Lyon concedes a draw against Juvisy

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For the first time since moving to France, Lotta Schelin came off the field goal-less. Olympique Lyon "conceded a draw", in the words of their website, to guesting Juvisy, 0-0. Juvisy, that finished second in the French league last season, is the only French team that Lyon didn't manage to defeat that season, making this OL's third consecutive tie against Juvisy. The closest Lyon got to a goal was a shot at the crossbar from Lotta's fellow forward, the Brazilian Katia.

More bad news for Lyon was that their Norwegian goalkeeper Bente Nordby had to leave after 80 minutes with a right calf injury. It seems uncertain if she'll be ready to play the first match in the UEFA Women's Cup second group round, where Lyon will be facing Austrian champions SV Neulengbach on Thursday.

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Bente will be out for 1 month... Our keepers are jinxed

2008-10-07 @ 22:58:40
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Lotta had an awesome game vs Neulengbach (1st game of the UEFA Cup 2nd round) tonight. She scored a goal, had 2 assists, was always dangerous.

2008-10-09 @ 21:16:12
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