Therese Sjögran stays in Malmö

Malmö FF fan favourite and national team midfielder Therese Sjögran has signed a contract for the 2007 season with the club. The club is happy with her decision and hopes other players will follow. Sjögran has, as usual, been surrounded by transfer speculations with Linköping FC as the most eager suitor.
Jenny Engwall, Nilla Fischer, Malin Levenstad, Therese Lundin and Emma Wilhelmsson already have contracts for 2007, since they signed 2 year deals last year.
Malmö FF:
Glädjande besked till alla Malmö FF Dam-fans

Posted by: orange

How does Therese Sjögran make her living? Does MFF pay her anything, or does she work or go to school? ( It seems like much of the league is about to go to school or is in school. )

2006-11-11 @ 17:23:47
Posted by: Dandal

Sjögran has a part-time job, last I checked it was with the local BMW-dealer. Back-office sort of job, not sales.

Malmö FF pays their players, no huge sums but most probably more than the Damallsvenskan average SEK 25,000 a year. And as a member of the national team and the Olympic programme she get's support from them too.

A lot of Damallsvenskan players are in school. Partly it's because a lot of them are in that age - late teens, early twenties. But it's also something that often can be combined with playing on a (semi)professional level more easily than a job.

Posted by: wqre

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