Lotta ready to start for Lyon

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Lotta Schelin's belated début for Olympique Lyon will probably be this weekend in the home game against relegation struggling Vendenheim. That is if the paperwork is completed and if coach Benstiti picks her.
She has liked the trainings, which has been high paced and high quality. "There are a lot of internationals on the team" explains Lotta, "so it's almost like training with the national team".
Göteborgsposten: Schelin äntligen redo för debut
Edit: Schelin is on the 16 player squad that Lyon late Friday afternoon announced for the Sunday match.

In other Lyon news, the Japanese U20 side will visit Lyon for a couple of warm-up matches before the U20 World Cup in October. Lyon's full side will play the Japanese team on Spetember 30.
Lyon's website also announces that the second group round of the UEFA Women's Cup will be played in Lyon October 9-14. Besides Lyon the participating teams will be Arsenal of England, Zürich Frauen from Switzerland and Austrian Neulengbach.
Olweb: L’OL féminin jouera à GERLAND avec Arsenal, Zürich et Neulengbach

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