KIF Örebro wins and Pia takes a trip

KIF Örebro - Jitex 4-1 (3-0)
KIF Örebro was very much the better side when they defeated 1st division side Jitex. Most enjoyable for head coach Sundhage was Marie Hammarström and Marie Frances Monroe teaming up in the midfield. Goals by Lisa Dahlkvist (2), Emelia Erixon and Mary Frances Monroe.

In related news, KIF Örebro head coach Pia Sundhage takes a trip over the big pond this weekend for talks with US Soccer. "A job interview" in Pia's words. To Göteborgsposten she says, on the prospect of being offered the national team coach job for USA: "Of course I'll take the chance if I get it". Which seems fairly unambigious.
Göteborgsposten: Sundhage nära få jobb i USA


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