UEFA Women's Cup: Umeå brush Kolbotn away

Umeå IK  -  Kolbotn IL  6 - 0 (2-0)
Umeå: Sofia Lundgren - Anna Paulsson, Karolina Westberg (62 Lisa Dahlqvist), Johanna Frisk, Maria Bergkvist - Lise Klaveness (83 Erika Karlsson), Malin Moström, Anne Mäkinen - Anna Sjöström (71 June Pedersen), Hanna Ljungberg, Marta 
Goals: 1-0 Marta (12), 2-0 Hanna Ljungberg (24), 3-0 Anne Mäkinen (48), 4-0 Malin Moström (55), 5-0 Marta (77), 6-0 Hanna Ljungberg (90+2)
Attendance: 762

Another brilliant performance from Umeå, who in the second half almost seemed to be able to score at will. The Kolbotn players was brought along as extras, something for Umeå to stand out against. "They were simply better than us, but going down 1-11 is really embarassing" said Kolbotn's Solveig Gulbrandsen

Sanna Valkonen, for the last five seasons one of the first picks in an Umeå starting 11, spent the entire match in the bench. Not that she was actually needed, Kolbotn had only two real shots at Umeå's goal, but it smells a bit of retribution for announcing her move to AIK just days before the game.
Valkonen's fellow countrywoman Mäkinen, tired but satisfied in the postgame interview, also became a bit vague when the final against Arsenal came up "I don't know if I'm with the club by then. I have to go home and do some thinking."
Marta, happy as ever, gave a more positive answer to the question about next year: "There's a good chance I'll stay. We just have to talk to [Umeå manager] Roland [Arnqvist] about some details."

SVT: Umeå krossade Kolbotn i cupsemin, the goals (video clip), Mäkinen interview (video clip), Marta interview (video clip)
Adresseavisen: Flaut for Kolbotn

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention that Arsenal defeated Brøndby 3-0 at home in the other semifinal, taking Arsenal to the final with a 5-2 aggregate win. Arsenal's manager Vic Akers promised, in the heat of the moment I'm sure, that Arsenal's home leg will be played at Emirates Stadium.

Posted by: matchlight

wow, thanks for all your helpful news links.

re: Mäkinen interview: Looked interesting, (from the 5 words I understood). Was that the interview of someone covered in snowflakes and dying to get off the field, terribly discontent or is my American perception of things totally wrong? Is this just normal Scandinavian post-match behavior? It looked like someone who just LOST big time, rather than won.

Also, I don't understand why someone at the height of her career would leave to start school. It's not like things are going downhill for her in some way.

2006-11-13 @ 02:44:24
Posted by: hagabo_i_exil

No, she looked like somebody just died. That was my first impression too. Could have been the cold as well. Maybe she had before the game decided more or less to quit the big leagues and start thinking about retirement. After the game with the kind of soccer they achieved and the lure of the finals in April she's not so sure anymore.

No she's not going downhill, but the retirement prospects for a women's soccer player in Sweden who's not a superstar are such that she will need an education to get that pretty decent job that's going to support her for the rest of her life. She may want a kid too before she's going to need hormone shots to get pregnant.

2006-11-13 @ 09:02:42
Posted by: orange

I was with you right up until "hormone shots" -- let's not go bringing that old bag o' recycling into a women's sports forum. Education worries? Okay, maybe. But she's got plenty of time to have kids without worrying about an estrogen jump start.

The women too often leave too early, and that's a bummer.

2006-11-13 @ 17:23:20
Posted by: secret code

I just received independent verification from a Finnish friend that Anne's post-match expression is perfectly appropriate for Finnish contentedness. {Thanks, Outi P.}

& I hope we get to see her play for a few more years.

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