Linköping losing Cristiane ?

Following Cristiane's hat-trick against Nigeria and Marta speaking up for her Brazil teammate, arguing that Linköping ought to extend her contract, Linköping's club chairman Christer Mård has been forced to reiterate his explanations why the club hasn't offered her an extension of her spring season contract:
"It is simply about money. We had to prioritize and we chose [Brazil midfielder] Daniela", he explains. Asked if he doesn't regret the choice they made, Mård answers "It's not about who is the best player. It's about who is the best for the team. It was more important to secure our midfield. In the attack we have more alternatives". Both Jessica Landström and Josefine Öqvist has scored more goals for the club than Cristiane.
Linköping's coach Daniel Pettersson agrees with his chairman "She and Jessica Landström has had problems finding each other. In her national team she is playing with Marta and that has worked out fantastic ... But as a coach I would of course like to have both [Daniela and Cristiane] on the team".
But that seems less and less probable. "We don't have the money today" says Mård. And the more Cristiane is seen in the tournament, the greater is the risk that somebody else presents her with an offer.
Brasiliens stjärna ratas av Linköping
Fotbollskanalen: Cristiane kan vara förlorad för Linköping

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