One week camp prepares Sweden for Olympic qualifier

Coach Thomas Dennerby brought together the national team (same squad as for the successful away leg) on Wednesday for a week of preparations before the second leg of the Olympic qualifier against Denmark. The record long pre-match camp has it's reasons. The season is finished and most of the clubs are now on vacation. Hanna Marklund, who has kept in shape training with highschool boys, is confident: "We usually score aganist Denmark and it's hard to believe that we wouldn't succeed this time".
The match will be played on Sweden's national arena Råsunda. The stadium wasn't filled last week for Sweden's men's deciding qualification match for the 2008 European Championship and it will be even less so for the women's match, but that doesn't concern Dennerby: "We like to play at Råsunda and we have never lost here".
Hanna Marklund: "Det kommer att bli chansartat" , video
Svensk Fotboll: Inget lämnas åt slumpen inför OS-kvalet

And while we're on the subject of national team matches, Sweden might play Brazil in a friendly next spring. Sweden's and Brazil's men will meet in a match on March 26 to commemorate the 1958 World Cup final between the two sides. The Kentaro group, that owns the rights to the match, has the idea that the women's sides should meet the same week. No details are set yet, but both the Swedish FA and the players would like it to happen. Umeå's Hanna Ljungberg commented that it is more fun to play with Marta than against her, "but it would be a great match for us and it's always fun to meet good competition".
Aftonbladet: Damerna får brasse-fest på Råsunda


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