Damallsvenskan Round IX: Umeå's 55th in undefeated streak

Bälinge - AIK 2 - 0 (1-0)
Bälinge: Veronika Svensson - Petra Vaelma, Linda Sembrant, Lina Andersson, Karolina Mats - Linda Blom (68 Heidi Matinlassi), Moa Eriksson (62 Julia Lyckberg), Anne Mäkinen, Katri Nokso-Koivisto - Emma Lindqvist (58 Annette Kent), Sanna Talonen,
AIK: Sofia Lundgren - Madelene Göras, Frida Höglund, Sanna Valkonen, Linda Lekander - Sofia Simonsson, Jessica Juhlin, Madelene Wedin (68 Anna Lundin), Ingrid Bohlin (46 Danielle Wallander) - Nazanin Vaseghpanah - Freja Egerbrant
Goals: 1-0 Emma Lindqvist (40), 2-0 Heidi Matinlassi (79)
Attendance: 945
Bälinge were the better side and had a really good game in the beginning. They managed to convert their advantage when Emma Lindqvist scored from a Talonen pass and Heidi Matinlassi secured the win after Annette Kent beat two AIK defenders and fed her the ball.
There were 7 former or present Finnish national team players on the field and if Laura Kalmari hadn'ät been on the injury list there would have been eight. This is to my knowledge a kind of record for Damallsvenskan.
Förlust i Uppsala
Upsala Nya Tidning: Lindqvists efterlängtade fullträff

Falköping - Umeå IK 0 - 5 (0-2)
Falköping: Malin Andersson - Nettan Hofling, Karin Neuman, Elin Osbeck (85 Charlotte Abrahamsson), Emma Eriksson, Sandra Krantz (79 Cecilia Abrahamsson), Madeleine Tegström, Josefine Alfsson, Camilla Sanderheim (65 Therese Larsson), Sofia Fröjdstedt, Linnea Liljegärd
Umeå: Carola Söberg - Anna Paulsson, Johanna Frisk, Karolina Westberg, Maria Bergkvist (72 Emma Berglund) - Lisa Dahlqvist (60 Emmelie Konradsson), Lise Klaveness, Elaine - Ma Xiaoxu (46 June Pedersen), Madelaine Edlund, Marta,
Goals: 0-1 Marta (14), 0-2 Karolina Westberg (23), 0-3 Marta (49), 0-4 June Pedersen (52), 0-5 Marta (88)
Attendance: 5,037
Newcomers Falköping against Umeå could only end one way. Falköping started with a courageous high pressure, but were punished early by Marta, who throughout the whole match was even more excellent than usually. Karolina Westberg scored her third goal this season, again on a set piece. Coach Jeglert was satisfied with a secure win, but somewhat worried that the team didn't get more out of their dominance and had a tendency to fall in in Falköping's lower pace.
Västerbottens Folkblad: 5 000 åskådare såg UIK vinna med 5?0
Västerbottenskuriren: UIK-tåget går inte att stoppa
Falköping, that regulary draws about a thousand spectators to their home games, had made a big effort to make the Umeå match a major local event, and succeeded. Over 5,000 is a huge figure for the small countryside town with around 15,000 inhabitants.
All Damallsvenskan clubs rely a lot on volunteers, but a small town club like Falköping probably more than most. There is a story (video clip) from SVT and a slide-show from Göteborgsposten that gives you a nice view of a modest but determined club.

Hammarby - Sunnanå 1 - 1 (0-1)
Hammarby: Katarina Wicksell - Malin Nykvist, Elin Sölveskog, Josefin Christensen, Annica Svensson - Jennie Jonsson - Lousie Fors, Therese Sandström, Josefin Weijner (30 Therese Dahlberg) - Jessica Landström, Sara Johansson,
Sunnanå: Åsa Berglund - Sandra Berggren, Hanna Marklund, Magdalena Esseryd, Anna Bodén, Kristina Wiklund, Maria Nordbrandt, Mirjam Marklund, Lina Johansson, Sanna Frostevall, Alexandra Nilsson
Goals: 0-1 Maria Nordbrant (5), 1-1 Jessica Landström (73)
Attendance: 408
Sunnanå started good at Hammarby's arena Kanalplan, and Maria Nordbrant scored with a long high ball already after 5 minutes. The guests continued good, but couldn't profit from it and the longer the match went on the more they were pressed back. Hammarby fed Sara Johansson and Jessica Landström with long balls. This finally paid off when Sara Johansson recieved one of those and served Landström a perfect pass in the box. Both teams were rather disappointed with the result and thought they could have done better.
Hammarby: Hammarby Damfotboll - Sunnanå 1-1
Norra Västerbotten: En poäng till Sunnanå

Kif Örebro - Linköping 1 - 1 (0-0)
Örebro: Ingrid Ericson - Stina Segerström, Malin Nilsson, Lena Andersson, Marie Hammarström, Keeley Dowling (72 Caroline Näfver), Pavlina Scasna, Elin Magnusson, Sandra Linder (82 Hanna Pettersson), Emelia Erixon, Hodan Siid-Ahmed
Linköping: Jenny Olsson - Frida Östberg, Sara Larsson, Faith Ikidi, Marie-Louise Skålberg - Maureen Mmadu (71 Petra Larsson), Caroline Seger, Maria Karlsson (71 Kosovare Asllani), Ann Westermark - Josefine Öqvist, Maria Aronsson
Goals: 1-0 Emelia Erixon (59), 1-1 Caroline Seger (64)
Attendance: 966
Neither of the coaches were very pleased with the match, even if Örebro's Holmlund had to admit that the draw against the star-loaded Linköping is another proof that they can challenge the top teams. None of the teams managed to create much in front and both coaches thought their teams were passive.
Örebro's young Emelie Erixon continues to score, this time assisted by Keeley Dowling who Holmlund still plays in the attack, and is now third in the goalscoring league, after Schelin and Marta but before big names like Hanna Ljungberg, Victoria Svensson and Asthildur Helgadottir. She silll didn't make the Sweden U21-selection and new U21 coach Lena Videkull admitted that Erixon has scored a lot the last matches, but that she is still is a too unevenplayer.
Nerikes Allehanda: Emelia nätade på nytt när KIF fick oavgjort, KIF spelade 1-1 mot Linköping, Holmlund gladdes över poängen - inte spelet
Expressen: Förbundskaptenens sågning: "Hon har haft flyt"

LDB FC Malmö - Qbik 7 - 0 (3-0)

Malmö: Caroline Jönsson - Therese Jönsson, Malin Levenstad, Emma Wilhelmsson, Lina Nilsson - Frida Nordin (46 Asthildur Helgadottir), Nilla Fischer, Therese Sjögran, Emma Stålhammar (46 Nanna Johansen) - Therese Lundin (64 Dora Stefansdottir), Manon Melis,
Qbik: Maria Yatrakis (60 Red card) - Charlotte Nygren, Amelie Rybeck, Iofema Dieke, Elin Ragnvaldsson (40 Elin Sandgren) - Rebecca Johnson (60 My Axelsson), Therése Björk, Jenny Hallstenson, Lisa Mellberg, Anna Nilsson - Jennifer Meier (46 Sanna Backman)
Goals: 1-0 Nilla Fischer (6), 2-0 Therese Lundin (30), 3-0 Manon Melis (31), 4-0 Asthildur Helgadottir (73), 5-0 Asthildur Helgadottir (79), 6-0 Nanna Johansen (83), 7-0 Dora Stefansdottir (89)
Attendance: 650
7-0, that is how good Malmö is, commented Qbik's coach Janne Jansson, who was fairly pleased with his team's performance, "much better than we played against Hammarby". Malmö was just as superior as the figures would suggest. There was a period in the middle of the match when Qbik managed to hold on to the ball, but then the excellent goalkeeper Maria Yatrakis got sent of the field for bringing down Manon Melis, who was alone with the keeper. Malmö's national team forward Therese Lundin made her come-back after a long injury period and scored, which should please national team coach Dennerby, who has picked her for the Euro qualifiers later this month.
Sydsvenskan: Lundin målskytt direkt i comebacken
Värmlands Folkblad: Qbik efter 0-7 mot Malmö: "Inte så svart ändå"


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