Kristine Lilly: I'm looking forward to meet Hanna Ljungberg

"The swedish league is one of the best in the world and a player like Hanna Ljungberg is fantastic", Kristine Lilly tells Aftonbladet in an interview. She's really excited to come back to Sweden where she played 1994 together with among others Julie Foudy and Michelle Akers. But her main reason for joining KIF Örebro is Pia Sundhage. "She's the best coach I've ever had".


More from the weekend training matches

Asker - QBIK 6-1
Damallsvenskan newcomers QBIK lost heavily to norwegian premier side Asker. Big disappointment for the club, but as coach Dave Mosson comments, "we've found some details we need to work on". Linda Hallstensson scored for QBIK.

Mallbacken's Krister Engström comments on the teams narrow 2-1 defeat to Norway's champions Röa: "I think we stood up well against them. We shall be satisfied with ourselves. It was a big step ahead compared to the AIK match last weekand."
Värmlands Folkblad

Coach Michael Bornehav says he was "damned pleased" with his Linköpings FC performance against Djurgården/Älvsjö in their 1-5 defeat. Considering the team missed 7 starters, including 3 of 4 national team players, Bornehav found no reason to complain. "This is going to turn out good".

Sunday training matches

FC Honka - Sunnnå SK 2-2
Another draw for Sunnanå in their last tournament match in Finland. Sunnanå were 2-0 up after goals by Madelaine Edlund and Lina Johansson but Honka equalised by the end of the match.

Gideonsberg - KIF Örebro 0-1
KIF Örebro played 1st division side Gideonsberg with a mostly reserve line-up. Their new american player Mary Frances Monroe made her debut, only a couple of days after landing in Sweden, and impressed. Marina Pettersson scored Örebro's goal.

Linköping FC - Djurgården/Älvsjö 1-5
Linköping, somewhat hampered by injuries and illness in their regular eleven (Hedvig Lindahl and Caroline Seeger among those absent) lost big in their first outdoor training match. "A little bit too big figures, but Djurgården/Älvsjö played good", said Linköping coach Michael Bornehav after the match. Laura Kalmari (14, 43), Linda Lekander (24), Marjike Cellebaut (54), Kristin Bengtsson scored for Djurgården before AnnaKaisa Rantanen (82) reduced on a penalty kick.
Linköping FC

Sundhage comments on USA national team coaching offer

Pia Sundhage confirms that she has been asked by US Soccer if she would be willing to take the position as head coach for the US national team. "I've only been asked", stresses Pia, "I haven't been offered the position".

Even if this probably is the most attractive job in women's football, Pia is not quite sure she would accept an offer. She says she likes it alot in Örebro and in any case, she will not leave KIF Örebro as long as her american players are still with the team. So for the time being, she intends to keep her mind on KIF Örebro and not think about how to answer a possible offer from US Soccer.

Nerikes Allehanda

Friday and Saturday training matches

Bröndby - Malmö FF 3-1
Malmö managed a fairly even play against the danish champions in Copenhagen, but lost conceding two fast goals in the last fifteen minutes. It was noticeable that the danish team were longer into their preparations for the season, which starts a month earlier in Denmark. Malmö's goal by Emma Stålhammar.
Malmö FF

FC United - Sunnanå 0-0
Sunnanå participates in a training tournament in finnish Jakobstad. The first match, against finnish champions FC United, was an intense game but still ended 0-0.

Malmö FF - Skovlunde 2-1
The day after the game in Copenhagen Malmö met danish Skovlunde, 3rd in the danish league. The players that was benched in the Bröndby game started here, which made it a pretty inexperienced starting eleven. Still they managed to take the lead with a Mia Westerblad goal. Several first-teamers came off the bench in the second and secured Malmö's victory with a goal by Therese Lundin.
Malmö FF

Röa - Mallbacken 2-1
Mallbacken has, as they usually do, turned to Norway for preseason competition. Much better play against norwegian champions Röa than they managed against AIK last weekend. A goal by Birgitta Stiernberg gave Mallbacken the lead and the managed to keep a draw until the last minutes of the game.

KIF Örebro - AIK 1-3
AIK continues to impress and are on a four game winning streak in their preseason matches. KIF Örebro dominated the first half of the game, but their lack of outdoor matches showed in the second. "We really can't get worse than this", commented Örebro keeper Kristin Hammarström. AIK's coach Christer Söderberg thought his team didn't play well, but they are really dangerous in front of goal. AIK goals by Lena Persson, Lina Hedkvist and Nazanin Vaseghpanah, Örebro's goalscorer not named.
Nerikes Allehanda

FC Espoo - Sunnanå 1-0
Sunnanå suffered a narrow loss in their second game in the finnish training tournament.

Kopparbergs/Göteborg - Fortuna Hjörring 3-2
A couple of nice deep passes behind Fortuna's defense line, a fast Lotta Schelin and a somewhat slow danish defense gave the victory to Göteborg. The first goal by Sara Lindén and then two from Lotta. Coach Martin Pringle was very satisfied with the play in the first half. In the second the danish premier league's #2 was a harder to deal with, but only managed to reduce the deficit with two goals.
Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC

Kristine Lilly comments on KIF Örebro signing

Kristine Lilly comments on her swedish future in her journal. "Kate Markgraf and I are going over to play for her [Pia Sundhage]. We are excited to play again for her and to be in Sweden."

Kristine Lilly Journal

Karolina Westberg interview

Umeå IK fan site UIK Fans talks to new signing Karolina Westberg. She's had a bit of trouble with her knee and also cought the flu, but now it feels all right. Even if there is a lot of differences between Malmö in the south and Umeå, like accents and weather, the training is about the same and she feels comfortable with her new home team and town.

UIK Fans

Lilly, Markgraf and Monroe deal now set

KIF Örebro tonight announced on a press conference that the signing of Kristine Lilly, Kate Markgraff and Mary-Frances Monroe now is complete. The three americans will play for the club the first part of the season, from the league start in april until it takes a break for the European Championships. KIF Örebro hopes they will be able to have the players in the last part of the season too, but they need to find the money to finance that part first. Monroe will join the club already this weekend, while Lilly and Markgraf comes to Sweden in April.

The deal is sponsored by the international football school Coerver Coaching, which is trying to establish itself in Sweden.

Nerikes Allehanda
KIF Örebro

At SR Radiosporten there is a radio interview with Pia Sundhage and club president Karin Tellås, where Pia also answers the unevitable question if she'll stay or move back to USA and take the position as national team coach. "I will stay here now", Pia answers. "Now" maybe being the operative word.

Swedish Algarve Cup squad announced

21 players was today named to play for Sweden in the Algarve Cup. Head coach Marika Domanski Lyfors calls it "a good mix between experience and youth" and also likes to stress that this isn't the European Championship squad. "There are still many players competing for a position in that". The team will leave for Portugal on March 6.

We find two debutants, Malin Nykvist and Caroline Seger. The most notable absentees are Victoria Svensson and Josefine Öqvist, both in rehab. The squad:
Goalkeepers: Caroline Jönsson, Malmö FF; Hedvig Lindahl, Linköpings FC; Sofia Lundgren, Umeå IK
Defenders: Kristin Bengtsson, Djurgården/Älvsjö; Sara Larsson, Linköpings FC; Hanna Marklund, Sunnanå SK; Malin Nykvist Djurgården/Älvsjö; Sara Thunebro, Djurgården/Älvsjö; Jane Törnqvist, Djurgården/Älvsjö; Karolina Westberg, Umeå IK
Midfielders: Malin Andersson, Malmö FF; Maria Karlsson, Linköpings FC; Malin Moström, Umeå IK; Caroline Seger, Stattena IF; Therese Sjögran, Malmö FF; Anna Sjöström, Umeå IK; Frida Östberg, Umeå IK
Forwards: Sara Johansson, Djurgården/ Älvsjö; Hanna Ljungberg, Umeå IK; Salina Olsson, Hammarby IF DFF; Lotta Schelin, Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC

Svensk fotboll

Anne Mäkinen arrived in Umeå

Finnish star Anne Mäkinen arrived in Umeå yesterday. She said to the press that there never was any doubt in her mind when Umeå IK contacted her last fall. "Umeå has one of the best teams in the world. It's a privelige to be here."

Västerbottens Folkblad


Sunday training matches

Hammarby - Eskilstuna 3-0
Karolina Rinman, Jessica Landström, Jenny Lindh scored as Hammarby defeated 1st divison Eskilstuna 3-0 in their first outdoor match this year.

Alvik - Sunnanå 0-3
Hanna Marklund was playing again after a knee infection that kept her from playing for a month as her Sunnanå defeated 1st division side Alvik. Goals by Madelaine Edlund, Magdalena Esseryd and Johanna Lindahl.

Friday and Saturday training matches

Malmö FF - Kristianstad/Wä 5-0
Since Malmö had 5 players on national team camp, they could give a lot of reserves and youth players the opportunity against the 1st division side Kristanstad/Wä. Head coach Anders Johansson also moved around the players a bit, like having a centre midfield with Jenny Engwall and Therese Lundin. Still Malmö dominated completely. Goals by Jenny Engwall (22), Maria Westerblad (34), Therese Lundin (42), Jenny Engwall (45) and Maria Westerblad (90).
Malmö FF

AIK - Mallbacken 2-0
AIK dominated and the win was never in real danger. This was the first training match for Mallbacken, while AIK alreday have had two, which might partly explain the outcome. AIK goals by Lena Persson  and Lina Hedkvist. And for the second game in a row Yolanda Odenyo is playing for AIK, but still not on their 24 player squad list as presented at their website.

Djurgården/Älvsjö - Själevad 3-0
Since Djurgården/Älvsjö has 11 players at national team assignments this weekend, their line-up was mostly reserves and players from their farm team, Älvsjö AIK. Still a safe win with goals by Linda Hybinette, Marjike Callebaut and Kajsa Johansson. "I had expected more from Själevad", commented Djurgården/Älvsjö's new head coach Mikael Söderman.

Interview with AIK's coach

AIK's head coach Christer Söderberg is interviewed on the club's website. He is satisfied with the new players the club has signed since they got promoted last fall. "I don't think we could have got any national team starters anyway", he comments. AIK has a big squad, at the moment 24 players are listed for the 1st team. This makes the team less vulnerable to injuries, which was a problem last year.

Söderberg tells he will continue with the attacking tactics that made them go undefeated with a 69-15 goal difference through their 1st division last year. "I think we got a good balance in the team. And it's much more fun with an attacking play. It's fun for everyone; players, coaches and above all the spectators."


Anne Mäkinen scores for Finland

In their second match in the Las Palmas training tournament Finland defeated Holland 1-0 with a goal from Umeå IK midfielder Anne Mäkinen. All five Damallsvenskan players started for Finland.

Hanna wants revenge on 2004

2004 wasn't a good year for Hanna Ljungberg. She had surgery three times, spent most of the season in rehab training and had a "frustrating" Olympic tournament with the national team. Now she wants revenge. "The dream would be beating Germany in the European Championship final".

Seven national team players had injuries that required surgery last year (click on the link and scroll down for the list). For success in the upcoming European Championships the players needs to keep fit.


Sanna Frostevall in national team camp

Sanna Frostevall is the first ever Själevad player to be called up for the national team. "I'm gonna take this chance, not everybody gets an opportunity like this", she says. So, will she be in the Algarve Cup squad?
Head coach Marika Domanski Lyfors comments: "The competition for a defender position is tough. But we will in any case be following Sanna in Damallsvenskan."

Örnsköldsviks Allehanda 

Josefine Öqvist in surgery again

Linköping FC's national team striker Josefine Öqvist has had surgery again after playing in the swedish indoor championships last weekend. It was only a minor surgery this time and she is supposed to be back after a couple of weeks rehab training. But she will miss out on the national team camp this weekend.


15-year old signs for Mallbacken

Sandra Andersson, a 15 year old defender playing with 5th division side Olsäters SK, has landed a first team contract with Mallbacken. "She's one of the most promising players in Sweden", comments Mallbacken's coach Krister Engström. "It feel very good to have her in the club."

Mallbacken has experience from signing 15 year olds. Three years ago the got Maja Johansson from another 5th division side. Last season she was Mallbacken's best goalscorer.
Värmlands Folkblad

Tiffeny Milbrett interview

New Sunnanå signing Tiffeny Milbrett talks to, mostly on the recent resigning of USA women's national team coach April Heinrichs. She also comments on her move to Sweden, which she partly sees as a way of gauging how much of her form she can regain after more than a year of relative inactivity. -"I haven't played a game in 15 months. You can only do so much running and lifting, and besides that I've just been out there with a ball: me, myself, and I", she says.

Same Millbrett interview, but a little more stuff on Pia Sundhage, who seems to be high on the wanted-list for future USA women's national team coach, and Kristine Lilly here:
Yahoo! News

Malmö FF might lose brasilians

Earlier this year Malmö FF came to an agreement with brasilian national team midfielder Formiga, who also played for Malmö the last part of the 2004 season, and her teammate defender Monica. Now the contracts are in danger, since Malmö still hasn't managed to finance the deals. The approximate cost for the two players planned 6 month stay is SEK 360,000. The club has so far only managed to find a quarter of that amount. And since Malmö has a shaky economy they are not inclined to take any chances. "It would be very sad if we didn't manage to keep them", comments head coach Anders Johansson.


More Milbrett news

Yesterday's Tiffeny Milbrett news made quite an impact, at least locally and within the women's football scene. In a follow-up interview today Sunnanå's sport director says that they began the pursuit of Milbrett's services when Umeå IK turned down an offer from her early January. "She's an interesting player and you've only got to look at her merits to see that she is a very good player", he says. He adds that if Sunnanå wants to be an established team in Damallsvenskan, they have to follow the trend to sign foreign players.

The tabloid Expressen even got Milbrett on the phone: "The swedish women's league is probably the best in the world right now with players like Marta and Kristine Lilly. Not to mention all the good swedish players."

Västerbottens Folkblad
Norra Västerbotten

Själevad begins outdoor training in good mood

The day after the news of Själevad's signing of brasilian forward Kelly, the team went on the artificial turf for the season's first outdoor training session. Players and coaches were in a good mood. New head coach Yngve Persson is very pleased with the players he get to work with and says their short term goal is to establish the club in Damallsvenskan. Själevad will travel to Stockholm this weekend for their first training matches, against Djurgården/Älvsjö and Bälinge.

Tiffeny Milbrett signs for Sunnanå!!

Tiffeny Milbrett, with 199 USA national team matches, has signed a contract with Sunnanå SK. It's a 2 month deal from late March until Damallsvenskan takes the European Championship break in May. There is an option to extend the contract for the second part of the season if both parties agree.
Norra Västerbotten
Sunnanå SK

5 Damallsvenskan players in international friendly for Finland

Five players from Damallsvenskan clubs was in the starting line-up as Finland played a friendly against Spain earlier today: Sanna Valkonen, Umeå IK, Anne Mäkinen, Umeå IK, Jessica Julin, Umeå IK, Anna-Kaisa Rantanen, Linköpings FC, Laura Kalmari, Djurgården/Älvsjö. The match ended 2-2.

Suomen Palloliitto

"Homesick clause" in Westberg's contract with Umeå IK

When people from the more densly populated areas in southern Sweden move to the cold and desolate north they sometimes come down with an illness called "lappsjuka" - they get homesick. Last year two players, Marie Hammarström and Erla Arnadottir, left their northern clubs midseason and returned home south. Umeå IK's new signing, national team defender Karolina Westberg, even got a homesick clause in her contract. If she feels the need she can break the contract and move back south. But, she says, so far everything feels all right. Her main reason for moving was that she felt she needed a change of environment to continue developing. It has also increased the chances for winning her first championship, even if she claims Djurgården/Älvsjö still are the favourites.


Another brasilian to Själevad

Själevad, which recently signed with brasilian defender Marina for a second season, today announced that they are in the process of signing another brasilian, national team player Kelly. Kelly is a forward and played in the U-19 World Championship last year. Good catch for Själevad, she played in all Brasil's games alongside players like Marta and Cristiane, and scored the winning goal on Italy.

Örnsköldsviks Allehanda

Longer story today (tuesday). Kelly went to Sjölevad thanks to Marta, who asked around in Brasil's U-19 team if anybody fancied playing for a small club in northern Sweden. Själevad is only paying minimum wage, SEK 13900, but that was enough for Kelly to want to sign immideately. Själevad has got quite an attack now, with Kelly ("Good enough to take a spot on the swedish national team" says Själevad) and ex-Umeå IK Therese Kapstad.

Örnsköldsviks Allehanda

Training matches

Malmö FF - Ystads IF P16 1-2
Malmö FF started the season as usual with a game against a boy's side. Therese Lundin scored the leader for MFF, but the boys came back in the second half. Interesting news is that Malin Andersson tried out the position as right defender. Much more
text and pictures at fan-site
Malmö FF

AIK - Sundsvall 5-0
AIK dominated completely against just promoted 1st division side Sundsvall. Goals by Nazanin Vaseghpanah, Hodan Siid-Ahmed (2), Lena Persson and Elin Hammarman. Former Bälinge player Yolanda Odenyo seems to be at least training with AIK since she is named as one of the five second half subs. Interesting.

FC Espoo - Djurgården/Älvsjö 0-7
Djurgårdens second game in the training camp at Åland. Goals by Sara Johansson (3), Ingrid Bohlin (3) and Elin Ekblom.

KIF Örebro wins swedish indoor championship

KIF Örebro defeated Kopparbergs/Göteborg 5-1 in the final match in the swedish indoor championship tournament. Coach Pia Sundhage told that they had devoted one training session a week to the indoor game this winter. She also said that she had talked to her players about the importance to have fun when they are playing.

Nerikes Allehanda
Linköpings FC
Radio interview with Pia Sundhage from SR Örebro (click on the speaker icon)
Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC

Djurgården/Älvsjö lose first training match

Djurgården/Älvsjö lost their first training match this season to finnish top side HJK. Laura Kalmari opened the scoring for Djurgården after 35 minutes, but the finns came back in the second half to win 2-1, both goals by Eveliina Sarapää.

The team will stay at Åland and play another match, against another finnish top side FC Espoo, tomorrow.


Rebecca Smith will play for Sunnanå

Rebecca Smith, who joined FSV Frankfurt in the Bundesliga a couple of weeks ago, will play for Sunnanå too. She will stay with FSV until the Bundesliga finishes in May and then transfer to Sunnanå when the international transfer window opens July 1. She says she is looking forward to play with and learn from an international like Hanna Marklund, while she thinks she herself can give "leadership, hard work and attitude".

Norra Västerbotten

There is a long interview (in german) with Rebecca in the german on-line football magazine Fansoccer. She tells she grew up in California and didn't start to concentrate on football until college. The 23 year old decided to devote herself to the game a couple of years, with the ambition to be able to help her New Zealand team to the World Cop 2007. She moved to Europe after graduating from college, since the opportunity to develop as a player is better here than in the USA.


Earlier blog entries about Rebecca Smith:
New Zealand's captain to Sunnanå?
Rebecca Smith turns down Sunnanå

Jessica Julin column

Umeå's midfielder and finnish national team player Jessica Julin has got a column on the finnish broadcasting company's swedish language site. Not much news in her first one, but nice reading.


Training matches

AIK defeated 1st division side Eskilstuna United with a single late goal from Anna Bergendal. A typical first training match with sub-par play and a lot of substitutions.


Själevad played 1st division side Alvik and won 4-0. Nothing mentioned from the Själevad side, but a piece in Alvik's local newspaper.


Heidi Kackur injured

Kopparbergs/Göteborg's striker Heidi Kackur has suffered a groin injury, that will keep her out from the swedish indoor championships this weekend and the finnish national team camp in Spain next week.


Therese Sjögran interview

Svensk Damfotboll has a long interview with Malmö FF's Therese Sjögran. A lot of focus in the article is on her development as a player - she started playing with a senior team 14 years old. Some other stuff here:

Her strengths as a player:
-"I've got a good eye for the game, passable technique and fairly good speed. I should work on my heading and touch"

The 2004 season with Malmö FF:
-"We went in to the season with the goal to win the championship. That didn't happen. We'll just have to try again. I don't think anybody has us as favourites this season. It might be to our advantage"

-"I wish the sides were more even, so you could get more tough matches. But all clubs don't have the same opportunities to strengthen their teams with swedish and international top players. I think the league all over has became better the last years."

International players:
-"I think it's good for the league. You get bigger crowds to the matches. People always want to see a good player. Good international players makes the league more entertaining."

Best football memory:
-"The World Cup in USA 2003. Almost everything was fantastic. I'm really grateful that I got the opportunity to experience that."

Svensk Damfotboll

Hammarby rebuilding

Hammarby is probably the club that suffered the most in the off-season transfer market. Almost half their starting 11 left, either to other Damallsvenskan clubs (Elin Ekblom and Linda Lekander to local rivals Djurgården/Älvsjö and Lisa Ek to Kopparbergs/Göteborg) or the retirement (Helena Hasselberg) and semi-retirement with a lower division side (Viktoria Sahlsten ). Head coach En Perlskog says to Svensk Damfotboll that he would have been happy to sign established players, but that has not been possible. Instead he has found players from Djurgården/Älvsjö's bench and a series of talented young players from lower division teams.

Svensk Damfotboll

Josefine Öqvist interview

Local newspaper Corren has talked to Linköping FC's new star Josefine Öqvist. A few clips:

Damallsvenskan 2005
- "We're going to fight Djurgården/Älvsjö and Umeå for the championship. We're already better than Malmö - we just have to realize it ourselves."

Last season (she only manages to play 6 league games)
- "My groins were really hurting. My coaches wanted me to play anyway and I ended up just crying in my bed at night. But I never thought about quitting."

European championship
- "I really hope I can stay healty. I want to play, I want to be a starter and I want to take Sweden to the final."


Malin Moström interview

Svensk Damfotboll talks to Malin Moström on the 2004 season, disappointing for both club and country. Some short cuts from a rather long piece:

The national team
- "Even if the national team over all had a bad season last year, we are not facing any crisis. Injuries played a large part last year. But it might also be a mentality thing - we were not used to the expectations people had on us since the World Cup 2003."

Umeå IK
- "I think we had a good and stable season. There were a few blots, like drawing Linköping in an away match. I'm of course disappointed we didn't win the championship, but crushing Frankfurt in the Women's Cup final makes up for it."

- "It's was, as usual, too uneven. There were 6 teams a class above the rest - Umeå, Djurgården/Älvsjö, Malmö FF, Hammarby, Kopparbergs/Göteborg and Linköpings FC. I think a championship series between the six best sides is a good way to finish the season and decide the championship."

Professional football
- "2004 was my first year as a full professional. It's good to be able to concentrate on football. With Umeå we have 12-13 training sessions a week and I had 150 days on the road. On the other hand you can't keep on playing forever. So it's good to have a job you like and can have a career with."
- "We are 11 full time professionals in Umeå now. The club has worked really hard to get there."

International players in Damallsvenskan
- "I'm positive to international players, as long as there aren't too many. They are competeing for spots with swedish players, but that just means you have to work harder. I want as good players as possible in Damallsvenskan."

Svensk Damfotboll

City sponsors KIF Örebro already this season

It is now set that the city of Örebro will sponsor KIF Örebro with SEK 200000 a year for five years, beginning this year. The club hasn't decided on how to use the money, but they will not use it to pay for player deals. Sven Dahlkvist, who is working with sponsor relations, is convinced the club will be able to finance the american signings with outside money.

Nerikes Allehanda

Rebecca Smith turns down Sunnanå

New Zealand national team captain Rebecca Smith, targeted by Sunnanå and on trial there a couple of weeks ago (check here), has decided to stay in Frankfurt and play for the smaller club in town, FSV Frankfurt. Seems like FSV never seen her play, signed her on her reputation only. Peculiar.

Frankfurter Neue Presse
Thanks to nadine for the tip (check out her blog Frauenfussball in Deutschland)

Yet another USA star to Sundhage's KIF Örebro

Aftonbladet makes a comprehensive round-up on international transfers to Damallsvenskan. Interesting news is that except for Kristine Lilly (working on a sponsor for the deal) and Mary-Frances Monroe (only formalities left before signing) Pia Sundhage is also talking to Olympic gold medalist Kate Markgraf.

Altogether there will be close to 30 international players in Damallsvenskan when the season starts mid April. National team coach Marika Domanski-Lyfors comments: "Getting world stars over here is nothing but good for the game. But it is important that it is big profiles that will help making the league even better."


Tax rules makes season short for Umeå's brasilians

Umeå IK's brasilians Marta and Elaine will most probably not be able to play the entire season for the club. If they stay in Sweden for no more than 6 months they will be considered "foreign artists" by the swedish tax legislation and get tax exemptions. Umeå will get away with maybe only 60 % of the cost for a swedish based player with the same wage.

Umeå's management is now working with the question on when to bring Marta and Elaine over. That should be to the training camp in Turkey early April at the latest. Which means they will be missing the end of the season, including the last, possibly championship deciding,  matches against Djurgården/Älvsjö and Malmö FF.


Mallbacken looking to fill gaps in roster

Mallbacken still have two positions to fill before the squad for 2005 is set. They are currently looking at two swedish, one finnish and one icelandic player. Decisions will probably be made within a few weeks.

Värmlands Folkblad