Match-Day 14: Saturday

Själevads IK - Sunnanå SK  2-1(1-0)
Goals: 1-0 Kicki Arnlöf (44), 1-1 Carina Holmberg (53), 2-1 Malin Hörnqvist (75)
Attendance: 448


Norwegian club targeting QBIK players

Norwegian top side Team Strømmen, that has just signed canadian attacker Rihan Wilkinson, reveals that they are also interested in QBIK's defenders Therese Lückner and Charlotte Nygren. Team Strømmen's swedish coach Janne Jansson, formerly at Mallbacken, says he has informed QBIK's management and will start talks with the players.

Värmlands Folkblad: Strömmen värvar - vill ha Qbikspelare 

Injured Sara Johansson replaced by Salina Olsson in NT squad

Djurgården/Älvsjö's Sara Johansson, injured with a thigh muscle tear, has to relinquish the World Cup qualification match against Iceland. Thomas Dennerby has picked Hammarby's forward Salina Olsson to replace her.

Dagens Nyheter: Salina Olsson in i Dennerbys trupp

Match-Day 14: Thursday

Malmö FF - AIK 5-1 (1-0)
Malmö: Caroline Jönsson - Malin Andersson, Denise Reddy, Therese Jönsson, Jenny Engwall - Frida Nordin, Nilla Fischer (83 Anna Mörstam), Formiga, Emma Stålhammar (61 Linda Blom) - Asthildur Helgadottir (78 Mia Westerblad), Therese Lundin
AIK: Jenny Lundquist - Emilia Reimer (82 Maria Moustakakis), Sara Andersson, Hanna Jöhnk, Anna-Karin Andersson - Therese Sandström, Hodan Siid-Ahmed, Lina Hedqvist (60 Elin Hammarman), Anna Lundin (60 Josefin Wejner), Lena Persson, Anna Bergendal
Goals: 1-0 Asthildur Helgadóttir (44), 2-0 Nilla Fischer (47), 3-0 Asthildur Helgadóttir (54), 4-0 Formiga (57), 4-1 Hodan Siid-Ahmed (71), 5-1 Malin Andersson (85)
Attendance: 1,225

Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC - Linköping FC 1-0 (1-0)
Kopparbergs/Göteborg: Maria Edman - Maria Karlsson, rida Höglund, Sofia Dammström, Marlene Sjöberg - Lotta Schelin, Johanna Almgren (82 Jennie Svensson), Jessica Julin, Lisa Ek - Heidi Kackur (72 Sofie Andersson), Sara Lindén (89 Camilla Schelin)
Linköping: Hedvig Lindahl - Sara Larsson, Lotta Rohlin, Jenny Möller (69 Emma Claesson)), Maria Karlsson - Anna-Kaisa Rantanen, Caroline Seger, Lotta Runesson (25 Karolina Kristensson) - Josefine Öqvist, Maria Aronsson, Ann Westermark
Goals: 1-0 Heidi Kackur (28)
Attendance: 657

KIF Örebro - Mallbackens IF  5-1  (2-0)
Goals: 1-0 Elin Magnusson (23), 2-0 Louise Östman (34), 3-0 Emelia Erixon (62), 4-0 Louise Östman (75), 5-0 Louise Östman (78), 5-1 Linda Nöjd (83)
Attendance: 779

Hammarby IF - Umeå IK  0-3  (0-2)
Hammarby: Camilla Halonen - Josefine Christensen, Karolina Rinman, Annelie Norén, Tanja Meidal, Marreen Metzger - Elin Härén, Christina Forsell, Salina Olsson, Eleanor Lundgren (60 Louise Fors) - Jessica Landström (75 Lisa Arnell)
Umeå: Sofia Lundgren - Frida Östberg, Karolina Westberg, Sanna Valkonen, Anna Paulson - Kristina Wiklund, Malin Moström, Anne Mäkinen (84 Johanna Andersson) - Anna Sjöström (75 Maria Nordbrandt), Hanna Ljungberg, Marta (80 Emma Lindqvist)
Goals: 0-1 Hanna Ljungberg (16), 0-2 Anna Sjöström (28), 0-3 Hanna Ljungberg (75)
Expulsions: Salina Olsson (68)
Attendance: 1,595


Dennerby answers critizism for national team selection

Thomas Dennerby's first national team selection has recieved a lot of critizism for being conservative - the average player is 27 years old and has more than 70 caps. But Dennerby defends picking players like Kicki Bengtsson (35) and Malin Andersson (32) instead of promising youngsters like Umeå's Anna Paulsson or Malmö's Nilla Fischer: "I think they benefit more from 90 minutes on the field with the U21 team than from 90 minutes on the bench with the first team". He seems pretty convinced that Bengtsson and Andersson are the best players at their respective positions, left and right back. He gives the same kind of answer to those who wanted to see Mallbacken goalie Carola Söborg: "She's one of the top five keepers in Damallsvenskan, but the two I've picked are better"

In the tabloid Expressen he's also been quoted saying that Umeå's extensive signing of foreign players "is bordering to what is good for the game". In an Umeå paper he explained that "If I'm asked what I think about national team players being benched in their clubs, I honestly can't say I think it's good".

Värmlands Folkblad: Inget landslagsspel
Värmlands Folkblad: Johansson:Hon behöver få chansen
Västerbottenskuriren: Dennerby möter kritiken (no link, only active 24 hours)

Match-Day 14: Tuesday

QBIK - Djurgården/Älvsjö 0-5 (0-3)
QBIK: Maria Busk (35 Charlotte Nygren) - Annica Svensson, Therése Lückner, Kathlene Fernström, Marie-Louise Skålberg - Jenny Hallstensson, Linda Hallstensson - Rebecca Jonsson, Lisa Mellberg, Annie Hawkins (35) - Jennifer Meier
Djurgården/Älvsjö (presumed starters): Maja Åström - Helén Fagerström, Jenny Curtsdotter, Therese Brogårde, Kicki Bengtsson - Linda Lekander, Laura Kalmari, Anna Hall - Victoria Svensson, Sara Johansson, Sara Thunebro
Goals: 0-1 Sara Johansson (6), 0-2 Linda Lekander (9), 0-3 Sara Johansson (45), 0-4 Victoria Svensson (70), 0-5 Kristin Bengtsson (83)
Expulsions: Maria Busk (35)
Attendance: 1,021
With 2 goals in the first 10 minutes and QBIK's goalkeeper Maria Busk red-carded after 35 minutes the match was decided early on.
Svensk Fotboll

Dennerby announces squad for World Cup qualifier

National team head coach Thomas Dennerby today announced the squad for the World Cup qualifier against Iceland August 28, his first as head coach. Not much news or many surprises:

Hedvig Lindahl, Linköping
Caroline Jönsson, Malmö

Sara Larsson, Linköping
Hanna Marklund, Sunnanå
Jane Törnqvist, Djurgården/Älvsjö
Kristin Bengtsson, Djurgården/Älvsjö
Malin Andersson, Malmö
Frida Östberg, Umeå

Malin Moström, Umeå
Caroline Seger, Linköping
Therese Sjögran, Malmö
Anna Sjöström, Umeå
Lotta Schelin, Kopparberg/Göteborg
Linda Fagerström, Djurgården/Älvsjö

Victoria Svensson, Djurgården/Älvsjö
Hanna Ljungberg, Umeå
Sara Johansson, Djurgården/Älvsjö
Therese Lundin, Malmö
Svensk Fotboll

Match-Day 13: Reports and Reviews

QBIK suffered a possibly fatal defeat in the important relegation match against AIK. AIK's goal was a shot that first hit the cross-bar, then the ground and then bounced out into play. QBIK's hot tempered coach Dave Mosson was shown to the stands when he critizised the ruling.
Värmlands Folkblad: Ny förlust - nu är Qbik farligt nära nedflyttning

Djurgpården/Älvsjö's Benny Persson said his team slowed down the play when they were 3 goals up to save strength for the next game. He had a thin squad already getting into the match - Laura Kalmari and Jane Törnqvist didn't play against KIF Örebro, recovering from minor injuries. Then Linda Fagerström had to leave the match early with a sprained foot. He is not sure who will be back for the next match, which is against QBIK already on tuesday.

"We never got our game working, but we won and that's what's important", said goalscorer Sara Larsson after Linköping's match against Själevad. Själevad followed "to 99 %" coach Yngve Persson's tactical scheme - let's call it a variation of the "everyone behind the ball"-tactics - and it could have been a success if Therese Kapstad's late minutes shot had hit goal instead of the crossbar. Now all that remained of a good effort was an honorable defeat.
Corren: Sara avgjorde för LFC
Örnsköldsviks Allehanda: Nära taktisk triumf för Själevad
Radiosporten: Sara Larsson interview (audio)

"We had a really bad first half", said Sunnanå's coach Kega Israelsson. Another explanation, suggested by his local paper, was that Malmö had a really good one. Good movement, one-touch passes and great players on all parts of the field. "This was probably the best attacking game we have played this year", said Malmö's coach Anders Johansson. But Sunnanå came out to the second half determined not to get out-played and managed to score on two set pieces. "It became a bit nervous towards the end", commented Johansson. In Kega Israelsson's opinion Malmö FF is the best team in Damallsvenskan, even if Umeå has better individual players, but Malmö still refuses to be talked into any championship speculations.
Norra Västerbotten: Sunnanå nära kvittering
Västerbottens Folkblad: Sunnanå blev ingen match för Malmö

Mallbacken's new signing Lindsay Greco seems to be what the doctor ordered. Two matches, two goals and a much improved attack from Mallbacken. Erla Arnardóttir, who earlier this season explained Mallbacken's lack of success with being more afraid to lose than eager to win, now was pleased to say that they are not afraid any longer. "We've moved players a bit in the team since Lindsay arrived and now we are creating a lot more".
Värmlands Folkblad: Greco håller Mallbacken över strecket
Värmlands Folkblad: Erla Arnardottir: Vi är inte rädda att förlora längre

"It didn't work out in the last third of the field", Umeå coach André Jeglertz tries to explain the narrow win against Kopparbergs/Göteborg. "We are using to many touches on the ball and doesn't get any flow in the attacks". Kopparbergs/Göteborg's Martin Pringle was satisfied that they pressured Umeå without having to change their short passing oriented game and was even a bit disappointed that they couldn't go home with at least one point.
Västerbottens Folkblad: Moströms sena mål blev räddningen
Göteborgsposten: Hedersam förlust för Göteborg

Match-Day 13: Sunday

Mallbackens IF - Hammarby IF  2-0  (1-0)
Mallbacken: Carola Söberg - Helena Nilsson, Louise Jonasson,Therese Stolpe, Kicki Ingvarsson - Linda Nöjd, Therese Persson, Erla Arnardóttir,  Emma Asp (Birgitta Stiernberg) - Maja Johansson (Jenny Monsén), Lindsay Greco
Hammarby: Camilla Halonen - Maureen Metzger, Karolina Rinman, Annelie Norén, Josefine Christensen - Eleanor Lundgren (Lindsay Demaree), Marijke Callebaut (Tanja Meidal), Elin Härén, Louise Fors - Salina Olsson, Jessica Landström (Sofia Hoflin)
Goals: 1-0 Maja Johansson (5), 2-0 Lindsay Greco (48)
Attendance: 748
Mallbacken's third straight victory moves them out of the immideate relegation struggle. An injury-ridden Hammarby (Jennie Jonsson and Christina Forsell didn't show) couldn't keep up with Mallbacken, that seems to have improved their creativity in the attack since Lindsay Greco arrived.

Umeå IK - Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC  2-1  (1-1)
Umeå: Sofia Lundgren - Maria Bergkvist, Anna Paulsson, Sanna Valkonen, Frida Östberg - Malin Moström, Anne Mäkinen, Elaine - Anna Sjöström, Hanna Ljungberg, Marta
Kopparbergs/Göteborg: Maria Edman - Marlene Sjöberg, Frida Höglund, Sofia Dammström (82 Jennie Svensson), Maria Karlsson - Lisa Ek (75 Sofia Palmqvist), Jessica Julin, Johanna Almgren, Lotta Schelin - Sara Lindén (75 Sofie Andersson), Heidi Kackur
Goals: 1-0 Marta (5), 1-1 Heidi Kackur (30), 2-1 Malin Moström (72)
Attendance: 1,887
After three scoreless league matches Kopparbergs/Göteborg maganed to find the goal again and for quite some time looked like they might even upset Umeå. Marta scored the first very early in the match from a corner-kick by Anne Mäkinen but the expected blow-out - it usually what happens when Umeå starts scoring early - didn't take place. Göteborg got their game working and Kackur's equalizer was no fluke. But Umeå created several scoring opportunities and Malin Moström's 2-1 goal gave a narrow but clear victory.
Umeå IK (mostly match pictures)

The usual match-day sum-up at and Svensk Fotboll. Stats at Svensk Fotboll

Match-Day 13: Saturday

AIK  - QBIK  1-0 (1-0)  
AIK: Sofie Holmqvist - Emilia Reimer, Sara Andersson, Hanna Jöhnk, Anna-Karin Andersson - Anna Bergendal, Hodan Siid-Ahmed, Lina Hedkvist - Anna Lundin (62 Josefin Wejner), Lena Persson, Nazanin Vaseghpanah (80 Elin Hammarman)
QBIK: Maria Busk - Annica Svensson, Therese Lückner, Kathlene Fernström, Marie-Louse Skålberg (74 Charlotte Nygren)  - Rebecca Jonsson, Linda Hallstensson (83 Elin Sandgren), Jenny Hallstensson - Anna Nilsson, Lisa Mellberg (83 Anne Hawkins), Jennifer Meier
Goals: 1-0 Anna Lundin (15)
Attendance: 233
Anna Lundin scored on a spectacular header from a corner-kick by Hodan Siid-Ahmed, one of the few really dangerous scoring opportunities in a match that was characterized by long balls and failed attacks. The result still put some more distance between AIK and the relegation line.

Djurgården/Älvsjö  - KIF Örebro  3-0 (2-0)  
KIF Örebro:
Goals: 1-0 Sara Thunebro (19), 2-0 Kicki Bengtsson (38 PK), 3-0 Sara Johansson (53)
Attendance: 149
In thunder and rain and in front of the smallest Damallsvenskan crowd this season Djurgården still had a good match and their attack, with the two Saras Thunebro and Johansson setting up each other, seems to work again. Örebro, that had to start without their major attacking force Lisa Dahlkvist (suspended after three accumulated yellow cards), got Emma Hebring shown off the field after bringing down a free Victoria Svensson and had to play with only 10 for almost 60 minutes.
Nerikes Allehanda: KIF föll 0-3 mot svenska mästarna

Linköpings FC  - Själevads IK  1-0 (0-0)  
Linköping: Hedvig Lindahl - Sara Larsson, Charlotte Rohlin, Jenny Möller, Malin Gustafsson (72 Emma Claeson) - Ann Westermark (53 Caroline Seger), Anna-Kaisa Rantanen, Lotta Runesson (80 Karolina Kristenson), Maria Karlsson - Maria Aronsson, Josefine Öqvist
Goals: 1-0 Sara Larsson (74)
Attendance: 528
Själevad played their usual tight defense, clearly aiming on getting one point from the game, and managed to keep Linköping's potentially fast and dangerous attack harmless most of the match. Sara Larsson finally scored the winner by heading in the ball from a corner-kick.
Linköping FC

Sunnanå SK  - Malmö FF  2-3 (0-3)
Sunnanå: Åsa Berglund - Sandra Berggren, Hanna Marklund, Rebecca Smith, Maggie Esseryd - Bianca Rech, Carina Holmberg, Carolina Marklund, Mirjam Marklund (76 Lina Johansson)- Madelaine Edlund, Tiffeny Milbrett (83 Anna Boman).
Malmö: Caroline Jönsson - Malin Andersson, Denise Reddy, Therese Jönsson, Jenny Engwall - Formiga, Nilla Fischer, Therese Sjögran, Frida Nordin (Emma Stålhammar) - Asthildur Helgadottir (Mia Westerblad), Therese Lundin (Linda Blom)
Goals: 0-1 Asthildur Helgadottir (7), 0-2 Therese Lundin (21), 0-3 Therese Sjögran, 1-3 Carina Holmberg (65), 2-3 Lina Johansson (80)
Attendance: 731
Malmö impressed in the first half with great midfield play and Therese Sjögran both setting up and scoring goals. But Sunnanå is a tenacious team that doesn't give up easily. They scored two goals in the second half from free-kicks and Bianca Rech, their best player in the match, had a couple of close chances to equalize. Tiffeny Milbrett was clearly affected by her transatlantic travel, she arrived only yesterday, and didn't pose the kind of threat that Malmö was anticipating but still assisted one of Sunnanå's goals.
Malmö FF

The usual match-day sum-up at and Svensk Fotboll. Stats at Svensk Fotboll

Millie's back!

Sunnanå's Tiffeny Milbrett arrived at Sunnanå friday afternoon after spending the summer with the US national team and running soccer camps. She is happy to be back and enthusiastic to start playing with the team again. She's been following the team during the summer and says with a laugh "Sunnanå's done really good. They don't need me any longer". But she also reveals that she is in talks with the club about her future and she says Sunnanå is her first choice for the next year, "but it's too early to say anything yet".

Norra Västerbotten: Stjärnan tillbaka i stan

US club targeting Marta

The US club FC Indiana, winner of the WPSL league, will send representatives to Sweden to look for a replacement for their top striker Paty Perez. Perez, a Mexican national team player, will move to Barcelona, and Indiana's head coach Shek Borkowski tells that he knows Sweden is the best place to find a replacement. Umeå's and Brasil's Marta is on top of his list.

Umeå signs young forward talent

Umeå has been looking for someone "young, really talented and ambitious" to fill the spot Jessica Julin left open when she went to Göteborg. Now the search is over and they have signed 18 year old Erika Karlsson, a forward from 1st division side Alvik, with several matches with the U16-19 national teams.
Norbottenskuriren: Erika Karlsson till Umeå IK
Expressen: Lovande forward till Umeå

Swedish Cup: Blow-outs and Extra-times

Seven Damallsvenskan teams played in today's five Swedish cup matches. Malmö FF and Kopparbergs/Göteborg had real blow-outs against their lower division competition while Hammarby had to go into extra-time. Malmö defeated Vittsjö GoIK away with 9-0, 7 goals by Mia Westerblad and one by Linda Blom (the last was an own goal) in front of a Vittsjö record attendance of 679 in spite of the pouring rain. Malmö's starters: Jenny Olsson - Malin Andersson, Denise Reddy, Therese Jönsson, Jenny Engwall - Anna Mörstam, Nilla Fischer (46 Therese Lundin), Therese Sjögran (46 Formiga), Frida Nordin (Corinne Briers) - Mia Westerblad, Linda Blom.

Kopparbergs/Göteborg finally got their scoring working after 3 goalless games. 12-1 at IF Böljan, 5 goals by Heidi Kackur, 4 by Rebecka Ljungdahl and onr each from Jenny Svensson, Lotta Schelin and Frida Thydén. Hammarby had more problems with 1st division side Östervåla IF and was forced to go into extra-time. Östervåla took the lead in the 21st minute. In the second half Hammarby got Tanja Meidal red-carded, but still managed to equalize and score the winner on a penalty-kick on extra-time. Both goals by Karolina Rinman.

In Örebro AIK played KIF Örebro to another extra-time decision. AIK took the lead with an early 9th minute goal by Lena Persson. Louise Östman equalised for Örebro with 10 minutes left of regulation time. Hodan Siid-Ahmed got AIK ahead again after only 3 minutes extra-time, but then Örebro managed to score three times in 15 minutes; at 100' by Camilla Ulander-Nilsson, at 111' by Marie Hammarströmm and finally Louise Östman got her second goal, making it 4-2 at 115'. In the last game Umeå defeated Sunnanå at home 3-0 with goals by Frida Östberg, Malin Moström and Maria Nordbrandt.

There will be 7 damallsvenskan sides in the quarterfinals; QBIK, Djurgården/Älvsjö, Kopparbergs/Göteborg, KIF Örebro, Umeå IK, Malmö FF and Hammarby. The only lower division team to advance was Härnösands SK. The pairings for the quarterfinels will be drawn August 11.

Dennerby talks about next generation national team players

In an interview with Göteborgsposten national team coach Thomas Dennerby talks about what is beyond today's national team he names five players: KIF Örebro's defender Stina Segerström, midfielders Johanna Almgren (Kopparbergs/Göteborg), Nilla Fischer (Malmö FF) and Magdalena Esseryd (Sunnanå) and finally Sunnanå's striker Madeleine Edlund. But none of these will play for Sweden in the World Cup qualifier later this month. Dennerby says it will be more or less the team that played the European Championship, with the addition of a few national team veterans like Linda Fagerström (Djurgården) and Therese Lundin (Malmö FF).

Dennerby continues to say that he thinks that the swedish players needs to improve their physique if we are going to be able to compete with Germany and USA. He wants to build his national team on a well organized defense, but it's important to give a lot of freedom and initiative to the players in the attacking game.

Göteborgsposten: Framtiden finns i Göteborg

Swedish Cup: Big win for Djurgården

Defending cup champions Djurgården/Älvsjö won on the road against 2nd division side Team Hudik 10-0, advancing to the quarter final of the Swedish Cup. Goals by Anna Hall (4), Elin Ekblom (2), Therese Brogårde, Venus James, Victoria Svensson and Sara Thunebro. Starting line-up for Djurgården: Maja Åström - Helen Fagerström, Jenny Curtsdotter, Jane Törnqvist, Linda Lekander - Therese Brogårde, Elin Ekblom, Anna Hall - Venus James, Victoria Svensson, Sara Thunebro. 1,573 attended the match.

Australian national team player to Örebro

Pia Sundhage announced a couple of weeks ago that she has given up on findning an american replacement for Kristine Lilly. Now she reveals that the australian national team player Joanne Peters, an attacking midfielder, will join KIF Örebro "as soon as possible". Peters played in the american professional league WUSA with New York Power the last year before the league folded and has been a steady starter for Australia since 1996. Sundhage's hopes are of course that she'll bring much meeded experience to the team.


Match-Day 12: Saturday

AIK - Djurgården/Älvsjö 1-1 (0-1)
AIK:Sofie Holmqvist - Anna-Karin Andersson, Sara Andersson, Hanna Jöhnk, Emilia Reimer - Hoodan Siid-Ahmed, Therese Sandström, Anna Bergendal - Anna Lundin (63 Josefin Wejner), Lena Persson, Nazanin Vaseghpanah (63Elin Hammarman)
Djurgården/Älvsjö: Jill Buchwald - Helén Fagerström, Therese Brogårde, Jane Törnqvist, Linda Lekander(68 Kristin Bengtsson) - Victoria Svensson, Anna Hall, Elin Ekblom (74 Venus James), Sara Thunebro -  Linda Fagerström, Sara Johansson
Goals: 0-1 Linda Fagerström (31), 1-1 Nazanin Vaseghpanah (57)
Attendance: 308
Djurgården are having problems with their squad after a couple of players has left the team and could only bring 2 substitutes for the game. Still that wasn't their main problem. Linda Fegerström had a great match, scoring and creating lots of opportunities but the rest of the team didn't meet expectations. AIK put up a great team effort and showed that determination can beat class, and in the second half Nazanin Vaseghpanah could equalize after a nice solo performance. "I'm proud of each and every player" said AIK's coach Christer Söderberg.
Dagens Nyheter: AIK hade mest hjärta
AIK övverraskade i derbyt
, match pics

Malmö FF - Linköpings FC  2-1 (2-1)
Malmö: Caroline Jönsson - Malin Andersson, Denise Reddy, Therese Jönsson, Jenny Engwall - Emma Stålhammar (60 Nilla Fischer), Formiga (85 Linda Blom), Therese Sjögran, Frida Nordin - Therese Lundin, Asthildur Helgadottir (82 Maria Westerbald)
Linköping (starting line-up): Hedvig Lindahl - Sara Larsson, Charlotte Rohlin, Jenny Möller, Malin Gustafsson - Ann Westermark, Anna-Kaisa Rantanen, Caroline Seger, Lotta Runesson, Maria Karlsson -  Maria Aronsson
Goals: 0-1 Anna-Kaisa Rantanen (14), 1-1 Therese Lundin (26), 2-1 Malin Andersson (31)
Attendance: 753
Linköping had a better performance than in the home match last week and created much more in the forward play, but Malmö's experience made the difference. Caroline Seger had to leave the field with a thigh injury , which made Malmö's dominance in the midfield even stronger. Linköping's goal came from a nice combination involving three players ending with Rantanen scoring from a rebound. Ten minutes later Malmö scored twice over three minutes tio equalize and take the lead. The 2-1 goal was on a direct corner kick from Malin Andersson.
Corren: LFC föll mot Malmö
Radiosporten: interview with Sara Larsson
Linköping FC
Malmö FF, match pics, 2, 3

KIF Örebro - Hammarby IF  0-2 (0-0)
Hammarby: Camilla Halonen - Tanja Meidal, Karolina Rinman, Annelie Norén, Maureen Metzger - Elin Härén (Ellinor Lundgren), Jennie Jonsson, Christina Forsell (Josefin Christensen), Marijke Callebaut - Jessica Landström (Louise Fors), Salina Olsson
Goals: 0-1 Marijke Callebaut (53), 0-2 Salina Olsson (70)
Attendance: 578
Örebro continues to create lots of scoring opportunities but has great problems converting them. This time they had six clear chances only in the first half. But Hammarby began to get the upper hand in the second and with a shot from distance by Marijke Callebaut, who just transfered from Djurgården, and a nice dribble by Salina Olsson they managed to get their first win ever in Örebro.
Nerikes Allehanda: Uddlösa KIF förlorade på hemmaplan

Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC - Mallbackens IF  0-1 (0-0)
Kopparbergs/Göteborg:  Maria Edman - Marlene Sjöberg, Frida Höglund, Sofia Dammström (81 Camilla Schelin), Maria Karlsson - Lisa Ek (65 Jennie Svensson), Johanna Almgren, Jessica Julin, Sara Lindén - Lotta Schelin, Sofie Andersson (65 Heidi Kackur)
Mallbacken: Carola Söberg - Helena Nilsson, Louise Jonasson,Therese Stolpe, Kicki Ingvarsson - Therese Persson, Jenny Rådström (Jenny Monsén), Cornelia Börjesson, Maja Johansson (Birgitta Stiernberg) - Lindsay Greco (Linda Wallin), Erla Arnardóttir.
Goals: 0-1 Lindsay Greco (75)
Attendance: 438
Kopparbergs/Göteborg continues to play nice football and had most of posession, but was for the third game in a row unable to score. Instead Mallbacken, who spent large parts of the match playing bunker defense, scored on a fast counter where Lindsay Greco, who played her first match for Mallbacken, recieved a long pass from Erla Arnardóttir, turned her defender and scored.
SVT: Lyckosam start för Greco i Mallbacken
Göteborgsposten: Tredje mållösa matchen i rad
Värmlands Folkblad: Mallbackens andra raka

QBIK - Sunnanå SK  0-2 (0-1)
Goals: 0-1 Carina Holmberg (32), 0-2 Lina Johansson (70)
Attendance: 2,359
In a match with more hard work than entertainment from both sides, Sunnanå showed the difference between the experienced team on third place and the newcomers in the relegation zone. Sunnanå has a great defense with Hanna Marklund and Rebecca Smith and QBIK never managed to create any real opportunities. Hanna got a strained foot in the first half, but continued to play with the foot taped.
Värmlands Folkblad: Under strecket - Qbik föll igen
Norra Västerbotten: Tejp räddade Hannas spel
Västerbottens Folkblad:
Två vackra mål förde Sunnanå uppåt

The usual match-day sum-up at and Svensk Fotboll. Stats at Svensk Fotboll

Yolanda Odenyo leaves AIK

AIK's strong defender Yolanda Odenyo, who has several caps for the national youth teams, has left for college studies in USA, AIK's head coach Christer Söderberg reveals in an interview at AIK's website.


Match-Day 12: Thursday

Själevads IK - Umeå IK 0-3 (0-1)
Goals: 0-1 Malin Moström (26), 0-2 Malin Moström (64, PK), 0-3 Maria Bergkvist (88)
Attendance: 1,529
Själevad had to come to match without their major star Therese Kapstad, who has a sore throat, but still managed to put up a better fight than in the 8-0 defeat in their last match against Umeå. Their defense was tight and tough and Umeå had to rely on set pieces to get the ball in goal.
SVT: Moströms mål gav Umeå segern
Västerbottens Folkblad: Ingen Kapstad mot Umeå
 (pre-game article)
Västerbottens Folkblad: Moström lekte med Själevad
Örnsköldsviks Allehanda: Själevad föll med hedern i behåll

Linköping scores 18 goals in cup match

Linköping FC defeated 4th division side Åtvidabergs FF 18-2 in the semifinal in the regional ÖEB Cup. But the Åtvidaberg players (average age 17!) were thrilled to play the Damallsvenskan side and the 648 in the stands at their home arena was probably the biggest crowd they've ever played before. Linköping commented that even if the number tend to get high it is important to show up with the first team when you're playing a team and before a crowd that don't get to see premier league teams otherwise.

Linköping's goals were scored by Ann Westermark (6), Josefine Öqvist (5), Anna-Kaisa Rantanen (3), Sara Larsson (2), Caroline Seger and Maria Lindström.

Corren: Damerna bjöd till fest i Åtvid
Linköping FC

Malin Nykvist: "I'm all stressed out"

Malin Nykvist, two times champion with Djurgården/Älvsjö and making her first national team appearance in Algarve Cup this year, talks in an interview with Stockholm daily Svenska Dagbladet about her decision to take a break from football. "I've got no energy left, not in training, not at work, not in my private life. I'm all stressed out". Last year Nykvist decided to work part-time to be able to train more and make a bigger committment to her football career. But it turned out that her work still demanded a full-time effort and the pressure and expectations on her in the game didn't become any easier. "I had to take a break before my whole life came to pieces". Nykvist has not decided if this is a permanent break or if she'll come back again. "I think a lot of players risk finding themself in my situation if they're not carefull. We can't live like professional players, but we are supposed to perform like we were."

Svenska Dagbladet: Stressad Nykvist tar paus

Players leaving

Djurgården/Älvsjö's midfielder Ingrid Bohlin and Hammarby's midfielder Hanna Olsson has both played their last Damallsvenskan match for the season. They are both leaving for studies in the USA. Hope they've found colleges with good soccer programs.

Edit: I just found out that Hanna Olsson is going to Northeastern University to play with the Huskies. I think that's a pretty good team.

Kopparbergs/Göteborg's midfielder Therese Bjurenlind goes on loan to 1st division side Jitex.

With Bohlin's leaving, Malin Nykvist's time-out and Marijke Callebaut's transfer to Hammarby, there are now only 17 players left on Djurgården/Älvsjö's squad. They really ought to find reinforcements before they go into the UEFA Women's Cup qualifacations in September.

The news on Bohlin was found in
Dagens Nyheter's article on Jane Törnqvist and Turbine Potsdam, Hanna Olsson was mentioned in a Hammarby match report and Bjurenlind at Kopparbergs/Göteborg fan site Kopps.

Match-Day 6: The last game

Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC - Djurgården/Älvsjö 0-0 (0-0)
Kopparbergs/Göteborg: Maria Edman - Marlene Sjöberg, Frida Höglund, Sofia Dammström, Maria Karlsson - Lisa Ek (75 Jennie Svensson), Jessica Julin, Johanna Almgren, Sara Lindén (80 Camilla Schelin - Lotta Schelin, Sofie Andersson (65 Heidi Kackur)
Attendance: 553
The Göteborg-Djurgården match is left from the 6th round and was originally planned to be played late May, but got postponed since it collided with Djurgården's UEFA Women's Cup finals.

In the first half most of the play was in the midfield without many scoring opportunities for either team. In the second Djurgården/Älvsjö showed a much more intense and high paced game and pressured the home side a lot. They didn't have any real edge in the finishes though and both sides left the match scoreless. Göteborg's Martin Pringle is still struggling with the team's appearent inability to score and benched their finish star forward Heidi Kackur to try out another constellation in the attack, but with no result. Pringle was still satisfied with the point and thought they showed good teamwork. Djurgården's Mikael Söderman said they didn't manage to control the match - when they do they also score a lot as in the match against AIK.

Local daily Göteborgsposten writes that Kopparbergs/Göteborg managed to play constructive and entertaining football, but in the midfield were pressured back in the second half and the forwards had to find their opportunities pretty much onm their own.
Göteborgsposten: Mållöst men inte chanslöst

Present standings at Svensk fotboll

Damallsvenskan MVP's for the second quarter season named

The women's football magazine Nya Mål (the same people that runs the website, Damallsvenskan's main sponsor Svenska Spel and EFD, the association of women's elite football clubs, awards a trophy, The Ebba of the Year,  for "the most extraordinary and valuable performance" by a Damallsvenskan player. They have now released the results for the rounds 7 to 11:

1. Hanna Marklund, Sunnanå SK
2. Anna Sjöström, Umeå IK
3. Therese Lundin, Malmö FF
4. Stina Segerström, KIF Örebro
5. Linda Fagerström, Djurgården/Älvsjö

The top four after 11 rounds would be these:
Hanna Marklund, 7 points
Kristine Lilly, 5 points
Anna Sjöström and Therese Sjögran, 4 points

The final winner will be named at the end of the season.

The Törnqvist - Potsdam affair revisited

The usually reliable German football magazine Kicker didn't do the neccesary footwork - in their season start issue they have Jane Törnqvist listed for Turbine Potsdam, in spite of the fact that it is more than a month since the transfer came to naught. But Swedish leading daily Dagens Nyheter picked up the "news" and the good side is that we now have comments from the Swedish side. Djurgården/Älvsjö's chairman Per Darnell confirms that the club gave Turbine permission to talk to Jane. Jane says there were talks, she found the proposition exciting but it never came to an actual deal being presented. And anyway this wasn't a good time to leave Stockholm and Djurgården. But, she continues, it would be fun to try out another league and she likes German football.
Dagens Nyheter: Jane Törnqvist på väg till tysk toppklubb

I have previously blogged about this here, here, here and here.

Malin Nykvist takes time-out

Djurgården/Älvsjö reports that their experienced midfielder Malin Nykvist has decided to take a break from football for personal reasons.


Match-Day 11: Reports and Reviews

The questionable penalty that decided the match between Linköping and Malmö was the big discussion matter the day after, but Linköping's Michael Bornehav admitted that Malmö's win still was a fair outcome of the match. "We showed our lack of experience while Malmö were more sensible and controled." Caroline Seger agreed: "We hardly created anything forward and almost panicked, shooting a lot of long balls." Malmö's Therese Sjögran was outstanding in the midfield and Malin Andersson was a constant danger forward, both on set pieces and with opening passes, while Malmö's defense at the same time seemed impenetrable. But no, Malmö still refuses to discuss the possibility of winning the championship.
Corren: Straff sänkte svagt LFC , match pictures
Radiosporten: interview with Sara Larsson and Hedvig Lindahl
Radiosporten: interview with Malin Andersson

Mallbacken and Göteborg both agreed that Mallbacken's goalkeeper Carola Söborg did a great match. Göteborg had, particulary in the second half, a huge advantage in possession and shots on goal. But that really doesn't help if you don't get past the goalkeeper. Mallbacken's coach Glenn Johansson voiced his disappointment that Söborg, who has a lot of U19 and U21 matches, never has been called up to the national team. Erla Arnardóttir explained that her goal from 30 meters wasn't just a fluke. She regulary stays behind after training sessions to practise shots and this was actually her second goal from afar this season.
Värmlands Folkblad: Mallbackens sköna formbesked
Värmlands Folkblad: Årets första seger hemma på Strandvallen
Värmlands Folkblad: Inbytt Monsén avgjorde matchen
Värmlands Folkblad: Arnardóttir matchvinnare efter favoritskott i repris
Göteborgsposten: Fick stryk av jumbon Mallbacken
Aftonbladet: "Hon får inte en chans"

Sunnanå's Bianca Rech dominated the midfield and also contributed with the assist to Carina Holmbergs 1-0 goal. But in the second half she began to disappear, surely partly an effect of the tough schedule she had in the Nordic Tournament, and QBIK took over. It was only defenders Smith and Marklund that managed to keep QBIK away from the goal. QBIK's coach Mosson said his team played very good and at least in the second half dominated against the league's number 3. And Sunnanå's Isaksson stressed that he was lucky to get away with the win and have to play much better next weekend at QBIK.
Norra Västerbotten: Sunnanå kvar i toppen
Värmlands Folkblad: Två chanser - det räckte för Sunnanå

"We can count ourselves lucky that we've got [goalkeeper] Kristin Hammarström", a relieved Pia Sundhage said after KIF Örebro's 0-0 draw with Hammarby. Hammarström had a couple of really qualified saves and the defense, U21 player Stina Segerström worth mentioning, kept Hammarby's Salina Olsson away. But KIF has big problems in front. "We have a nice flow to our play, but it never gets really hot", Sundhage complains.
Nerikes Allehanda: KIF spelade 0-0 mot Hammarby