Rebecca Smith will play for Sunnanå

Rebecca Smith, who joined FSV Frankfurt in the Bundesliga a couple of weeks ago, will play for Sunnanå too. She will stay with FSV until the Bundesliga finishes in May and then transfer to Sunnanå when the international transfer window opens July 1. She says she is looking forward to play with and learn from an international like Hanna Marklund, while she thinks she herself can give "leadership, hard work and attitude".

Norra Västerbotten

There is a long interview (in german) with Rebecca in the german on-line football magazine Fansoccer. She tells she grew up in California and didn't start to concentrate on football until college. The 23 year old decided to devote herself to the game a couple of years, with the ambition to be able to help her New Zealand team to the World Cop 2007. She moved to Europe after graduating from college, since the opportunity to develop as a player is better here than in the USA.


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