Linköping finding more teenagers and other player news

Linköping has declared that they wants to sign a conmtract with Dalsjöfors 20 year old forward Lisa Nilsson, who had a try-out with the team earlier this fall. Nilsson says she hasn't seen the proposed contract yet, but "if there isn't anything really weird in the contract, I'll sign it".
16 year old Maria Svensson, a big and strong defender from nearby 1st division club Saltängen, has finalized a deal with Linköping.
And another 16 year old, Tilda Heimersson from nearby Smedby, has trained with Linköping most of the fall. Heimersson is team captain for Sweden's 16 year olds and has impressed coach daniel Pettersson. "I see her as a player for the first team already".
Anfallare väljer LFC: ?Jag vill ta chansen?, 16 år och aktuell för LFC:s A-trupp
Linköping: Talang klar för LFC

Bälinge's sport director Conny Sjögren says that he is almost certain that he will win the battle with Umeå Södra over Finnish midfielder Katri Nokso-Koivisto. "I've just mailed the last draft of the contract to Katri and it will surprise me a lot if she doesn't sign", he says. Bälinge has already lost a couple of important players, like Anne Mäkinen (AIK) and Linda Sembrant (also AIK) and several other are still undecided. Nokso-Koivisto's signature is important. Sjögren says the club might sign one or two new Swedish players, but are mostly looking abroad. "In Sweden we can't find the right player quality and experience for the right price".
Upsala Nya Tidning: Nokso-Koivisto stannar i Bälinge

And I almost thought he had a contract for life, but Umeå IK's head coach Andrée Jeglertz has just signed for 2008, his fifth season with the club. "We are more than pleased with Andrée" says manager Roland Arnqvist.
Västerbottens Folkblad: Jeglertz stannar i Umeå IK

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