Umeå: Söberg signs, Marta negotiates

Mallbacken's goalkeeper Carola Söberg has signed a 1 year deal with Umeå IK and will move to Umeå directly after the holidays.
Umeå IK:
Carola Söberg klar för UIK!

The contract negotiations between Umeå and Marta drags on. "Right now, we're pretty far from an agreement", says Umeå manager Roland Arnqvist and puts the blame on Marta's agent Fabiano Farah. Farah, who also manages the business for players like Real Madrid's Ronaldo, has according to Arnqvist no understanding of women's football. "No women's club in the world can pay the kind of money he demands".
Let's just take this as a part of the negotiations. Farah understandably wants to pressure Umeå as far as possible, but I think he's aware that he cannot find another club with Umeå's resources. Marta's current salary is supposed to be around SEK 50,000 a month.
Västerbottenskuriren: Umeå IK har inte råd med Marta

Posted by: orange

That's $7,255. US dollars per month or E 5,529. month, and
L 3,746 British pounds, in case anyone is wondering.

Dandal, does that mean only the months she is playing, or do players get year-round pay of any kind?

2006-11-27 @ 18:51:54
Posted by: Dandal

This is all speculation on a fairly shaky foundation. Still, this season Marta's deal must have been (at least) for 10 months; she arrived first week in February and is still here late November. Last year they tried a 6 month deal (worth SEK 300,000 after taxes according to unreliable information), but had to extend it since the league was still undecided when she and Elaine should have left.

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