetheless very interested. "She could be a new Marta", says head coach Andrée Jeglertz. And there are more clubs that are aware of her qualities. Besides Umeå, Djurgården/Älvsjö has announced interest and so has an unnamed German club as well as the ever present FC Indiana in USA. FC Indiana has come pretty far in their contacts and a few days ago released a press statement that a contract were "imminent".
Ramona Bachman told the press after her first training session that the level was very high and that it was a very special thing to train with Marta. In spite of her age the young Swiss is very determined: "I want to be a professional footballer, so I am prepared to move abroad".
Umeå's manager Roland Arnqvist says that he won't make up his mind until after the try-out: "She could be of interest for this year's squad, she might not play for us until next year or maybe not at all."
"Hon kan vara en ny Marta"
Västerbottens Folkblad: Supertalangen tränar med UIK
EDIT: I must learn to keep up with the local news stations. A nice Bachman (and Marta) clip from Västerbottensnytt. Thank's to Agent_Westberg at for the heads-up.

In other Umeå news, the player to replace Malin Moström might be - Marta. Head coach Andrée Jeglertz tells a local newspaper that they will not find a midfielder to fully replace Moström. Instead a probable solution is to pull back Marta from the attack and put her in a "number 10 position", between the two remaining attackers and the three midfielders. Marta has all the qualities that is needed to be successfull in this kind of Totti or Zidane positon. Unlike for example Hanna Ljungberg, Marta doesn't take many forward runs without the ball but can with her speed and superior ball control easily move into position from a place a bit further back. And from the 2006 season, we can see that even when she isn't the one that scores, she is almost always involved in the set-up.
Västerbottenskuriren: Marta som Totti

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