Damallsvenskan Clubs

Damallsvenskan newcomers 2007 that in spite of an expensive effort just barely managed to hang on. Member of a huge multisport club, great website:

Bälinge IF
One of Sweden's main employers of American talent. In spite or becuse of this constantly battling to keep away from the relegation competiton. Basic website, updated not often enough: http://www.bifdam.se

Merged tradition (Älvsjö) with new money (Djurgården) and became immediately successfull. Perennial contenders. Small, usually up-to-date website: http://www.difdam.nu/index.php

Hammarby IF
Damallsvenskan's oldest club, has played in the top flight every single season since it was introduced 1978. New ambitious and well run website with lots of pictures for you foreigners: http://hammarbydamfotboll.se/

Kif Örebro
Transformation of the small suburb club Karlslunds IF into an ambitious want-to-be championship contender. Still a few years from being there, and so is their website: http://www.kiforebro.se/

Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC
Transformation of the small suburb club Kopparbergs/Landvetter into an ambitious want-to-be championship contender. Still a few years from being there, but their website is getting close: http://www.goteborgfc.se/

Kristianstads DFF
Newcomers. Successor of the now defunct Kristianstad/Wä, a club that played 15 seasons in Damallsvenskan and nurtured players like Therese Sjögran, Sara Johansson and Nilla Fischer. Completely dominated their 1st division with an 18-0-4 record. Website: http://kdff.nu/

LDB FC Malmö
Used to be Malmö FF, but found a generous sponsor. Perennial winner of the close-but-no-cigar award the last few decades, but still undisputed leaders of the marathon series. Offspring of Sweden's wealthiest club, but came into money when they broke the ties. The website is growing too: http://www.fcmalmo.se/

Linköping FC
Transformation of the small club BK Kenty into an ambitious want-to-be championship contender with the help from the local hockey club (one of Sweden's best). Getting really close to contending for the championship: Good, usually well updated, website: http://www.linkopingfc.com/

Sunnanå SK
Traditional small-town club that dominated women's football in Sweden when it still was possible for small-town clubs to do that. Simple website that too often lacks in up-dates and content: http://www.sunnana.nu/

Umeå IK
At least one of the best clubs in the world, if not the one. Good website with lots of content, but does not always live up to the club's success on the field. What about getting a real webshop, for instance: http://uik.se/

Umeå Södra FF
Newcomers. The other club in Umeå, from the south side of the river, hence the name. Won a tight 1st Division North with only 12 victories over 22 matches. Will be interesting to see if the relatively small town of Umeå (about 100,000 inhabitants) can support two Damallsvenskan teams: http://www.usff.se/



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