Safe win over Holland for Sweden

Sweden - Holland 2-0 (2-0)
Sweden: Caroline Jönsson Malmö - Sara Larsson Linköping, Hanna Marklund Sunnanå (46 Karolina Westberg Umeå), Anna-Maria Eriksson Kolbotn (Norway), Kristin Bengtsson Djurgården/Älvsjö (46 Sara Thunebro Djurgården/Älvsjö) - Therese Sjögran Malmö (46 Maria Karlsson Linköping) , Malin Moström Umeå (79 Linda Fagerström Djurgården/Älvsjö), Malin Andersson Malmö (53 Nilla Fischer Malmö), Anna Sjöström Umeå - Lotta Schelin Kopparbergs/Göteborg, Josefine Öqvist Linköping (63 Salina Olsson Hammarby)
Goals: 1-0 Sara Larsson (29), 2-0 Öqvist (32)
Attendance: 4023
Sweden dominated throughout the match (something like 60-40 in possession, and I think 6-0 in corners), but had sometimes problems playing through the deep dutch defense. They also didn't manage to keep up the pressure the whole match, but had a couple of really good periods in the middle of the first half and towards the end of the match. The first goal was from a well placed corner kick by Malin Andersson that Sara Larsson headed in with the back of her head. The second emanated from a misunderstanding between Holland's goalkeeper Wissink and a defender that resulted in a loose ball that the always alert Josefine Öqvist placed in goal.

Malin Moström was deservedly named player of the match. The new forward couple Lotta Schelin and Josefine Öqvist worked ok - one tall player that can hold the ball and turn her defender and another fast player that never hesitates to run for the ball at even the slightest of opportunities. Hanna Marklund showed authority in the defense. All in all an ok performance from the swedish side, but against better opponents they need a better pace in the game and to take better care of their scoring opportunities.

Svensk Fotboll
SVT: Tre minuter räckte för svenskorna
Dagens Nyheter: Sverige vann sista genrepet
Expressen: Svenska fotbollsdamerna vaknade till liv
TV4: Match clip

Posted by: hagabo i exil

Dutch FA match report.

Seems like Pauw upped the Swedish team, basically saying that Sweden is top notch and that perhaps this was an opposition too tough to really measure where Holland stands against their goals, which are to qualify for WC07. After their game against France they think they look pretty good as the WC qualifiers draw near which will be the true test of where they stand. Somebody with skills in Dutch can probably correct me. I'm basically just guessing here.

2005-05-04 @ 13:41:28

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