Tiffeny Milbrett arrives to Sunnanå

US world champion player Tiffeny Milbrett arrived at Skellefteå, Sunnanå's home town, earlier today and was greeted by club representatives and the press. The local daily has published a fairly long webb-tv interview on their site. Milbrett is happy to be here, talks about her history as a player and how to keep in shape without playing matches and about her expectations.

Norra Västerbotten: Sunnanås nya stjärnspelare har landat  (Quicktime movie, 12 MB, 4,5 minutes)

Addendum: A couple of links to friday newspapers articles for those who read swedish or just like to watch pictures.
Västerbottens Folkblad: En stjärna har landat
Norra Västerbotten: En världsartist har landat

AIK wins at Cyprus trainin g camp

AIK - Tyresö FF 5-0 (3-0)
AIK found another swedish team at camp on Cyprus, 2nd division side Tyresö FF, and set up a training match. Taking the quality of the opposition, the numerous substitutions (something like 20 AIK girls got time on the field) and a somewhat uneven referee in account, the match probably doesn't tell myuch about the teams current form. Goalscorers anyway: Lina Hedkvist, Nazanin Vaseghpanah, Anna Lundin, Josefin Wejner and Emilia Reimer

KIF Örebro wins and Pia takes a trip

KIF Örebro - Jitex 4-1 (3-0)
KIF Örebro was very much the better side when they defeated 1st division side Jitex. Most enjoyable for head coach Sundhage was Marie Hammarström and Marie Frances Monroe teaming up in the midfield. Goals by Lisa Dahlkvist (2), Emelia Erixon and Mary Frances Monroe.

In related news, KIF Örebro head coach Pia Sundhage takes a trip over the big pond this weekend for talks with US Soccer. "A job interview" in Pia's words. To Göteborgsposten she says, on the prospect of being offered the national team coach job for USA: "Of course I'll take the chance if I get it". Which seems fairly unambigious.
Göteborgsposten: Sundhage nära få jobb i USA

Damallsvenskan previews

With just a little more than two weeks left until kick-off time, we're getting the first previews.

Själevad's local daily Örnsköldsviks Allehanda has big hopes for the club's new signings, midfielders Therese Kapstad and Johanna Ahrling and Brasil's U19 forward Kelly. Together with last years success signing Marina they will help the team to a better season than last year when they finished 10th, just on the right side of the relegation line.
Örnsköldsviks Allehanda: De nya ska bära Själevad

In Linköping newspaper Corren does a recap on all the Damallsvenskan clubs preseason activities and seems to favour Kopparbergs/Göteborg and Sunnnanå, except their own Linköping FC of course, as best movers. Djurgården/Älvsjö and Umeå are still championship favourites.
Corren: Bara 18 dagar till premiären -- så är läget i de allsvenska lagen

Fan site mffare.com takes a shot at the difficult task of prediction, and has Djurgården/Älvsjö as champions while Mallbacken and QBIK will have to leave after the season.
mffare.com: Efter sol kommer regn

More Easter training matches

Djurgården/Älvsjö - Hammarby 4-1 (3-1)
It seems like Victoria Svensson is back in shape now, scoring 3 of Djurgården/Älvsjö's 4 goals on Hammarby in their Cyprus training camp match. The other goals by Sara Johansson and Salina Olsson.

Linköping FC - Eskilstuna United 6-0 (3-0)
A convincing win for Linköping against the 1st division side Eskilstuna in a match that also saw Josefine Öqvist's first goal this year. She played the last 45 and seems to be moving towards match form. Other goals by Ann Westermark (2), Maria Karlsson (2) and Maria Aronsson.
Linköping FC
Corren: Öqvist hittade målet

Själevad - Umeå Södra 4-2 (1-2)
After a really bad first half, where the defense almost invited Umeå Södra to score, Själevad was much more constructive and aggressive in the second and passes and crosses seemed to find their adresses. Goals by Josefine Larsson, Camilla Nyberg, Therese Kapstad and Jennie Dahlberg.
Örnsköldsviks Allehanda: En bra halvlek av Själevad

QBIK - Falu BS 6-0
QBIK defeated just promoted 1st division side Falu BS soundly, even if QBIK players complained that the bad gravel pitch didn't allow them to play the game they wanted.
Falukuriren: Nyttig förlust för BS-damerna
Värmlands Folkblad: Storseger med besk eftersmak

Malmö FF wins Mediterranean International Football Cup

Malmä FF won the Mediterranean International Football Cup, after wins against Ue Lleida (3-0, goals by Therese Sjögran, Therese Lundin and Emma Stålhammar) and Newcastle (1-0, goal by Mia Westerblad) in the second group stage and finally against FC Barcelona in a penalty shoot out following a goal-less draw after regulation time.

Damfotboll.com, 2
Malmö FF, 2, 3

Easter training matches

QBIK - Gideonsberg 5-2
In their 4th training match QBIK finally managed to win, as they pressured 1st division side Gideonsberg throughout the whole match. Anna Nilsson scored 3 for QBIK and Jenny Hallstenson one. Defense still seems to be a problem for QBIK, that has let in 16 goals in 4 training matches.
Värmlands Folkblad: Qbiks första seger i år

Some more news has appeared in the press on the training matches earlier in the Easter week. The Umeå - Sunnanå clash has been covered by Västerbottens Folkblad: Tunga ben i första derbyt, where Sunnanå seems to be the ones that should be satisfied with their performance, and it also got about a minute in the sports news at SVT (videoclip), focusing on Hanna Marklund playing in the "wrong" jersey. KIF Örebro's 3-0 on Eskilstuna got a short report at Nerikes Allehanda: Ömsom vin, ömsom vatten av KIF Örebro and a longer from Pia Sundhage at the club's site.

Midweek training matches

KIF Örebro - Eskilstuna United 3-0
Part of the match was really good, commented KIF Örebro coach Pia Sundhage, but finishing needs to get better. In spite of bad finishing KIF scored three goals on Eskilstuna United, a 1st division side. Goals by Emelia Erixon, Mary Frances Monroe and Elin Magnusson.

Umeå IK - Sunnanå 2-1 (2-0)
Umeå played their last training match before going to camp in Turkey. All players on the squad got time, except goalie Sofia Lundgren, who is still recovering. Umeå goals in the first half by Maria Bergkvist and Kicki Viklund, Sunnanå reduced in the second half with a Nora Jåfs goal.
UIK Fans

Malmö FF - L´Estartit B 14-0
Malmö FF - Lleida 5-0
Malmö FF is playing the Mediterranean International Football Cup, a big youth tournament (clubs like Man United, Arsenal, Bayern, Real Madrid try out their youth here) that also has added a women's group. So far Malmö FF has had a riot with their opposition, but later they will probably run into Newcastle and/or FC Barcelona, which should provide more competition.
Malmö FF

Yolanda Odenyo signs for AIK

Defender Yolanda Odenyo, who has played several training matches with AIK this winter, has today signed a contract with the newly promoted club. 21 year Yolanda, last year with relegated Bälinge, has already played 4 seasons in Damallsvenskan and has also experience from Sweden's U19 and U21 teams. AIK's chairman Lars-Åke Lindblom calls Yolanda "one of Sweden's best defenders" and coach Christer Söderberg, who was very pleased with the squad already before Yolanda's decision, says that she will be "a great asset to the team", contribution with a lot of experience.


Linköping defeats Holland's U19

Holland U19 - Linköping 0-1 (0-0)
Holland's U19 team was a tough competition, Linköping coach Michael Bornehav admitted. It was a fast, well-played game where neither side managed to create many dangerous opportunities. Linköping started with the players that didn't start the match before, which gave the starting line-up a reserve team rate. With ten minutes left Ann Westermark and Sara Larsson came in and soon after Ann Westermark scored the winning goal. Josefine Öqvist started and played 45 minutes and seems to be getting back into match form.
Corren: LFC vann dubbelt
Linköping FC

Stadium problems for Djurgården's UEFA Cup semifinal match

Djurgården/Älvsjö's semifinal match against Arsenal is set for April 7, but they are having problems finding a playing field. Winter has been long and snowy and it's hard to find a playable grass field. Since there's been rumours that Djurgården might be forced to forfeit the match,  their spokesperson Linda Brinck emphasizes that the match will be played, even though they don't know where yet. The club is working together with the swedish FA to find a solution.

Svenska Dagbladet: Mästarnas match mot Arsenal kan ställas in
SVT: Djurgården/Ä kan tvingas lämna w.o.

Linköping defeats dutch champions

Saestum - Linköping 0-8 (0-6)
Linköping fielded what looked pretty much to be their 1st eleven in the first match during their dutch training camp. They played Saestum, presently sitting on top in the dutch top division. Linköping played a fast and direct game and already after 25 minutes they were 5 goals up. Linköping's coach didn't make any substitutions, so the pace of the game probably slowed down. Goals by Maria Aronsson (3), Sara Larsson (2), Maria Karlsson (2) and Ann Westermark.
Linköping FC

Most Damallsvenskan teams will go south for a training camp before the league kicks off mid April. This week you will find Djurgården/Älvsjö and Hammarby on Cyprus and Malmö FF participates in a training tournament outside Barcelona. AIK will leave for Cyprus and Kopparbergs/Göteborg for Turkey, both next week. Umeå and QBIK will go to Turkey the week after that.

Formiga to Malmö FF

Malmö FF announced today that Brasil's tenacious midfielder Formiga will return to the club. The club has signed a deal with her for the six league matches before the European Championship. They offered brasilian defender Monica the same deal, but she wasn't willing to sign for such a short period. The contract is, due to Malmö's troubled finances, entirely sponsor financed. If the club can find additional resources Formiga is willing to return for the latter half of the Damallsvenskan season.

Sydsvenskan: Minst sex matcher för Formiga

More weekend training matches

Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC - Valur IS (Iceland) 0-2 (0-0)
Kopparbergs/Göteborg played the Icelandic champions Valur in a rather tough match with player injuries and a red card for midifielder Maria Karlsson. Valur were more efficient in front of goal and won 2-0.
Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC

Stattena - Linköping FC 0-1 (0-1)
Linköping stopped by at Stattena on their way to their training camp in Holland. Stattena, that finished 12 and last in the 2004 Damallsvenskan, stood up well against the aspiring top team but was forced to play defense most of the match. Linköping tried out their entire team except goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl, who wasn't feeling well. Josefine Öqvist made her long awaited return to the field, playing 20 minutes in her first match since the Olympics last year.
Helsingborgs Dagblad: Nöjd trots förlust
Corren: Pigg debut av Öqvist i Linköpings FC

Local journalists is impressed by Umeå's new midfielder Anne Mäkinen in their reports from the Själevad training match this weekend.
Västerbottens Folkblad: Umeå IK var utan problem
Västerbottens-Kuriren: Mäkinen - ett fynd

Training matches round-up

Malmö FF - Staffanstorp 4-0 (2-0)
Malmö had planned a match last weekend against danish top side Bröndby, but due to bad weather (snowy and windy) the game was cancelled. Instead a match against a neighbouring team, 1st division side Staffanstorp, was organised a few days later.  Malmö won comfortably even if only one of the Algarve Cup players entered the field, Therese Sjögran who played the last 30 minutes. Goals by Therese Lundin (2), Mia Westerblad and Therese Sjögran.
Malmö FF

Umeå Södra - Sunnanå 2-3 (1-1)
Sunnanå guested 1st division side Umeå Södra and in spite of being down twice in the match they managed to turn things around. Goals by Carina Holmberg, Nora Jåfs and Anna Bodén.
Sunnanå SK
Norra Västerbotten: Sunnanådamerna vände i matchslutet

Hammarby - Espoo 3-0 (1-0)
"The best match this pre-season", says Hammarby coach En Perlskog after defeating finnish top side Espoo. Two goals by their midfielder Elin Härén, who came from Sundsvall this winter, and one from Lisa Arnell.

Umeå IK - Själevad 5-0 (3-0)
"Well, you have to dare to try sometime", said Själevad coach Yngve Persson after his team tried to take the offensive approach against Umeå, "But Umeå is the better side". Umeå fielded a full first team except for Hanna Ljungberg, who is still suffering from the leg injury she got in the first Algarve Cup game. Goals by Anna Sjöström (2), Maria Nordbrandt (2) och Emma Lindqvist.

AIK - KIF Örebro 4-1 (2-0)
For the second time in a few weeks newcomers AIK defeated KIF Örebro, this time at home. AIK's coach Christer Söderberg admitted that Örebro had most of the play, "but we were much more efficient". Freja Egebrandt, Nazanin Vasegpanah, Linda Hedqvist and Maria Moustakakis all scored for AIK before Sara Jardving got Örebro's consolation goal.

Mallbacken - Falu BS 7-0
Mallbacken played just promoted 1st division side Falu BS and showed a good passing play and player movements accordning to coach Krister Engström. Erla Arnardottir, Linda Wallin and Birgitta Stiernberg all scored two goals while Linda Nöjd got one.

Team Strömmen - QBIK 3-2 (3-0)
QBIK had a tough start against the norwegian top side, but managed to level the play in the second half and scored two goals, thanks to Linda Gull and Anna Nilsson.

Josefine Öqvist still not ready to play

Linköping's new star Josefine Öqvist is still not fit to play matches, but will follow the team to their training camp in Delden, Holland, where they will play a few matches, among them against the dutch U19 team.

Corren: Öqvist inte redo för spel

Hanna Marklund satisfied with Algarve Cup performance

In an interview with local daily Norra Västerbotten Hanna Marklund says she is satisfied with the national team's performance in Algarve Cup in spite of finishing 4th. The defeats to Germany and France hasn't been that hard to cope with, since the team's priority was to try out as many players as possible. "And we could see there is good depth in the squad", Hanna comments.

Hanna's club Sunnanå is intensifying their matching in the weeks up to the Damallsvenskan premiere in April. "It's gonna be exciting to see how Tiffeny Milbrett turns out", says Hanna.

Norra Västerbotten: Hanna nöjd med lagets insats

Qualification groups for WC 2007 drawn

"We should win this group", commented national team head coach Marika Lyfors Domanski as Sweden was drawn together with Iceland, Czech Republic, Portugal and Belorussia in their qualification group for the 2007 World Cup in China.

Svensk Fotboll: Dam: Kvalet till VM lottat

Malmö FF and Sunnanå in financial trouble

The Swedish Football Association has finished their audit of the accounts for 2004 of the Damallsvenskan clubs. The full report isn't published yet, but the FA has released some information. The league's combined turnover increased compared to 2003 from 25 to 37 million SEK. And two clubs, Malmö FF and Sunnanå, doesn't meet the financial requirements to keep their licence to play in Damallsvenskan. Malmö FF has a 700,000 SEK deficit and Sunnanå's is 1,6 millions. Both clubs will need to no later than April 5 submit a plan to the FA's licensing board, showing how they will turn the deficit around. If they can't do that they will not recieve a licence for 2006.

Malmö FF's chairman Gert Sparr tells local daily Sydsvenskan that the club is working hard on both cutting costs and finding new sources of income. He also reveals that there are talks between Malmö FF and other clubs in town to create a kind of Malmö United for the elite team only and keep the youth programmes in the other teams. Sparr says his main priority is to keep Malmö FF's first team in Damallsvenskan.

So far no comments have come from Sunnanå.

Svensk Fotboll: Klubbekonomin granskad av licensnämnden
Sydsvenskan: MFF:s damer kan bli nästa Örebrofall

Linköping scores 9 goals in training match

Linköping - Mjölby Södra 9-1 (4-0)
Linköping's match with QBIK last weekend had to be cancelled due to heavy snowfall. Instead Linköping found a local 2nd division team for a tuesday training match . Linköping, with their national team players substituted by players from their farm club Linköping Kenty DFF, had a riot. Maria Aronsson scored 4 goals, Ann Westermark and Astrid Ekholm 2 each and Madelene T Bremer 1.

Linköping FC

"Big fight" between national team goalkeepers

Major tabloid Aftonbladet makes "a big fight that shakes the national team" out of the competition between Caroline Jönsson and Hedvig Lindahl for the spot as starting keeper. Both are very determined to win the spot, but there is no hard feelings at all, Hedvig Lindahl writes in her webdiary. "I'm so tired of papers misquoting all the time", Hedvig exclaims.

Hedvig Lindahl's site

National team coach might not get extended contract

National team coach Marika Domanski Lyfor's contract with the Swedish Football Association is up for renewal this summer. "We're looking around. It might be a new head for the national team after the European Championships". The contracts for all coaches on the women's side runs out this summer and the FA wants to have a dialogue with the people involved during the spring. Domanski Lyfors herself says that she'll be happy to continue if the FA wants to keep her.


Johanna Ahrling has signed for Själevad

Umeå Södra's winger Johanna Ahrling, who's been in talks with Själevad for quite some time, has finally signed for the neighbour city team. Johanna, who's never played for any other club before, will continue to do some of her training in Umeå. She works as a physical education teacher at an Umeå highschool and can't find the time to commute every day.

Örnsköldsviks Allehanda

Algarve Cup match-day 4

France - Sweden 3-2 (1-1)
Sweden's two main weakneses of late - letting in goals on set pieces and not creating enough scoring opportunities - showed this time too. Two french goals on corners and the absense of Victoria Svensson and Hanna Ljungberg was appearent in the offense. And resting players like Jane Törnqvist, Kicki Bengtsson and Hanna Marklund in the starting 11 was maybe not the best recipe for winning. On the postive: the young girls have done really good and the team did reasonably good against Germany and France, that are both mid-season while Sweden is still in pre-season preparations.

Sweden's line-up: Caroline Jönsson, Malmö FF - Sara Larsson, Linköping (Hanna Marklund, Sunnanå subbed in at 45), Karolina Westberg, Umeå, Malin Nykvist, Djurgården/Älvsjö, Sara Thunebro, Djurgården/Älvsjö (Kristin Bengtsson, Djurgården/Älvsjö in at 81) - Frida Östberg, Umeå - Malin Moström, Umeå, Therese Sjögran, Malmö FF (subbed out for Caroline Seger, Linköping at 61), Malin Andersson, Malmö FF (subbed out at 61 for Anna Sjöström, Umeå) - Salina Olsson, Hammarby (Lotta Schelin, Kopparbergs/Göteborg came in at 71), Sara Johansson, Djurgården/Älvsjö
Svensk Fotboll

Malin Andersson and Kicki Bengtsson both played their 147th national team match, one more than Pia Sundhage's old record. "Well, that was about bloody time", was Pia's reaction, "but they can come back when they've played 22 years in the national team, like I and [goalkeeper Elisabeth] Leidinge have."

USA - Germany 1-0 (1-0)
KIF Örebro's Kristine Lilly and Kate Markgraf both played the full match in a convincing victory.

Mexico - Finland 1-1 (0-1)
Finland escaped defeat for the first time in this year's Algarve Cup thank's to a mexican own goal. Sanna Valkonen, Umeå, Anna-Kaisa Rantanen, Linköping, Anne Mäkinen, Umeå, Jessica Julin, Umeå and Laura Kalmari, Djurgården/Älvsjö all played the full match.

Weekend training matches

Hammarby - KIF Örebro 0-0
Two presumed mid-table sides, both missing players to the national team in Algarve and to the U19, played a pretty even match without any big scoring opportunities. Two american college players from Yale University, unfortunately only identified by their first names, Mo and Lindsey, tried out for Hammarby.
KIF Örebro

Själevad - Östersunds DFF 4-1
Östersund, a 2nd division side, found Själevad "better at almost everything". Emma Jonsson (2), Elisabeth Nilsson and Charlotte Gimbergson scored for Själevad.

Sunnanå - Sunnanå  P16/P18 2-4
Madelaine Edlund and Lina Johansson scored when Sunnanå's women played the club's 16 and 18 year old boys.

Algarve Cup match-day 3

Norway - Sweden 1-1 (0-1)
Caroline Seger made her first goal for the senior national team and did overall great until she was forced to walk off the pitch after getting a minor concussion colliding with a norwegian defender after 70 minutes of playing time. On the other hand, according to swedish match reports, Seger was just about all the positive you could find from the swedish side. Very few dangerous situations were created and the swedish attack got stuck in the norwegian defense. Norway's late equaliser was from a set piece, which made coach Domanski Lyfors comment that the swedish team have to get more aggressive in such situations.

Sweden's squad: Hedvig Lindahl, Linköping - Sara Larsson, Linköping, Hanna Marklund, Sunnanå, Jane Törnqvist, Djurgården/Älvsjö, Kristin Bengtsson, Djurgården/Älvsjö - Caroline Seger, Linköping (injured at 72, replaced by Malin Andersson, Malmö FF), Malin Moström, Umeå, Frida Östberg, Umeå, Maria Karlsson, Linköping (subbed out at 45 for Anna Sjöström, Umeå) - Lotta Schelin, Kopparbergs/Göteborg (Salina Olsson, Hammarby subbed in at 81), Sara Johansson, Djurgården/Älvsjö (subbed out for Therese Sjögran, Malmö FF).
Svensk Fotboll
TV4 - short TV clip: an interview with Lotta Schelin followed by a few highlights from the Sweden-Norway match

Caroline Seger got most of the post match headlines. She managed to do both a Zlatan Ibrahimovic and a Henrik Larsson goal celebration, which the photographers didn't miss. If she recovers from her head-banging episode she'll be a starter in the 3rd place match against France and seems to be moving nicely towards a spot in the European Championship team. Nor bad for a 19 year old that played her first full international game only a few days ago.

Finland - France 1-2 (1-0)
Finland lost their third in three attempts, but managed to stay even until 5 minutes from time. Umeå's Anne Mäkinen scored the leader for Finland and played the full match along with team mates Jessica Julin and Sanna Valkonen. Djurgården/Älvsjö's Laura Kalmari also played 90 minutes while Anna-Kaisa Rantanen, Linköping, subbed in after 58 minutes.
foot féminin

USA - Denmark 4-0 (3-0)
KIF Örebro's Kristine Lilly scored two goals and set up a third before leaving the pitch, satisfied I presume, in the 65th minute. Teammate Kate Markgraf played the full 90 minutes in defense.

Saturday training matches

Umeå IK - Umeå Södra FF 4-2 (1-2)
With almost all starters playing Algarve Cup (or still at home in Brasil), Umeå IK fielded a team of reserves and young talents in their first full training match for the season. The inexperience showed and UIK had trouble with the 1st division side Umeå Södra in the first half, but found their winning play in the second. Assistant coach Hans Aggling (coach Jeglertz is in Algarve) was satisfied with the performance. Umeå's goals by Emma Lindqvist (2), Anna Paulsson and Kristina Viklund.
UIK Fans

AIK - Djurgården/Älvsjö 1-4 (0-2)
Djurgården/Älvsjö, with half a dozen players in Algarve Cup, were still the much better side - much faster, better passing play and better movement in the team, often attacking with 5 players. Victoria Svensson, who chose to stay at home trying to catch up with her preseason training instead of going to Algarve, seems to have played the full match and made a hat-trick. Hodan Siid-Ahmed did the consolation goal for AIK.

Bianca Rech says no contract is signed

German midfielder Bianca Rach denies yesterdays rumour that a contract between herself and Sunnanå SK has been completed. Rech says that she hasn't signed with any club for the next season so far.

Pia Sundage interview

The german fan-site Fansoccer.de has talked to Pia Sundhage. A few excerpts:

On why Damallsvenskan manages to attract foreign stars
- The league has a good organisation and a good reputation. And the simple fact that there is no american professional league any more.

On the influence of  foreign players in Damallsvenskan
- You get different ways to play the game, brasilian technique and american competitivness, that will improve the league. And high profile players will draw more media attendance, more spectators and more money to the game.

On the present "boom" in swedish women's football
- Already during the last EC 2001 the media interest for the wonen's team became bigger and after WC 2003 even individual players got well known. Also the play is getting better year by year. I think the game deserves every printed word and every second on TV it gets.


Tough winter for Heidi Kackur

Finnish national team forward Heidi Kackur has hardly been able to train football at all since she transfered from Malmö FF to Kopparbergs/Göteborg during the winter break. First a groin injury and then an overstrained hip. So, instead of playing in sunny Algarve, she has to do rehab training in Göteborg.  A worrying start to the pre-season, but she still is focused on getting back in shape to regain her spot on the finnish national team. The club is going to Turkey for a training camp at the end of this month and she hopes to be fit to play then. Missing out on the first European Championship any finnish senior team has ever played is out of the question.

Jakobstads Tidning

Linköping turning into new power centre

For the last years Umeå IK, Malmö FF and Djurgården/Älvsjö has dominated Damallsvenskan and provided almost all players to the national team. Now we have a new club wanting to compete, Linköping FC. The club has four players with the Swedish national team at Algarve Cup; Maria Karlsson, Hedvig Lindahl, Sara Larsson och Caroline Seger. Injured Josefine Öqvist is at home, but will also be competeing for a position in the Euro squad. And all these players are 25 years old or younger. The future looks bright for Linköping.


Bianca Rech signs with Sunnanå

German women's football news site FFNews.de reports that SC Bad-Neuenahr midfielder Bianca Rech now has signed a contract with Sunnanå. She will join the club after the European Championships.


Algarve Cup match-day 2

Sweden - China 2-0 (2-0)
National team coach Marika Domanski Lyfors changed the starting 11 almost completely compared to the Germany match - only Karolina Westberg and Lotta Schelin, who was moved from midfield to attack, remained. Besides Schelin two Linköping youngsters became starters, 19 year old Caroline Seger and 21 year old Maria Karlsson. The rather young team dominated China over the full 90 minutes. China played deep defense and it took more than half an hour before Sweden managed to break through. Frida Östberg, dominating performance in midfield, scored from the edge of the area in the 35th minute and Sara Johansson converted a great pass from Caroline Seger only 4 minutes later. Domanski Lyfors was pleased, "the more since several players have very little international experience".

Sweden's squad: Caroline Jönsson, Malmö FF  - Sara Larsson, Linköping, Karolina Westberg Umeå (subbed at 74 for Hanna Marklund, Sunnanå), Jane Törnqvist, Djurgården/Älvsjö, Sara Thunebro, Djurgården/Älvsjö - Therese Sjögran, Malmö FF (subbed at 80 for Malin Moström, Umeå), Frida Östberg, Umeå, Caroline Seger, Linköping (subbed at 72 for Malin Andersson, Malmö FF), Maria Karlsson, Linköping (subbed at 60 for Anna Sjöström, Umeå) - Sara Johansson, Djurgården/Älvsjö, Lotta Schelin, Kopparbergs/Göteborg (subbed at 65 for Salina Olsson, Hammarby).
Svensk Fotboll

Aftonbladet focuses on the successfull youngsters in their match coverage. "It's a dream come true - first getting on the squad, the subbing in against Germany and now starting. Of course I'm dreaming about the European Championship too", Caroline Seger says.

USA - Finland 3-0 (2-0)
Anne Mäkinen (Umeå) was back from her touch of the flu with a good performance, that wasn't enough against a superior US team. Sanna Valkonen (Umeå), Jessica Julin (Umeå), Anna-Kaisa Rantanen (Linköping) and Laura Kalmari (Djurgården-Älvsjö) also started. KIF Örebro players Kristine Lilly and Kate Markgraf both played the full match for USA, that also featured former Damallsvenskan players Hope Solo, several good saves in goal, and Christie Welsh, scoring the 1-0 and 2-0 goals.

Algarve Cup match-day 1

Sweden - Germany 1-2 (0-1)
Nothing new here, Sweden lost to Germany again. The swedish team was almost completely over-run by the germans in the beginning, but managed to work themselves back inte the game. Sara Johansson scored an equaliser for Sweden on an assist from Lotta Schelin, Sweden's player of the match. Since this was the first national team match since the rather meaningless Euro qualifier against Finland early October, when Sweden fielded a mostly second tier team, national team coach Marika Domanski Lyfors thought the play showed some promise: "We're never satisfied with a defeat, but we can feel good about our performance and try to build on that for the upcoming matches"

Sweden's squad: Hedvig Lindahl, Linköping - Hanna Marklund, Sunnanå, Malin Nykvist, Djurgården/Älvsjö, Karolina Westberg, Umeå (subbed at 64 for Jane Törnqvist, Djurgården/Älvsjö), Kristin Bengtsson (Djurgården/Älvsjö) - Lotta Schelin Kopparbergs/Göteborg, Malin Moström, Umeå (subbed at 82 for Frida Östberg, Umeå), Malin Andersson, Malmö FF (subbed at 60 for Caroline Seger, Linköping), Anna Sjöström, Umeå (subbed at 82 for Maria Karlsson, Linköping)- Hanna Ljungberg, Umeå (off injured at 49, Sara Johansson, Djurgården/Älvsjö subbed in), Salina Olsson, Hammarby (subbed out at 60 for Therese Sjögran, Malmö FF).
SVT - this is the report from the swedish news agency TT that most swedish papers published - I don't think any other swedish news outlets have people on the location
Corren - covering the locals
Svensk Fotboll

Hanna Ljungberg had to be carried off the pitch after a violent collision with Germany's goalkeeper Nadine Angerer. It looked worse than it was, though. She won't play against China, but will probably take part in one of the later games. Tabloid Aftonbladet reports that the media people at the english FA, that are responsible for marketing the European Championship, got a real scare when they thought they had lost their biggest poster name. "She's one of the few players who's name people recognise. And she has a very well known last name. Getting her and Freddie together just before the championship would be great", Alex Stone tells the paper.

France - USA 0-1 (0-1)
KIF Örebro's americans Kristine Lilly and Kate Markgraf both played the full 90 minutes as former KIF Örebro player Christie Welsh, now with Olympique Lyonnaise in France, scored the winner for USA.

Denmark - Finland 4-1 (2-1)
Finland, missing key players like Anne Mäkinen (Umeå IK) and Heidi Kackur (Kopparbergs/Göteborg)due to illness, suffered a heavy loss to the danish team. When Sanna Valkonen, also an Umeå player, has to leave the field after 30 minutes following a collision with her own goalie Finland found themselves in trouble most of the last 60 minutes. Anna-Kaisa Rantanen (Linköping), Jessica Julin (Umeå) and Laura Kalmari (Djurgården/Älvsjö) all played 90 minutes.

Letter to the fans from Mary Frances Monroe

KIF Örebro's first american Mary Frances Monroe writes a letter to the fans about her first impressions of Örebro and her new club. All in english, of course.
KIF Örebro

Sunnanå signing german national team player?

Bianca Rech, german national team player who earlier played with FFC Frankfurt but this Bundesliga season has moved to Bad Neuenhar, spent two days on trial with Sunnanå. She is very excited with the club, that has recently signed stars as Hanna Marklund and Tiffeny Milbrett. A possible, but yet not decided, solution could be that she joins Sunnanå after the break for the European Championships.
Västerbottens Folkblad
Norra Västerbotten

Själevad star player choosing ice-hockey over football??

Själevad's forward Malin Hörnqvist has doubled her football career with an equally successfull winter career as a hockeyplayer with MoDo Hockey. Last weekend she advanced to the semi-finals in the swedish championship with her hockey-team. She hasn't trained any football since last fall and has started to doubt if she can continue both careers. She says to local paper Örnsköldsviks Allehanda that she will decide after the end of the hockey season.

Örnsköldsviks Allehanda

New numbers on Malmö FF jerseys

Malmö FF decided to re-number all their players for the 2005 season and take a completely new, somewhat US-inspired approach. So, national team goal-keeper Caroline Jönsson gets number 00, the teams other main star Therese Sjögran gets number 1 and Denise Reddy number 35 (could have something to do with being the oldest player on the squad. You get all the numbers if you follow the link.

Tuesday training matches

With their main stars with the national team in Algarve Cup, Linköping and Kopparbergs/Göteborg still came out winning their training matches.

Kopparbergs/Göteborg - Jitex 1-0
Marlene Sjöberg, back home again after a year in Brasil (not playing football but researching her masters thesis), scored Göteborg's winner against 1st division side Jitex. Coach Martin Pringle was very satisfied with the match and thought the play both in defense and attack worked fine. The victory should perhaps been larger, but Jitex was saved by their goalkeeping and defence.

Linköping - Saltängen 4-2
Linköping, missing four national team players, had problems with 2nd division club Saltängen in thye beginning, trailing 0-2 in the first half. But Linköping's superior passing play made the difference and they dominated the second half. Goals by Ann Westermark, Maria Aronsson (2) and Lotta Runesson.
Linköping FC

Umeå IK denies "homesick clause"

The evening paper Expressen told about Karolina Westberg's "homesick clause" in her contract with Umeå IK a couple of weeks ago (see here). Then Expressen's sport columnist Mats Olsson wrote about it in his Sunday column, "a very cute clause", and thought it was relieving to see a professional athlete valuing personal well-being more than money.

Now Umeå IK has released a statement, asserting that there is no such clause. They say that Westberg will be with the club the entire season, and hopefully more to come.

Umeå IK

More from the weekend training matches

Hammarby - IK Tellus P16/P15 3-4
Jessica Landström scored 2 goals and Annelie Norén one when they lost in a training match to a boy's side.

Liungen - Mallbacken 1-2
Mallbacken played just promoted norwegian premier division side Liungen in Oslo. Birgitta Stiernberg made both goals for Mallbacken and coach Krister Engström was overall satisfied with the team's performance.
Värmlands Folkblad
Drammens Tidende

Själevad - Team Hudik 4-0
Therese Kapstad (2), Emma Jonsson and Elisabeth Nilsson got on the scoresheet when Själevad won their second training match for the weekend.

Saturday training matches

Linköpings FC - AIK 3-0
AIK finally lose after winning 5 consecutive training matches. Linköping scored twice on corners in the first half, Maria Aronsson and Sara Larsson both heading in their goals. The third goal was an own goal by AIK after a misunderstanding between the defense and the goalie. Even if AIK put up a better game inthe second half Linköping was the better side.
Linköping FC

KIF Örebro - QBIK 5-1
KIF Örebro played with 10 after goalkeeper Kristin Hammarström got a red card in the 36th minute, but were never really threatened. Two goals by Emilia Eriksson and Louise Östman and one by Marie Hammarström. Mary Frances Monroe did her debut for the first team without really shining.
Nerikes Allehanda

Umeå Södra - Själevad 1-3
Josefin Larsson, last year with 3rd division side Arnäs, scored twice for Själevad and Emma Jonsson the third in Själevad's win against the 1st division side Umeå Södra.

Djurgården/Älvsjö - Spånga P16/P17 0-2
Victoria Svensson played for the first since her foot surgery, doing 65 minutes in a game against a boy's side.

Kopparbergs/Göteborg - Kristianstad/Wä 4-2
Lotta Schelin did a hat-trick when Göteborg defeated 1st division side Kristianstad/Wä and Rebecca Ljungdahl made the 4-0 goal. By the end of the match Kristianstad/Wä was allowed into the game and scored twice.

Umeå IK played their first outdoor match this year, playing 2 x 30 minutes against a boy's team. The boys won 6-3 in a match where Umeå's took the opportunity to let all players get time on the field.
UIK Fans

Victoria Svensson back in training

Victoria Svensson is back in training after her foot surgery. "We're playing a boy's team on Saturday and I hope to get some playing time", she says. But she intends to proceed cautiously in order to be in form for the Women's Cup semifinal in April. She will not be going to Algarve Cup with the national team.

Dagens Nyheter

5th win in a row for AIK

AIK is having a great preseason and won their 5th match in a row, defeating Hammarby 2-1 tuesday evening. The both teams managed to put off an entertaining match in the freezing cold (-10 degrees) and ASIK proved to be more dangeruos in front of goal. Yolanda Odenyo scored their first on a free-kick early in the game, Elin Hären equalised for Hammarby and Lena Persson scored the 2-1 goal for AIK. Both AIK's and Hammarby's coach seemed pleased with the match.


New player to Själevad?

Ulf Frostevall, responsible for player recruitment at Själevad, recently complained that it was much easier to get players from Brasil to the club than from nearby Umeå. The player he had his eye on was Umeå Södra's winger Johanna Ahrling. Johanna, a 26 year old working full-time as a teacher, would like to try the experience of playing for a premier division team but don't want to spend hours on the road to and from training sessions. Now it seems like a possible solution might be that Johanna trains with her old club in Umeå and just take the 100 kilometer trip south twice a week. Själevad seems willing to try it out and see how it works before a deal will be signed.

Västerbottens Folkblad