Match-day 4: Göteborg draws Umeå

Malmö FF - KIF Örebro 2-0 (0-0)
Malmö:  Caroline Jönsson - Jenny Engwall, Therese Jönsson, Malin Levenstad, Dóra Stefánsdóttir - Frida Nordin (85 Johanna Rosén), Therese Sjögran, Nilla Fischer, Emma Wilhelmsson - Therese Lundin, Ásthildur Helgadóttir
Örebro:  Kristin Hammarström - Ingrid Ericsson, Stina Segerström, Keeley Dowling, Caroline Näfver - Hodan Siid-Ahmed, Elin Magnusson, Lena Andersson, Marie Hammarström - Louise Östman, Emelia Erixon
Goals: 1-0 Therese Sjögran (54), 2-0 Asthildur Helgadottir (78)
Attendance: 539
Malmö seems to be continously negotiating with Asthildur Helgadottir's Icelandic club Breidablik for extensions of her Swedish stay and had just before the match announced that she will be in Sweden for the 4th and 5th Damallsvenskan games. After watching the match between Malmö and Örebro you can understand why. Asta was the centerpiece in Malmö's offensive half and almost everything revolved around her. "If we want to replace her, we need to get somebody like Birgit Prinz", commented Malmö's coach Jörgen Petersson after the match.
The first half of the match was fairly even with a lot of midfield play, but as the match went on Malmö showed they were the better side. Both goals came from passes by Frida Nordin, who so far has been sucessfull filling in for last year's right side player Formiga. Keeley Dowling made her debut for Örebro and was calm, composed, efficient in defense and named Player of the Match for Örebro. Örebro's Pia Sundhage commented that coming from a 8-1 defeat at Malmö last season, this showed they are on the rght path.
Asta fixade matchen
Nerikes Allehanda: Repris inte aktuell för KIF Örebro
Radiosporten: Stina Segerström interview (audio)

Bälinge IF - Mallbackens IF 2-0 (1-0)
Bälinge:  Maja Åström - Karolina Mats, Lina Andersson, Fanta Cooper, Nera Smajic - Julianne Sitch, Maria Thuré (Madelene Hagberg), Linda Sembrandt - Minna Mustonen (Heidi Matinlassi), Emma Lindqvist, Kacey White (Mikaela Björklund)
Mallbacken: Carola Söberg - Louise Jonasson (45 Kristin Ek), Therse Stolpe, Kathlén Fernström, Helena Nilsson - Therese Persson (55 Maja Johansson), Linda Nöjd, Linda Ranström, Erla Arnardóttir - Jenny Rådström (45 Emma Asp), Jenny Monsén
Goals: 1-0 Lina Andersson (12), 2-0 Kacey White (73)
Attendance: 512
Both sides started cautiously with deep defense, which gave a rather uneventfull first half. Bälinge tried to get in from Mustonen and White on the wings. This worked once, when Kacey White managed to get through to Lina Andersson, who scored 1-0. In the second half Mallbacken, hunting for an equaliser, pushed up their defense, which opened big areas for Bälinge's counters. Kacey White ran away on a long Linda Sembrant pass and could score undisturbed.
Mallbacken's coach Peter Wennberg commented that even if the match as a whole was even, Mallbacken lacks the edge in attack that Bälinge has.
Värmlands Folkblad: Tungt för Mallbacken - tredje raka förlusten

Qbik - Djurgården/Älvsjö 1-1 (0-0)
Djurgården: Bente Nordby - Kristin Bengtsson, Jane Törnqvist (74 Anna Hall), Therese Brogårde, Amme Norlin (83 Malin Engdahl) - Katrine Pedersen, Ellen Ekblom, Laura Kalmari - Linda Fagerström, Victoria Svensson, Sara Thunebro
Goals: 1-0 Anna Nilsson (53), 1-1 Linda Fagerström (62)
Attendance: 708
Djurgården were the better side, directing most of the play, but are having problems interacting in the offensive area. When they tried to push up the play in the second half they made themselves vulnerable to Qbik's counters. Anna Nilsson managed to break free, took a powerfull shot from distance that Nordby had her fingers on, hit the horizontal, the back on the ground before in finally backspinned into net. Djurgården pressed front even more after the goal, but all that succeeded was a cross from right by Linda Fagerström, that probably was steered into goal with a touch from Qbik's defense.
Qbik's coach Ljell Petersson declared himself  "completely satisfied" with the result, while Djurgården's Benny Persson was less so. The team played good, but by the number of chances they created there should be more goals.
Värmlands Folkblad:  Qbik fortsätter övertyga mot topplagen
Värmlands Folkblad:  "Vi är helnöjda med en poäng"

Sunnanå Sk - Linköping FC 1-2 (0-1)
Sunnanå:  Åsa Berglund - Sandra Berggren, Rebecca Smith, Hanna Marklund, Maggie Esseryd (Anna Bodén) - Kicki Viklund, Carina Holmberg, Sanna Frostevall (Carolina Marklund), Alexandra Nilsson - Madelaine Edlund, Lina Johansson (johanna Lindahl)
Linköping: Hedvig Lindahl - Frida Östberg, Charlotte Rohlin, Sara Larsson, Marie-Louise Skålberg
- Josefine Öqvist (80 Petra Larsson), Caroline Seger, Anna-Kaisa Rantanen, Maria Karlsson (65 Lotta Runesson) - Ann Westermark, Maria Aronsson
Goals: 1-0 Josefine Öqvist (34), 1-1 Kicki Wiklund (47), 1-2 Caroline Seger (57)
Attendance: 547

Umeå IK - Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC 1-1 (1-1)
Umeå: Sofia Lundgren -  Anna Paulson, Karolina Westberg, Sanna Valkonen, Maria Bergkvist -  Anne Mäkinen, Malin Moström, Lisa Dahlqvist (80 Elaine) -  Anna Sjöström (90 Johanna Andersson), Lise Klaveness, Marta
Göteborg: Maria Edman - Marlene Sjöberg, Frida Höglund, Sofia Dammström, Maria Nilsson - Lotta Schelin, Sofie Andersson, Jesica Julin, Johanna Almgren (87 Hanna Wedefalk), Camilla Schelin (84 Sofia Palmqvist) - Salina Olsson
Goals: 1-0 Lise Klaveness (31), 1-1 Camilla Schelin (37)
Attendance: 1,384
Göteborg continued the tactics they successfully pulled off against Malmö last match - not playing to win, but playing not to lose. They didn't get up front much, but defended well and an almost fluke shot by the lesser known Schelin sister got them a draw.

Jitex BK - Hammarby IF 2-2 (2-1)
Jitex: Anna Rehnlund - Linda Fyhr, Emma Herbring, Amelie Rybeck, Sophia Lindorsson - Lisa Christensson (63 Jennie Ringkvist), Therese Björk (88 Therese Andersson), Malin Normelli, Jennie Svensson, Sofia Skog (60 Kajsa Tornfalk) - Therese Bjurenlind
Hammarby: Katarina Wicksell - Annica Svensson, Jessica Landström, Karolina Rinman, Elin Härén - Louise Fors (Caitlin Fisher), Therese Sandström, Jennie Jonsson, Marijke Callebaut (Lisa Björkvik) - Sara Johansson, Linda Forsberg
Goals: 1-0 Sofia Skog (1), 2-0 Therese Björk (26), 2-1 Therese Sandström (44), 2-2 Marijke Callebaut (53)
Attendance: 325
Jitex got a dream start when Sofia Skog could put the ball in goal after a great pass from Lisa Christensen and when Therese Björk increased the lead 25 minutes later that was only Jitex second shot on goal. Hammarby, that had had the ball most of the time and directing the play became increasingly frustrated with not being able to penetrate the hard fighting Jitex defense. Hammarby's fast attacker Sara Johansson, who has been successfull in the team's earlier matches, was largely kept out of the play by Jitex centre defenders  Emma Herbring and Amelie Rybeck. Hammarby's pressure still paid off with goals from a high ball and a corner shot, but Jitex didn't lose their compusure and managed to save the draw.
Göteborgsposten:  Jitex tog poäng mot Hammarby

Big shoes to fill for Keeley and Kelly

Last season Kristin Lilly and Kate Markgraf played for KIF Örebro. American U21 players Keeley Dowling and Kelly Schmedes admits that are big shoes to fill, but they still hope to be able to help the team. They are excited to be able to play in one of the best leagues in the world, gaining international experience and, not the least, working with Pia Sundhage.
Nerikes Allehanda: 
Keely och Kelly ska lyfta KIF
Radiosporten:  Förstärkningar till KIF Örebro (audio)
NA WebbTV: about 2 minutes into the broadcast there is a segment about the players (video)

Match-day 3: Narrow win for Umeå over Djurgården

Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC - Malmö FF  3-3  (1-0)
Göteborg: Maria Edman - Maria Nilsson, Frida Höglund, Sofia Dammström, Camilla Schelin - Marlene Sjöberg, Jessica Julin, Sofie Andersson, Rebecca Ljungdahl (46 Johanna Almgren), Lotta Schelin - Salina Olsson
Malmö:  Caroline Jönsson - Jenny Engwall, Therese Jönsson, Malin Levenstad, Johanna Rosén (Lina Nilsson) - Frida Nordin, Nilla Fischer, Therese Sjögran, Emma Wilhelmsson - Asthildur Helgadottir, Therese Lundin
Goals: 1-0 Salina Olsson (31 PK), 1-1 Therese Sjögran (46), 1-2 Asthildur Helgadottir (53), 1-3 Frida Nordin (77), 2-3 Lotta Schelin (82), 3-3 Lotta Schelin (89)
Attendance: 461
Kopparbergs/Göteborg went into the match with a 12 game losing streak, often conceding 4, 5 or even more goals, so when Lotta Schelin managed to secure a draw in the last minutes of the game, Göteborg celebrated it like a win.
Göteborg started with a 4-5-1 and managed to get hold of the midfield large parts of the first half and creating a lot of problems for Malmö's defense, where Johanna Rosén had big difficulties with Lotta Schelin. Salina Olsson got a penalty kick after recieving an unneccesary hard tackle in then back and scored the penalty kick herself. After the recess Malmö equalised almost  immediately as Therese Sjögran could chip in the ball over Maria Edman and managed to turn the flow of the match. Goals by Helgadottir and Nordin oput them in what seemed like a secure 3-1 lead. But Lotta Schelin, who was moved up to the attack alongside Salina Olsson towards the end of the match, seems to be in her life's best form and beat a Malmö that only was waiting for the whistle to blow twice.
The result in the overall entertaining and exciting game gives Göteborg their first point this season and coach Martin Pringle at least some breating space before he goes on to face Umeå and Djurgården the next two matches. Malmö's Jörgen Petersson was disappointed with the result, but said that he didn't expect this younger version of Malmö FF to be as consistent as last years'.
Äntligen poäng mot Malmö
Sydsvenskan: MFF gav bort segern
Radiosporten: Jörgen Petersson interview (audio)

Djurgården/Älvsjö - Umeå IK 0-1 (0-0)
Djurgården:  Bente Nordby - Kristin Bengtsson, Therese Brogårde, Katrine Pedersen, Sara Thunebro - Anna Hall (66 Jane Törnqvist), Anne-Marie Norlin (81 Mimmi Nordlander-Andersson), Elin Ekblom - Laura Kalmari, Victoria Svensson, Linda Fagerström
Umeå:  Sofia Lundgren - Maria Bergkvist, Sanna Valkonen, Karolina Westberg, Anna Paulson - Anne Mäkinen, Elaine, Malin Moström - Marta, Lise Klaveness, Anna Sjöström
Goals: 0-1 Maria Bergkvist (50)
Attendance: 2,167

Hammarby IF - Qbik 2-2 (0-2)
Goals: 0-1 Jennifer Meier (19), 0-2 Elina Johansson (41), 1-2 Sara Johansson (71), 2-2 Sara Johansson (77)
Attendance: 324

Linköpings FC - Bälinge 0-0 (0-0)
  Maja Åström - Karolina Mats, Fanta Cooper, Lina Andersson, Nera Smajic - Heidi Matinlassi, Linda Sembrant, Julianne Sitch - Minna Mustonen, Emma Lindqvist, Kacey White
Attendance: 707
Goalless draws against the two newcomers is not the opening Linköping had wished for or even expected. Just as in the Jitex match, Linköping dominated and had a big advantage in possession and showed great play the first 20 minutes. But Bälinge had prepared themselves for defense, putting two defensive players in their midfield (Matinlassi and Sembrandt) and pulling back the defense line as far back as possible. They were succesfull in their attempts to keep Linköping from getting into dangerous positions. Linköping showed, like before, that they have problems getting through a tight defense and the longer the match went on the more they opted for a long ball trying to find a forward behind the defense line. Josefine Öqvist tried to rip Bälinge's defense apart with ambitious runs forward, but was to alone. Öqvist commented after the match that she wasn't really worried over the two draws, but not scoring getting a problem for the team.

Radiosporten:  Oavgjort igen för Linköpings FC, Josefine Öqvist interview (audio)

Mallbackens IF - Jitex BK 1-2 (0-1)
Mallbacken:  Carola Söberg - Louise Jonasson, Kathlene Fernström, Therese Stolpe, Helena Nilsson - Erla Arnardottir, Linda Ranström, Linda Nöjd, Therese Persson - Jenny Rådström, Jenny Monsén
Jitex: Anna Rehnlund - Jenny Ringqvist, Amelie Rybeck, Emma Herbring, Caroline Lindblad - Lisa Christensson, Jennie Svensson, Malin Normelli, Therese Björk, Linda Fyhr - Therese Bjurenlind
Goals: 0-1 Therese Bjurenlind (18), 1-1 Jenny Rådström (47), 1-2 Therese Björk (52)
Attendance: 689

Current standings at Svensk Fotboll

Match-day 3: KIF Örebro to the top

KIF Örebro - Sunnanå SK 3-0 (1-0)
KIF Örebro:
Goals: 1-0 Marie Hammarström (44), 2-0 Louise Östman (47), 3-0 Louise Östman (79)
Attendance: 742

With a convincing 3-0 win on Saturday afternoon, KIF Örebro moved up to the first place in Damallsvenskan. Umeå and Bälinge are the only teams that might pass them when the remaining 5 matches are played today, Sunday. Neither KIF Örebro nor Sunnanå really convinced in the first half, but Örebro got an important goal just before the half-time when Marie Hammarström converted a pass from the outside by Emilia Erixon. The second half started with yet another Örebro goal when Louise Östman outran an unprepared Sunnanå defense and didn't make any mistake one on one with Sunnanå's keeper. After that it was Örebro's match. Sunnanå was second on the ball most of the time and Louise Östman could yet again score to secure the win 10 minutes from the end. National team coach Thomas Dennerby declared he was impressed with Östman's "clinical finishes".

Örebro's American reinforcements Schmedes and Dowling are due to arrive today and might appear already against Malmö on Wednesday, but it now seems like the team has overcome their scoring problems without that help.

Nerikes Allehanda:
Match pictures "Lollo" slog till två gånger
Radiosporten: Louise Östman interview (audio), Thomas Dennerby interview (audio)

World Cup Qualifier: Sweden - Portugal

Sweden - Portugal  5-1  (2-1)
Sweden: Carline Jönsson Malmö FF - Maria Bergkvist Umeå, Hanna Marklund Sunnanå, Stina Segerström KIF Örebro, Caroline Näfver KIF Örebro - Linda Fagerström Djurgården/Älvsjö (77 Anna Sjöström Umeå), Caroline Seger Linköping, Malin Moström Umeå, Therese Sjögran Malmö FF - Therese Lundin Malmö FF (81 Maria Aronsson Linköping), Lotta Schelin Kopparbergs/Göteborg (88 Sara Johansson Hammarby)
Goals: 1-0 Therese Lundin (11), 1-1 Edita Fernandes (17), 2-1 Lotta Schelin (31), 3-1 Therese Lundin (65), 4-1 Therese Sjögran (72), 5-1 Therese Lundin (80)
Attendance: 2,537

Good second half for Sweden, lots of good combinations. But Portugal is of course a suitable team to test your attack against. Lundin and Schelin proved to be a good substitution for injured Ljungberg and Svensson, and Sjögran and Seger impressing on midfield.

I'm off to catch a plane now, back on the net next weekend, at the latest .

Hanna Ljungberg back in training

Umeå and national team forward Hanna Ljungberg, who has been out of action for two months following her run-in with the French goal-keeper in an Algarve Cup match, has this week started to traing along with her team. Hanna is still very cautious, taking short sessions, jogging and doing ball exercises. It is still important for her to avoid high pulse exercises, since an elevated blood pressure can cause a relapse.

"I'm still taking this day by day", Hanna says. "I have no plans for when I'll be playing again. We'll just have to see."

Västerbottens Folkblad: 
Ljungberg tränar igen
Västerbottenskuriren: Hanna Ljungberg tillbaka på plan

Match-day 2: Bälinge miss penalty kick in Örebro draw

Bälinge - KIF Örebro 1-1 (0-0)
Bälinge:  Maja Åström – Karolina Mats, Lina Andersson, Fanta Cooper, Nera Smajic – Maria Thuré (70 Mona Najib), Linda Sembrant, Julianne Sitch – Minna Mustonen (80 Madelene Hagberg), Emma Lindqvist, Kacey White
KIF Örebro:  Kristin Hammarström – Sandra Persson (67 Malin Nilsson), Ingrid Ericson, Stina Segerström, Caroline Näfver – Hodan Siid-Ahmed, Lena Andersson, Elin Magnusson, Marie Hammarström – Emelia Erixon, Louise Östman (88 Qaroline Nähl)
Goals: 1-0 Kacey White (49), 1-1 Emilia Erixon (59)
Attendance: 1,248
The home team had the first half, creating much more than Örebro. Örebro's goalie Kristin Hammarström kept the match even with a couple of really good saves, including a one-on one with Kacey White and Emma Lindqvist's 37th minute penalty kick. Örebro's notorious lack of attacking edge showed throughout the first half. Only minutes into the second half Kacey White could better herself, catching up with a long ball from the midfield and chipping it over Hammarström in goal. Then the game suddenly turned. Örebro began pressing forward and Emilia Erixon could equalise on a header. All in all it was a pretty even match and a fair result.

Nerikes Allehanda: 
1-1 mellan Bälinge och KIF Örebro
Upsala Nya tidning:  Bländande Bälinges kanonstart
Radiosporten: Kacey White interview (audio), Stina Segerström interview (audio)

Nilla Fischer to replace Victoria Svensson in Portugal match

Djurgården/Älvsjö's Victoria Svensson has decided to take sick-leave from Sweden's World Cup qualifier against Portugal next weekend with a sore achilles tendon, that will probably take a week or two to heal. Malmö's Nilla Fischer will replace.
Hälen stoppar Vickan i VM-kval

Match-day 2: Jitex draws Linköping

Hammarby IF - Mallbacken IF  2-0  (2-0)
Hammarby:  Katarina Wicksell - Annica Svensson, Elin Sölveskog, Karolina Rinman, Josefin Christensen - Louise Fors (74 Jessica Landström), Therese Sandström, Jennie Jonsson, Marijke Callebaut - Sara Johansson (87 Elin Härén), Linda Forsberg
Mallbacken: Carola Söberg - Louise Jonasson, Therse Stolpe, Kathlén Fernström, Helena Nilsson - Therese Persson, Linda Nöjd, Linda Ranström (70 Malin Weinstock), Erla Arnardóttir (80 Emma Asp) - Jenny Rådström (60 Maja Johansson), Jenny Monsén
Goals: 1-0 Sara Johansson (2), 2-0 Sara Johansson (26)
Attendance: 532
Two first half goals by Sara Johansson, who ran through Mallbacken's defense, decided an otherwise typical season opening game, cautious play and rather uneventfull. Mallbacken demonstrated that they once again will have to rely on defense to get through the season. "The kind of game that usually ends 0-0, but Hammarby had Sara Johansson", commented Mallbacken's disappointed coach Mikael Fahlén.
match report
Hammarby: match report
Värmlands Folkblad: Mallbacken mållöst

Jitex BK - Linköping FC 0-0  (0-0)
Jitex: Anna Rehnlund - Jenny Ringqvist, Amelie Rybeck, Emma Herbring, Caroline Lindblad (60 Katya Salguero) - Lisa Christensson (70 Sofia Skog), Jennie Svensson (80 Kajsa Tornfalk), Malin Normelli, Therese Björk, Linda Fyhr - Therese Bjurenlind
Linköping:  Hedvig Lindahl - Frida Östberg, Charlotte Rohlin, Sara Larsson, Marie-Louise Skålberg - Anna-Kaisa Rantanen, Caroline Seger, Petra Larsson, Maria Karlsson (73  Maria Lindström ) - Anna Westermark, Maria Aronsson
Attendance: 550
Linköping did just about everything to win the match, except score goals. Jitex was completely outplayed most of the match. Linköping created 19 corner shots against Jitex 2 with Caroline Seger, Maria Karlsson and Frida Östberg as the driving force. Jitex, that sometimes seemed complately lost on the pitch, was saved by brilliant goalkeeping from Anna Rehnlund. "It seemed hopeless after a while, but we managed to pull ourself together", commented Jitex defender Amelie Rybeck. Linköping's Frida Östberg thought the team seemed to get complacent from their superiority on the field and didn't put in the extra effort needed.
Jitex: match report
Linköping: match report
Corren: Missarnas premiär för LFC
Göteborgsposten:  Rehnlund räddade Jitex poäng
Radiosporten: Frida Östberg interview (audio)

Qbik - Umeå IK  2-5  (2-3)
Qbik: Maria Busk - Charlotte Nygren, Faith Ikidi, Jenny Hallstensson, Ann-Sofie Halvarsson - Rebecca Jonsson, Maureen Mmadu, Elina Johansson - Jennifer Meier, Anna Nilsson
Umeå:  Sofia Lundgren - Anna Paulson, Karolina Westberg, Sanna Valkonen, Maria Bergkvist - Elaine (75 Lisa Dahlkvist), Malin Moström, Anne Mäkinen - Anna Sjöström (65 Johanna Andersson), Lise Klaveness, Marta
Goals: 0-1 Maria Bergqvist (11), 0-2 Marta (15), 1-2 Anna Nilsson (32), 2-2 Jennifer Meier (36), 2-3 Lise Klaveness (39), 2-4 Sanna Valkonen (72), 2-5 Johanna Andersson (88)
Attendance: 932
Umeå coach André Jeglertz admitted that he got a bit nervous when Qbik both reduced Umeå's 2 goal lead and equalised towards the end of the first half. But even if Qbik is a better team than last year, with imports Ikidi, Mmadu and Meier playing important roles, they still have some way to go before thay can challenge. In the second half Umeå's superiority showed and their 5-2 win could and maybe even should have been greater. Still Qbik's coach Kjell Petersson was satisfied with what the team showed in the first half.
Värmlands Folkblad:  Drömmål hjälpte inte Qbik i premiären Förlusten till trots - Qbik ser ut att gå mot en ljus säsong
Västerbottens Folkblad:  UIK fick jobba hårt för vinst mot Qbik
Västerbottenskuriren: Ingen enkel seger
Radiosporten: Anna Sjöström interview (audio)

Sunnanå SK - Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC  2-0  (0-0)
Göteborg: Maria Edman - Marlene Sjöberg, Frida Höglund, Sofia Dammström (72 Camilla Schelin), Maria Nilsson - Rebecca Ljungdahl, Jessica Julin, Sofia Palmqvist (70 Frida Thydén), Lotta Schelin - Salina Olsson, Sofie Andersson
Goals: 1-0 Maria Nordbrandt (60), 2-0 Madelaine Edlund (71)
Attendance: 1,014
Göteborg, that has replaced retired striker Heidi Kackur with Hammarby's Salina Olsson, still seems to have the same problems as last year. They can play pretty nice football, but they have big problems making anytning out of it. Instead Sunnanå's Umeå transfer Maria Nordbrandt and her co-striker Madelaine Edlund decided an otherwise fairly even match with two fast goals in the second half.
Göteborgsposten:  Göteborg förlorade - igen
Västerbottens Folkblad: Hemmapremiär med seger
Norra Västerbotten: Härlig seger i hemmapremiären
Radiosporten: Maria Nordbrandt interview (audio)