Keeping up with Swedish players abroad

This is a try to keep up with the Swedish women footballers, that are plying their trade in other first division leagues than the Swedish Damallsvenskan. It's named after Lotta Schelin, the first in the current generation of Swedish national team players to sign a deal with a foreign club.

The main scope of the blog will be Swedish national team players, but I will try to keep an extra eye at the major European leagues and the new American professional league WPS, even when the players aren't on the national team pool. I will not cover American college soccer, even if there are lots of Swedish players there, and I will probably not care that much about players from farm teams and benches of Damallsvenskan sides, that are on loan to Finnish or Danish premier division sides. On the other hand, anything that seems a little fun, unexpected or peculiar will find it's way here.

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