Damallsvenskan Pictures

Several club sites have picture galleries (Djurgården, Göteborg, Sunnanå, Umeå IK and probably some more) - just look for a link that says anything with the Swedish word for picture; Bild, Bildgalleri, Bildarkiv. LDB FC has a lot of pics on their site, but you have to skim through their news archive (Nyheter) and look for headlines that contains the words bild or bilder.

The sites I list here are maintained by fans, but these fans are often more or less professional photographers. Please ask permission before you use their material for any kind of publication, on the web or otherwise.

AIK - Magnus Neck

One of the best Damallsvenskan photographers in my opinion. You have to skim through a lot of icehockey, floorball, bandy and whatnot to find the football playing women, but it's worth it.

AIK - anders-h
Another prolific AIK photographer, who covers just about anything AIK and then some. Not really as good a photographer as Magnus Neck, but he covers more events.

Djurgården - Erik Muskus
A professional photographer, that has an big Djurgården archive with match pictures from 2005 to present.

Hammarby - kjellf
Mostly photos from Hammarby home matches plus the occasional youth and/or indoor tournament.

Linköping FC - Jon Sjöberg
No football available in his gallery at the moment, since it is icehockey season, but there are some great LFC shots in his portfolio. I'm guessing there'll be more football once the season starts.
http://www.rifotech.se/gallery.php5 (gallery)
http://www.rifotech.se/showgallery.php5?set=0000-00-00_portfolio (portfolio)

Linköping FC - Filip Oskarsson
Covers local women sports, mostly football. His gallery contains just about every LFC home match 2006 and 2007. For those of you that read Swedish it can be nice to know, that he actually comments on every match.

Qbik - Thomas Berglund
Lots of sports pictures by a Karlstad based photographer. Qbik is no longer in Damallsvenskan, but there is a lot of premier league match pictures from 2006 and 2007.

Umeå IK - Kalle Prorok
There is a collection of Umeå pictures on his pbase site, mostly from 2005 and 2006. On his newer picasa site, you might run into some football pictures, but he seems to be mostly in to dance and theatre now.


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