Three goals and two assists in Lotta's debut

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In a roaring 12-0 win for Olympique Lyon against guesting Vendenheim, Lotta Schelin didn't disappoint her new employers. In the short news (look under "EN BREF") published at OL's website, the result is attributed in particular to "the superb service of Swedish recruit Lotta Schelin". Three goals and two assists over a full 90 minutes appearence seems to have made her player of the match. Albeit against Vendenheim, almost bottom of the table with 1 draw in 4 matches. Lyon leads with a 4-0-0 record and 21 goals scored against 1 allowed.

In an interview earlier this week, Lotta talked about her problems communicating with her teammates. She is learning French, but so far "It's a lot of gestures and a little English. I just try to get understood any way I can." She also said it will take some time before she is used to how Lyon and the different player plays. So, if she plays like this without really understanding players or team, what will come when she does?
Aftonbladet: Drömdebut för Schelin

SVT has a four minute long report from Lotta's début, both match pictures and some hanging around in downtown Lyon. Lotta is happy and relaxed after the game: "It feels goood and the sun is shining". But, she adds, playing Vendenheim felt a bit like "when the [Swedish] national team plays one of the weaker European sides, like Ro.." and she cuts off before mentioning any by name. Seriously, if you just go by the clip, Bälinge is a quality side compared to Vendenheim.
SVT: Schelin tremålsskytt i premiären (VIDEO)

Btw, the easiest place for non-francophones to keep up with results and standings in the French league is Immaculately updated.


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