Lotta surprised by American league draft

When the new professional USA league Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) announced the result of their first international draft last week, Lotta Schelin was drafted by the St. Louis club as their third pick. Lotta, in Sweden playing the last Euro qualification matches with the national team, reacted with some surprise:

"I have no idea about this at all. I don't even know what club it is", she told a reporter before starting to ask him about the American league: How many clubs are there? How many players were drafted? Which club drafted me?

"But of course it's fun", she added. "I've always felt it would be fun to play in USA, but this is nothing I've been thinking about." But she adds that as she just has moved to France, it's hard to decide for a new league.

Svenska Dagbladet: Schelin: "Visste absolut ingenting"


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