Therese Lückner trying out for WPS

Therese Lückner, presently with Swedish 1st division side Qbik, has travelled to Tampa, Florida to participate in the W-League Combine, a huge tryout for the professional soccer league WPS, that starts up April 2009.
Lückner was encouraged by a Qbik teammate the 2007 season, Lauren McIver, to come over to USA and play with McIver's W-League team Boston Renegades. She went over in May this year, played 11 matches and generally impressed as a defender. When the 128 player list for the combine was announced, she was one of the 20 players that got a specific mention.
The result of the try-out will not be announced until later this fall. But wouldn' it be kind of funny if this 24 years old 2nd tier player without national team experience should be one of the few Swedish players that got a contract with the new professional American league?
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