Umeå defeats Örebro, closes in on league leaders Linköping

Umeå IK - Kif Örebro  3 - 0 (2-0)
Umeå: Ulla-Karin Rönnlund - Anna Paulsson, Johanna Frisk, Karolina Westberg, Frida Östberg - Mami Yamaguchi (88 Emelie Konradsson), Lisa Dahlkvist, Hanna Ljungberg (57 Emma Åberg Zingmark) - Ramona Bachmann (62 Johanna Rasmussen), Madeleine Edlund, Marta
Örebro: Kristin Hammarström - Susanna Lehtinen, Marina Pettersson, Sanna Valkonen, Marie Hammarström (89 Marie Stålberg) - Kim Ekebom (77 Hanna Pettersson), Stina Segerström, Ingrid Ericsson (66 Leena Puranen), Caroline Näfver - Lena Andersson, Elin Magnusson
Goals: 1-0 Karolina Westberg (11), 2-0 Mami Yamaguchi (16), 3-0 Marta (85)
Attendance: 1,064
A somewhat rusty Umeå did what was expected of them and defeated guesting Kif Örebro. Kariolina Westberg opened the score-sheet already after a few minutes, heading in a cornerkick from Marta. Shortly after Mami Yamaguchi followed up, catching a rebound from Örebro's Kristin Hammarström, otherwise doing really good. After that Umeå seemed to fall back a bit and let Örebro in the match. Karolina Westberg was a bit disappointed that her team couldn't keep their play up for 90 minutes: "We haven't been playing for a long time and everybody should be on their toes". Marta finished off the match with a goal in the last minutes.
Hanna Ljungberg started, still not perfectly fit after her injury problems, but good for 60 minutes. She played in an offensive midfield position, which she liked.
Umeå's win put them two points after league leaders Linköping after 14 matches for both teams. They will meet in Linköping on Wednesday in an early league final.
Västerbottens Folkblad:
Westbergs revansch
Västerbottenskuriren: Spelsugen Westberg visade vägen
SVT: a match clip 3:05 in to the sport evening news.

AIK - Sunnanå SK  1 - 0 (0-0)
AIK: Sofia Lundgren - Sofia Simonsson, Frida Höglund, Linda Sembrant, Linda Lekander - Elin Ekblom Bak, Jessica Julin (59 Annika Sjölund), Anne Mäkinen, Laura Kalmari, Emma Lundh (76 Emelie Karlsson Wedin) - Lisa De Vanna
Sunnanå: Åsa Berglund - Alexandra Nilsson, Sanna Frostevall, Rebecca Smith, Magdalena Esseryd - Anna Bodén (11 Matidla Forslund), Perpetua Nkwocha, Josefin Johansson, Carina Holmberg (67 Sandra Berggren) - Mirjam Marklund, Lina Johansson (56 Lisa Renberg)
Goals: 1-0 Kisa De Vanna (84)
Attendance: 389
Sunnanå lost midfielder Anna Bodén to a knee injury early in the first half, but still managed to keep AIK fairly harmless through most iof the match. In the second half they even dominated and Perpetua Nkwocha was behind a couple of good opportunities for Sunnanå to take the lead. But the match was decided in AIK's favour when a long ball directly from goalkeeper Sofia Lundgren reached Lisa De Vanna, who escaped her defenders and chipped the ball over Sunnanå's Åsa Berglund.
Dagens Nyheter: De Vanna förde upp AIK till tredjeplats
Västerbottens Folkblad: Stjärnan sänkte Sunnanå
Norra VÄsterbotten: Bodén skadad när Sunnanå föll mot AIK

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