Kristianstad looking at American players

Newcomers Kristianstad is looking to strengthen their team with two American players. There are four offensive players, one of them having played in Sweden before, that they are investigating, but they will only sign two.
Sport director Ulf Berglund doesn't want to mention any names, afraid that someone with a bigger wallet could step in, but all four have experience "from different national teams" and they have been in touch with USA national team coach Pia Sundhage regarding the players. A decision will probably not come until after a few more weeks, as Kristianstad wants do inform themselves well enough not to make any mistakes.
KDFF jagar spelare i USA

Sought-after defender Linnea Gjersvold will not change clubs to Umeå Södra FF. Her club Piteå IF, one of the top sides in the 1st division last year, didn't want to release her and Umeå Södra probably didn't want to pay what it would take to buy her contract. Inget allsvenskt spel för Gjersvold

Two new Americans to Bälinge

Bälinge has completed their North American recruiting. Sport director Conny Sjöberg could today announce the agreements with Noelle Keselica and Natalie Spilger. They will both join Bälinge on 6 months contracts, arriving in late March.
Former Bälinge player Kacey White and their week-old signing Joanna Lohman has helped out assessing possible players and both of them has played together with Keselica and Spliger before.
Noelle Keselica is the most merited of the two, a 24 years old midfielder, who was in Pia Sundhage's US national team "mega-camp" a few weeks ago, but just as Lohman (and unlike White), she got released. Keselica has experience from USA U21 and played her club football with Washington Freedom, just like Lohman. She is described as an all-round player, more the assisting than the scoring type.
Natalie Spilger is the lesser known. She is a 26 years old defender, picked to replace Linda Sembrant, and has played college soccer at Stanford. She was also on the USA U21 team that won Nordic Cup on Iceland 2003 and both Lohman and White had good things to say about her.
Sjöberg said that it was "important, extremely important" that these last signings came through. As he also has completed the signing of young left back Julia Bhy from 2nd division side Ornäs, the roster is now almost set. Except for a back-up goalkeeper.
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Två nya amerikanskor till Bälinge

AIk announced that they have signed 17 year old midfielder Emelie Karlsson-Wedin from their cooperation club Brommapojkarna. Karlsson-Wedin appeared in all four of AIK's training matches this year and sport director Peter Johansson is certain that she will see Damallsvenskan action already this season.
AIK: Emelie Karlsson-Wedin klar för AIK

Training matches: Bälinge defeats local rivals

Bälinge IF - Danmarks IF 4 - 1 (2-0)
Goals: 1-0 Ida Brännström, 2-0 Sarah Storck, 3-0 Alexandra Höglund, 4-1 Anna Torstensson
Bälinge played their main local rivals, 1st division top side Danmarks IF. Coach Zaine Söderlund found his players surprisingly spirited, taken in account the heavy training they're doing at the moment. Bälinge was the clearly better side with defender Lina Andersson as one of the most decisive players.
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Bälinge starkare än Danmark

Umeå signs Japanese talent

Local daily Västerbottens Folkblad reveals that Umeå IK has tied the very promising Japanese offensive midfielder/attacker Mami Yamaguchi to the club. She has signed a one year deal and will join the team at their training camp in Turkey, March 15-22.
The 21 year old japanese has played college soccer for Florida State the last three years and says it was a tough decision to make to leave school and teammates after only three of the four colllege years.
"But playing for Umeå is a huge opportunity", she explains.
Her coach in Florida,  Mark Krikorian, says that she has great ball skills and eye for the game and has developed her speed and physical game the last years. Yamaguchi was recently awarded the MAC Hermann Trophy for best college player of the year.
Unlike last year's Asian signing Ma Xiaou, Umeå has actually seen Mami Yamaguchi play before she joins the club. Manager Roland Arnqvist watched her play last fall when he spent some time vacationing and scouting in Florida and has kept in touch since.
Västerbottens Folkblad:
Japanska till Umeå IK

Training match: LDB Malmö defeats Brøndby

Brøndby - LDB FC Malmö  0 - 1 (0-1)
Malmö: Stephanie Öhrström ? Therese Jönsson, Malin Levenstad, Emma Wilhelmsson, Emelie Ölander ? Nilla Fischer ? Frida Nordin (65 Manon Melis), Therese Lundin (70 Aylin Yaren), Emma Stålhammar, Therese Sjögran ? Maria Aronsson (45 Dora Stefansdottir)
Goals: 0-1 Frida Nordin (9)
LDB FC Malmö went over the bridge to Copenhagen for their traditional preseason friendly with Danish perennial champions Brøndby. It started a bit slow on the wet pitch, but it grew to an ok match "from time to time even really good", commented Malmö's coach Jörgen Pettersson. He was particulary pleased with the defense, that didn't let the Danish side get a single real scoring opportunity.
Skånska Dagbladet:
LdB-seger i gräspremiären
Sydsvenskan: LDB-seger mot Brøndby

Lisa De Vanna offered contract by AIK

"If a player scores four goals in a match, it is hard to find anything to complain about" said a smiling Peter Johansson, AIK's sport director, after Lisa De Vanna's performance in the friendly against HJK Helsinki last Sunday.
AIK's scoring problems from last year has continued in the early training matches, but De Vanna seems very much to be what they need. "We have been watching her for some time", says Johansson, "and we have been in regular contact the last months". They finally agreed it would be good for De Vanna to come to Stockholm to see what Sweden and Swedish football is like.
Lisa De Vanna will return to Australia within short, but she will have a contract proposal with her. "Of course we hope she'll sign" says Peter Johansson, "but it's a big step to move here from Australia so we're giving her some time to think it over".
Dagens Nyheter:
Australiens superstjärna kan hamna i AIK

Big and narrow wins for Umeå in Vaasa tournament

Umeå IK took the ferry to Finland (a rather rocky ride by the way - some players had problems keeping down their food) to participate in the Vaasa Women's Winter Tournament, played in the big Botnia Hall on a full size field. Umeå, and more accurately Marta, was the big attraction while the rest of the field was made up by Finnish teams. It was a somewhat worn Umeå team that went to Vaasa, coming directly from a heavy training period with a lot of minor strains and bruises, but it looks like most of them played, except for injured Elaine and Johanna Rasmussen.

FC Sport - Umeå IK 0 - 11 (0-5)
Umeå: Carola Söberg - Anna Paulson, Karolina Westberg, Johanna Frisk (50 Emma Berglund), June Pedersen - Frida Östberg, Lisa Dahlkvist (50 Emmelie Konradsson), Emma Åberg-Zingmark - Ramona Bachmann, Madeleine Edlund (50 Sofia Jakobsson), Marta (70 Louise Sahlman)
Goals: 0-1 Madeleine Edlund (10), 0-2 Marta (13) 0-3 Lisa Dahlqvist (30), 0-4 Lisa Dahlqvist (40), 0-5 Marta (45), 0-6 Madeleine Edlund (46), 0-7 Marta (50), 0-8 Frida Östberg (58), 0-9 Frida Östberg (56), 0-10 Frida Östberg (70), 0-11 Ramona Bachman (90)
Umeå played the local side, FC Sport, on Friday evening. Fc Sport is at home in the lower ragions of the Finnish league and never had a chance. Umeå played relaxed and used the opportunity to train their attacking game. "I'm happy that so many players scored and that we could give a lot of the younger players time on the field", Jeglerz commented.

FC Honka - Umeå IK 2 - 3 (1-1)
Umeå: Carola Söberg - Anna Paulson, Karolina Westberg (55 June Pedersen), Johanna Frisk, Emma Berglund - Frida Östberg, Hanna Ljungberg (60 Emma Åberg-Zingmark), Lisa Dahlkvist (80 Emmelie Konradsson) - Sofia Jakobsson (65 Ramona Bachmann), Madeleine Edlund, Marta
Goals: 1-1 Hanna Ljungberg (24), 2-2 Marta, 2-3 Marta (PK)
Honka are reigning Finnish champions and really should be able to stand up better than FC Sport did, but this was maybe even harder than Umeå had expected. Honka took the lead as team captain Maija Saari scored on a free-kick from 30 meters. Hanna Ljungberg (playing 60 minutes and feeling fine) headed in the equaliser from a Lisa Dahlkvist corner-kick, but early in the second half Saari could score again, putting Honka ahead. Marta set it even with a trade-mark solo rush and also scored the winner on a penalty kick.
Coach Jeglertz was pleased with his attack, that had 20 shots at goal, but said they were too passive in the defense. And personally I would say that 3 goals from 20 tries isn't really the way it should be either.

Överbelastat UIK till Finland
Pohjalainen: video with Marta talking and training
Vasabladet: Världens bästa Marta i Botniahallen, Umeå IK krossade FC Sport, Honka pressade Umeå IK

Weekend training matches: Lisa De Vanna scores 4 for AIK

Djurgården - Djurgården P15 2 - 3 (2-2)
Djurgården: Nadine Angerer - Malin Engdahl (46 Anne-Marie Norlin), Ariane Hingst, Therese Brogårde, Sara Thunebro - Linda Sällström, Marijke Callebaut, Anna Hall, Rebecca Johnson (80 Linda Hybinette) - Mia Jalkerud, Victoria Svensson (88 Malin Engdahl)
Goals: 1-2 Rebecca Johnson, 2-2 Victoria Svensson
Djurgården met their club's 15 year old boys in a well played match. It was a high paced game and the result could have gone either way. Rebecca Johnson scored friom a Linda Sällström assist and Victoria Svensson put a free-kick directly in goal. Djurgården had a few players on the sick-list, among them Linda Forsberg and Jennifer Meier, and had to loan a few players from Älvsjö to fill out the roster.
Uddamålsförlust mot Djurgårdens killar

Kopparbergs/Göteborg - Örgryte P16 1 - 2 (0-0)
Göteborg: Sandra Bjurteg - Amelie Rybäck (72 Maria Nilsson), Jane Törnqvist, Jenny Hallstensson, Sofia Karlsson (66 Marlene Sjöberg) - Johanna Almgren, Catrin Johansson (60 Lisa Ek), Ingvild Stensland, Sofie Andersson - Sara Lindén, Emelie Farfa
Goals: 1-2 Jane Törnqvist (90)
The planned match against 1st division Öster had to be cancelled, as a virus had hit the would-be guests. Instead, local top side Örgryte's 16 year old boys provided the opposition. Örgryte is a much better boy's team than the Jonsered side Göteborg routed two weeks ago. It was a tough and fast match, which gave the Göteborg team a great test.
Newly signed veteran defender Jane Törnqvist was exactly as good as coach Torbjörn Nilsson expects her to be: "She will be important for us, and I hope she will be in competition for a place on the national team to the Olympic Games". "We'll see about that", comments Törnqvist, "but right now I'm focusing on Göteborg and nothing else".
Lotta Schelin, who probably could have turned the game into Göteborg's favour, was in the stands, enjoying her rest after the Cyprus camp with the Sweden team.
Göteborgsposten: Törnqvist trivdes mot killarna
Göteborg: Förlust mot ÖIS P16

Bröndby - Kristianstads DFF 3 - 1 (3-0)
Goals: 1-3 Susanne Moberg
Danish league leaders Brøndby was clearly one size to big for Kristianstad, but coach Ulf Palmquist was happy that they managed to win the second half. "We could see that we were able to keep up with them", but the team was much to careless in the first half, often missing the crucial last pass. Kristianstad used their junior keeper Emelie Karström in goal, since both their other keepers had to rest with minor injuries.
Kristianstadsbladet: Klar förlust för KDFF

KIF Örebro - Jitex 4 - 0 (2-0)
Goals: 1-0 Elin Magnusson (25), 2-0 Marie Hammarström (42), 3-0 Hanna Petersson (85), 4-0 Sanna Valkonen (87)
Örebro hosted 1st division side Jitex, usually considered one of the main candidates for promotion to Damallsvenskan. The match was closer than the scoreline would suggest, but Örebro had the upper hand throughout the entire game. Caroline Näfver impressed at her left wing position.
Nerikes Allehanda: KIF Örebro vann stort i årspremiären, video

Tyresö - Bälinge 0 - 5 (0-2)
Goals: 0-1 Emma Lindqvist, 0-2 Emma Jonsson, 0-3 own goal, 0-4 Emilia Appelqvist, 0-5 Alexandra Höglund
Bälinge's first training match was against 1st division side Tyresö, a very ambitious newcomer that has signed several former Damallsvenskan players. Bälinge played with a midfield mainly made up by 17 year olds (Jenny Jansson, Julia Lyckberg and Emilia Appelqvist), as they are still waiting for their American reinforcements to arrive, and still totally dominated a surprisingly weak Tyresö side.
Bälinge's coach Zaine Söderlund was of course pleased with the performance, not the least with the number of goals, as converting scoring chances usually isn't Bälinge's strongest side. Tyresö - Bälinge 0-5

Hammarby Damfotboll - Älvsjö AIK 3 - 1 (2-0)
Hammarby: Lisa Mattsson - Therese Dahlberg, Elin Sölveskog, Karin Lissel, Matilda Agné - Jennie Jonsson, Andrea Comaneci - Kicki Bengtsson, Nazanin Vasegpanah, Daniella Chamoun - Lisa Björkvik
Goals: 1-0 Kristin Bengtsson, 2-0 Daniella Chamoun, 3-1 Daniella Chamoun
In spite of their very tired legs from the tough training period, Hammarby's players defeated 1st division top side Älvsjö. Sara Johansson and Hodan Siid-Ahmed are still working on coming back from their injuries and Anna Lindblom rested after being on Cyprus with Sweden, but otherwise Hammarby could field most of their first selection. Kristin Bengtsson was back in a forward position together with Daniella Chamoun and both were successful, backed up by a spirited Nazanin Vaseghpanah in midfield. Daniella Chamoun tvåmålsskytt för Hammarby

AIK - HJK Helsinki 5 - 0 (2-0)

AIK: Sofia Lundgren - Sofia Simonsson, Frida Höglund, Linda Sembrant, Elin Karlsson (67 Linda Lekander) - Elin Ekblom Bak, Jessica Julin, Emelie Karlsson-Wedin (67 Ingrid Bohlin), Louise Fors (77 Anna Bohlin) - Lisa De Vanna, Annica Sjölund (46 Emma Lundh)
Goals: 1-0 Lisa De Vanna (12), 2-0 Annica Sjölund (34), 3-0 Lisa De Vanna (59), 4-0 Lisa De Vanna (76), 5-0 Lisa De Vanna (86)
After three defeats in a row, this is looking better for AIK. Now, most damallsvenskan sides are better than the Finnish top three side HJK, but this is still a very good result and HJK were outplayed in the first half (8-1 in shots on goal). Elin Ekblom has finally been put in her right place, on the wing, and made two of the assists to De Vanna's goals. And De Vanna! Seems like one of the most impressing debuts for a Damallsvenskan side in a long time. And I'm pleased to see, that she actually played the entire 90 minutes. Maybe it's more coaching than fitness that keeps her on the bench as a super-sub in Australia's national team.
AIK's head coach Benny Persson (who, true to style, got himself expelled to the stands) said that AIK has been trying to keep De Vanna's arrival under wraps and that she arrived in Sweden only last Wednesday. He is very pleased with her signing: "She will bring unique qualities to the team".
AIK: Årets första seger Världsspelare debuterade i AIK

Linköpings FC - BK Kenty HJ 1 - 2 (1-1)
Goals: 1-1 Caroline Seger (PK)
Josefine Öqvist's come-back was the big attraction when Linköping took on a local junior team (17-18 year old boys). She came on in the second half and looked like her old self, but didn't take any risks against the boys: "they were so damned big". Coach Daniel Pettersson was pleased in spite of the loss: "We focused on the defense and it worked really well.
Corren: En applåd för en efterlängtad comeback
Linköping: Seger målade i tuff match

Lisa De Vanna to AIK?!

Australia's leading World Cup goalscorer Lisa De Vanna will suit up for AIK when they meet HJK Helsinki in a friendly tomorrow, Sunday. That's about all the club's website has to say, but they promise more information on Monday.
I don't know if this is just a test or an actual signing, but if they have signed/will sign De Vanna, I would say that's just about what the football doctor ordered. AIK's dismal scoring record was what kept them walking the relegation line the entire last season and no one they have signed since has any great finishing qualities. Lisa De Vanna has. She's got great speed, she is reasonable good with the ball and she knows where the goal is. The 23 year old scored 4 goals for Australia in the World Cup and was named in the World Cup All Star Team. Her major down-side is that she rarely plays an entire 90 minutes for Australia, but usually comes in as a second half substitute. If this is a fitness issue, AIK must try to amend that. They can't afford to use her only 50 % of the time.
AIK mot HJK på söndag - Lisa DeVanna med i startelvan

White breaks contract with Bälinge

USA international Kacey White, who signed a one year deal with Bälinge only a couple of months ago, has let the club know that she is breaking the contract. White decided to accept a national team contract for the rest of the 2008 season, that she was offered by US national team coach Pia Sundhage.
"I'm not shocked, but a bit surprised", commented Bälinge's sport director Conny Sjöberg. White had a clause in her contract with Bälinge, that allowed her to break the contract if the opportunity to play for the USA national team would arise. But since she wasn't picked for the US team going to Algarve, Sjöberg had hoped she would come to Sweden. "She chose to take this chance and we are now working on finding a replacement for her", Sjöberg continues.
The club is looking for a player, an offensive midfielder or attacker, that will complement Joanna Lohman, who agreed to join the club after being released from the US national team a few days ago. They are mainly looking in the environment around the US national team and are assisted by Lohman in the search. Sjöberg also confirmes that he has reached an agreement with an American defender with USA U21 experience. A contract will be signed within short, but until then Sjöberg wants to keep the players name under wraps.
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White bryter med Bälinge

Slightly confusing Umeå Södra transfer news

Newly promoted side Umeå Södra continues to try to reinforce their team as they prepare for their first Damallsvenskan season ever. So far they have found a couple of Finnish national team players and an American forward, who impressed in Sweden's second tier last year.
Last week the club announced the transfer of 22 year old defender Linnea Gjersvold from 1st division side Piteå, a player with Damallsvenskan experience from Sunnanå and 15 matches for Sweden youth teams. Only, Gjersvold is under contract with Piteå for the 2008 season. Piteå consider her a key player in the team and they have so far not been approached by the Umeå club. Seems like the announcement was a bit premature?
Next, an American midfielder will arrive at the club for a try-out after the weekend. She is called Maya Tucker and comes from the US college scene, which is about all they know about her. When I google her name, I get absolutely nothing, which is really strange since even moderately successful college players are easy to find on the internet. Name confusion?
And then there was this rumour about a Brazilian midfielder/forward. Just the word Brazilian pulls a lot of weight over here, but it seems like we're not talking about the national team here. Umeå Södra's sport director Ola Carlén tries to damp the enthusiasm. The player is currently studying in the USA, and might move to Sweden with her family later this year.
All in all, not that much.
Västerbottens Folkblad:
Mittback från Piteå till Umeå Södra
Västerbottenskuriren: Klart att Linnea Gjersvold kommer till Södra, Umeå Södra jagar brasse Piteå IF kan tappa Linnea Gjersvold

Forsberg replaced by Nordin on Sweden's Algarve Cup roster

Djurgården's Linda Forsberg will not participate in Algarve Cup. She has not completely recovered from her knee injury, as her having to walk off the field after only 20 minutes in last week's friendly against Hammarby showed. She will be replaced by LDB FC Malmö's winger Frida Nordin.
Svensk Fotboll:
Linda Forsberg missar Algarve Cup

Dennerby picks experienced team for Algarve

Sweden's squad for the Algarve Cup in March was today named by national team coach Thomas Dennerby. Unlike the youthful selection that went to Cyprus, this is an experienced side. The 100+ capped Victoria Svensson, Hanna Ljungberg, Therese Sjögran and Karolina Westberg are all back while only one of the 6 players that got their first caps against England and Norway on Cyprus returns, Örebro goalkeeper Kristin Hammarström.
"This is the last chance to take a thorough look at the players for the Olympics. All the young players that were with the team on Cyprus performed well and improved their chances. There is a good competition and it's tough in all parts of the team", commented Dennerby his selection.

Points of interest:
Linköping's Josefine Öqvist is back on the team after her ACL injury last summer. She is in full training, but still hasn't played her first match since June 2007. She is supposed to do so this weekend.
Johanna Almgren returned to the national team after a long and grueling injury period when she started against Norway last week. Either she impressed a lot or Dennerby simply wants to have a better look at her - she has hardly played a full 90 minute match for more than a year and a half.
Of the many national team injury victims last year, we are now only waiting for usual starting keeper Caroline Jönsson to return. She was close, but experienced problems with her knee during Malmö's camp in South Africa and will have to wait for next time.

Kristin Hammarström, Örebro
Hedvig Lindahl, Linköping
Sofia Lundgren, AIK

Sara Larsson, Linköping
Anna Paulson, Umeå IK
Charlotte Rohlin, Linköping
Stina Segerström, Örebro
Sara Thunebro, Djurgården
Karolina Westberg, Umeå IK
Frida Östberg, Umeå IK

Johanna Almgren, Göteborg
Nilla Fischer, Malmö
Linda Forsberg, Djurgården
Caroline Seger, Linköping
Therese Sjögran, Malmö
Victoria Svensson, Djurgården
Josefine Öqvist, Linköping

Jessica Landström, Linköping
Hanna Ljungberg, Umeå IK
Therese Lundin, Malmö
Lotta Schelin, Göteborg

Dennerby satsar på rutin i Algarve
Dagens Nyheter: Erfaren trupp till Algarve Cup
Svensk Fotboll: Rutinerad trupp till Algarve Cup

At the same time, Dennerby also announced the bigger group of players that will participate in the Swedish national team's yearly strength and fitness test. in addition to the players on the list above, these were called up: Caroline Jönsson (LDB FC Malmö), Johanna Frisk (Umeå IK), Malin Levenstad (LDB FC Malmö), Lina Nilsson (LDB FC Malmö), Lisa Dahlkvist (Umeå IK), Maria Karlsson (Linköpings FC), Maria Nordbrandt (KIF Örebro), Frida Nordin (LDB FC Malmö), Linda Sembrandt (AIK), Maria Aronsson (LDB FC Malmö) and Madelaine Edlund (Umeå IK).

Bälinge to sign another USA international

"Our biggest signing since Anne Mäkinen", comments a happy Conny Sjöberg, Bälinge's sport director. The player he is talking about is Joanna Lohman, a 26 years old midfielder with 9 caps for USA. She was released from the USA national team camp only last week and was encouraged by USA coach Pia Sundhage to take the offer from Bälinge as a way to keep sharp in case she will be called up again. She will pair up with fellow American Kacey White on Bälinge's midfield, playing in a kind of Mäkinen position if Sjöberg's plans works out.
The actual paperwork isn't finalized yet, but Sjöberg says they have a verbal agreement. Lohman will arrive in Uppsala in early April and stay for six months. Bälinge will use the tax exemptions such an "artist contract" gives in Sweden to be able to afford her. "She is not the kind of player you give an au-pair contract".
Bälinge also investigated the possibilities to get back Finnish forward Sanna Talonen for the summer months. But Talonen, who studies and plays football for a Florida university, didn't want to risk her college eligibility. The strict amateur rules in USA college football only allows amateur contracts, and unlike last year such contracts are no longer allowed for players in Damallsvenskan.
Upsala Nya Tidning:
Landslagsmeriterad amerikanska ersätter Mäkinen

Göteborg (finally) finds a goalkeeper

Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC has been searching for a new goalkeeper since Maria Edman left for Damallsvenskan newcomers Kristianstads DFF in November last year. After having more than one prospect trying out for them, they have finally decided. Jenny Olsson, back-up keeper in Malmö for several years and last year temping for Hedvig Lindahl in Linköping during her injury, have been signed by the club. From what Göteborg's statement on their website sounds like, the Sweden U21 merited keeper is not necessarily signed as first keeper, but will have to compete with Sandra Bjurteg for the starting position.
Göteborg FC:
Ny målvakt klar för KGFC

Weekend training matches

Djurgården - Hammarby 5 - 0 (3-0)
Djurgården: Nadine Angerer - Malin Engdahl, Ariane Hingst (78 Caroline Frånberg), Therese Brogårde, Madeleine Göras - Linda Sällström, Linda Forsberg (20 Marijke Callebaut), Anna Hall, Rebecca Johnson - Jennifer Meier, Victoria Svensson (45 Mia Jalkerud)
Hammarby: Lisa Mattsson - Agnes Jörnung, Elin Sölveskog, Karin Lissel, Matilda Agné - Jennie Jonsson, Therese Dahlberg - Kicki Bengtsson, Madeleine Tegström, Johanna Deol - Nazanin Vasegphanah
Goals: 1-0 Marijke Callebaut, 2-0 Marijke Callebaut, 3-0 Marijke Callebaut, 4-0 Jennifer Meier, 5-0 Rebecca Johnson
Some of us have had our doubts about the 2008 version of Djurgården, but they have at least proved that they are preseason Stockholm champions. A very convincing win over Hammarby was added to the earlier defeat of AIK. Most of their big names made their season premiere, Hingst, Svensson and Forsberg all after minor injuries have kept them out of the first matches. In the case of Forsberg the return was maybe a bit early. She had to leave already after 20 minutes and was, very successfully, replaced by former Hammarby midfielder Marijke Callebaut. She scored a hat-trick in the first with Victoria Svensson building up to all of the three goals.
Most things went Djurgården's way, but it probably had something to do with the very weakened Hammarby side, that had to fill out the squad with 5 players from the development team.
Seger mot Hammarby
Hammarby: Förlust mot Djurgården

IFK Gävle - Bälinge IF 1-0

Sunnanå - Grand Bodö 3 - 1(1-0)
Sunnanå: Eva Nilsson - Sandra Berggren, Mirjam Marklund, Alexandra Nilsson, Carina Holmberg - Johanna Lindahl, Josefin Johansson, Anna Bodén, Kicki Viklund - Lina Johansson, Erika Karlsson
Goals: 1-0 Lina Johansson, 2-0 Lisa Renberg, 3-0 Lisa Renberg

Alvik - Sunnanå 0 - 3 (0-1)
Sunnanå: Eva Nilsson - Sandra Berggren, Alexandra Nilsson, Mirjam Marklund, Kicki Viklund - Carina Holmberg, Josefin Johansson, Anna Bodén, Matilda Forslund - Lisa Renberg, Johanna Lindahl.
Goals: 0-1 Josefin Johansson, 0-2 Carina Holmberg, 0-3 Carina Holmberg

Sunnanå played in the traditional indoor tournament in the full size Arcus-hallen in nearby Luleå, meeting a Norwegian and a Swedish second tier team. Sunnanå, forced to keep usual starters Åsa Berglund, Rebecka Smith and Maggie Esseryd on the sidelines, predictably dominated the event. New coach Rainer Eskelinen had to try out a completely new defense, where midfielder Carina Holmberg, now on left back, impressed most.
Norra Västerbotten: Carina het i Sunnanås premiär

AIK - Boo FF P15 3 - 8 (2-5)
AIK: Jenny de Agé - Elin Karlsson, Frida Höglund, Jessica Julin, Linda Lekander (46 Ingrid Bohlin) - Sofia Simonsson, Elin Ekblom Bak, Emelie Karlsson-Wedin, Louise Fors (61 Anna Bohlin) - Emma Lundh (72 Helene Holmgren), Annica Sjölund (72 Freja Egebrand)
Goals: 1-2 Louise Fors, 2-3 Emelie Karlsson-Wedin, 3-8 Emma Lundh
AIK were missing keeper Sofia Lundgren, defender Linda Sembrant and midfielder Anne Mäkinen from what should be their first choice starting line and had to loan a couple of players from their cooperation club Brommapojkarna. They played a boy's team to get a real test in pace and power, and they got that.
AIK: Förlust på Skytteholm

Karlskrona FF - Kristianstads DFF 1 - 2

Sorry, absolutely no news to work with for the Bälinge and Kristianstad matches. Except the result, courtesy of

Finally, Sweden defeats Norway

It's been a while since Sweden last defeated Norway. Exactly how long was the subject of some debate. Since 2003, Thomas Dennerby guessed, but he was way off the mark. Sweden defeated Norway in an unofficial test match just before the 2000 Olympics, but that match doesn't appear in the Norwegian FA's statistics. We have to go back to the European Championships 1995 to find an official Swedish win and all the way to 1985 to find the last time Norway was denied any goals.
(The good people at did the work in the archives, thanks.)

By the way, Sweden defeating Norway just before the 2000 Olympics should teach you just how much you should rely on the results from this kind of matches to predict the outcome of an upcoming championship. Norway won the gold 2000, Sweden managed to get 1 (one) point in three group matches.

Sweden - Norway 2 - 0 (1-0)

Sweden: Kristin Hammarström [Örebro] (46 Sofia Lundgren [AIK]) - Anna Paulson [Umeå] (46 Anna Lindblom [Hammarby]), Malin Levenstad [Malmö], Charlotte Rohlin [Linköping], Frida Östberg [Umeå] (46 Sara Thunebro [Djurgården]) - Linda Sembrandt [AIK] (64 Maria Karlsson [Linköping]) - Nilla Fischer [Malmö] (89 Sara Larsson [Linköping]), Johanna Almgren [Göteborg] (85 Lisa Dahlkvist [Umeå]), Frida Nordin [Malmö] (64 Maria Nordbrandt [Örebro]) - Lotta Schelin [Göteborg], Jessica Landström [Linköping] (71 Madelaine Edlund [Umeå])
Goals: 1-0 Lotta Schelin (16 PK), 2-0 Jessica Landström (68)
Dennerby continued to use the Cyprus camp to give as many rookies as much exposure as possible. Sweden started with a centre line looking like this: Hammarström (0 caps) - Levenstad (0) - Sembrandt (13 minutes against England the other day), Almgren (5), Landström (3). Needless to say the coach was pretty pleased with what they accomplished.
The Norwegian side, also a somewhat unexperienced side even if they sported a full-size attack with Kaurin-Gulbrandsen-Herlovsen up front, had the wind in their backs the first half and the Swedish defense was kept busy. Sweden managed fairly few counters, but Nilla Fischer got brought down in a penalty area shuffle at a Swedish free-kick and Lotta Schelin converted the following penalty-kick. Norway then earned a penalty-kick of their own, but rookie goalkeeper Kristin Hammarström read the shot well and saved.
The second half was, as these matches usually are, marked by numerous substitutions on both sides. Sweden had the advantage of the wind in the second half and created probably a little bit more than Norway in the match as a whole. Jessica Landström scored the second goal on a fairly typical Swedish manner - defender Charlotte Rohlin won the ball on Sweden's half and delivered a long ball through the Norwegian defense to Landström, who had a pretty easy finish.
The Cyprus training camp gave head coach Dennerby a lot of promising answers: "I am very pleased with everyone who has played in these two matches. It really feels like we have a much broader selection of players", he said and added that the more experienced players that were left at home this time will be challenged by these younger players the next time he selects a starting eleven.
Lotta Schelin has now, with her penalty goal, scored in every one of the last five matches for the national team.
Dagens Nyheter:
Svensk debutant höll nollan
Svensk Fotboll: Äntligen seger mot Norge Sverige bröt förlustsviten mot Norge

Knee injuries, Lyon scouting, some transfers and a bit of gossip

Hammarby's influental defender Annica Svensson, who injured her knee in one of the first January training sessions, has had surgery for her torn ACL. Surgery went well and the way too well-known rehabilitation process has begun.
Linköping and Sweden attacker Josefine Öqvist is at the other end of rehab training. She is ready to make her come-back on the pitch after her June knee injury, playing in a friendly next week-end.
Annica Svensson knäopererad
Corren: Öqvist redo för comeback

Umeå IK's assistant coach Steve Galloway will take the trip to Lyon to watch as his team's UEFA Cup semifinal opponents Olympique takes on Montpellier in the French league on Sunday. Umeå are always thorough in their preparations, Galloway also went to Belgium last fall to watch Rapide Wezemaal before the quarter-finals, which might have been over-cautious. But Galloway admits that they have a lot of respect for Lyon and says that there will be a lot to watch.
Västerbottens Folkblad: Galloway ska åka på scoutresa till Lyon

Ragna Lestander, 23 years old defender, has decided to re-sign with Umeå Södra after having spent last year playing college ball with Yuba in California. Lestander played Damallsvenskan football with Sunnanå 2003 and Umeå Södra might be able to sign another ex-Sunnanå player, young defender Linnea Gjersvold, last year at 1st division side Piteå.
Västerbottens Folkblad: Lestander spelar med Södra

Ex-Damallsvenskan side Qbik, relegated after last season, has lost 19 players following their drop from the premier division. The last was their Greek-American goalkeeper Maria Yatrakis, who turned down an offer to stay with the club and instead accepted a bid from ambitious promotion contender Jitex in the 1st division. Yatrakis was considered one of the better keepers in Damallsvenskan last year and Jitex' manager Ronny Törnqvist expressed his surprise that none of the premier division sides had tried to sign her.
Nya Wermlandstidningen: Qbik förlorar även Yatrakis

Retired Umeå and Sweden midfielder Malin Moström gave birth to a daughter last Sunday. Unlike e.g. several players on the USA national team, it seems like Swedish players retire before they decide to start a family. Hanna Marklund and, if the rumour I've heard is to be trusted, Anna Sjöström are two other mothers to be. Finland's Laura Kalmari, also due sometime in February, is on the other hand still listed on AIK's roster, with the remark "on maternity leave", so it might be different for Finns.

Training matches: Convincing victory for Malmö over South Africa

South Africa - LDB FC Malmö 1 - 3 (1-1)
Malmö: Stephanie Öhrström - Therese Jönsson, Emelie Ölander, Emma Wilhelmsson, Lina Nilsson (77 Lina Rehov) - Dora Stefansdottir - Manon Melis, Therese Lundin, Therese Sjögran, Emma Stålhammar (15 Antonia Göransson, 46 Aylin Yaren) - Maria Aronsson
Goals: 1-1 Therese Lundin, 1-2 Emma Wilhelmsson, 1-3 Emma Wilhelmsson
LDB FC Malmö, on training camp in KwaZulu-Natal, played South Africa's national team, who were using the match to gear up before the Olympic qualification match against Nigeria on Saturday. It was a fast game on a hard pitch and Malmö fell behind already after 15 minutes when South Africa scored on a direct free-kick. But Malmö managed to take the command and Therese Lundin equalised ten minutes later assisted by Therese Sjögran. In the second half Malmö's dominance continued and defender Emma Wilhelmsson scored twice on set pieces.
Coach Jörgen Pettersson was pleased with his team's performance: "It was a difficult team to meet. In Sweden we know how all the other teams play, here we had to try to play without that knowledge and it was a good thing to experience". Malmö used all available players in the match, but with 3 players at Cyprus with the Swedish national team and several others (among them Sweden goalkeeper Caroline Jönsson and Czech attacker Pavlina Scasna) on "the ACL crew", as the club's travel diary calls them, maybe not more than half the starters in this match will start in the league matches later this spring.
Malmö regerade i Sydafrika
LDB FC Malmö: Landslag inga problem för LdB FC på spelhumör

The match between Malmö and South Africa was also part of the kick-off ceremony for the AIDS awareness project the club is involved in together with the South African Football Association and the Star School project, run by the Malmö sponsor Dan Olofsson. The Malmö team will be working with two schools close to Thanda, where they have been staying.
Sydsvenskan: Malmöspelare skapar framtidsdrömmar

Linköping signs Cristiane and Daniela

Linköpings FC today announced, proudly, that they have succeeded in signing two Brazilian World Cup players, the 22 years old forward Cristiane and the 24 years old midfielder Daniela. Both players are signed on five month contracts, arriving in March and staying with the team until the long break for the Olympics start in early July.
Club manager Anders Mäki is very pleased that Linköping has been able to tie the two world class players to the team: "It's great to be able to offer two colourful world class stars to our fans and partners. Hopefully this will take the team another step towards the top." He adds that the deal with the two players isn't cheap, but doesn't cost more than it would have been to sign a one year deal with a big Swedish star like Lotta Schelin.
Linköping has been hunting for a big name player for so many years now, that I was on the verge naming them the proverbial car-chasing dog of Swedish football - a lot of running and barking but nothing to show for it. but unlike the dog I think they actually knows what to do when they finally caught something. And it is probably more Daniela than Cristiane they really need - they already have a lot of good forwards, but they have been missing a quality offensive midfielder since forever.
LFC värvar brasilianska världsstjärnor
Linköping FC: Cristiane och Daniela till LFC
SVT: Video interview with Linköping's manager

And, while we're at it, a rumour from Brazil wants us to believe that Umeå is negotiating with Brazil's experienced midfielder Formiga and already have made a contract offer. Formiga isn't a stranger to Sweden (she played in Malmö 2004-2005) and she should be a good replacement for Elaine during her rehabilitation from her knee injury, so it's not out of the blue. But only a few days ago the same agent, Daniel Freire, talked about negotiations with AIK and Djurgården.
And then Umeå denies this in the local paper Västerbottens Folkblad. Umeå were ready to give her a proposal, says the newspaper, but Formiga is under contract with a Brazilian club and Umeå were not up to paying the USD 10,000 a transfer would cost.
We will probably see more like this before the Swedish transfer window finally close March 31.
Dagens Nyheter: Formiga på gång till Umeå
Västerbottens Folkblad: Formiga för dyr för UIK

Young Sweden team defeats England

England - Sweden 0 - 2 (0-1)
Sweden: Hedvig Lindahl [Linköping] - Anna Paulson [Umeå], Sara Larsson [Linköping], Stina Segerström [Örebro], Sara Thunebro [Djurgården] - Frida Östberg [Umeå] (76 Maria Karlsson [Linköping]), Lisa Dahlkvist [Umeå], Nilla Fischer [Malmö] (76 Linda Sembrandt [AIK]), Frida Nordin [Malmö] (64 Maria Nordbrandt [Örebro]) - Lotta Schelin [Göteborg], Jessica Landström [Linköping](64 Madelene Edlund [Umeå]).
Goals: 0-1 Lotta Schelin (44), 0-2 Lotta Schelin (79)
With the old guard at home (most experienced player on the team was Sara Larsson with 69 caps) and finishing with three debutants on the field, coach Thomas Dennerby was very happy with the 2-0 win over an almost full strength England. Except for Siobhan Chamberlain filling in for injured Rachel Brown, England fielded their World Cup team.
England opened strong, but Sweden defended successfully. England had a lot of possession, but Sweden were much stronger in attack and used their fast turn-overs to challenge England's goal. Lotta Schelin first goal came from a Lisa Dahlkvist ball deep behind the English defense line and at the second Madelene Edlund headed a long ball from Anna Paulsson to Schelin's feet.
Coach Dennerby was particularly pleased that his young side, coming out of tough preseason training, managed to convincingly defeat a full English side that are in the middle of their season "and the way we are doing it is fantastic. We played with great variation, a lot of confidence and dominated England". He couldn't avoid mentioning Lotta Schelin, "I've never seen her so good this early in the season".
Svensk Fotboll:
Lotta Schelin sänkte England Överraskande vinst för Sverige
The FA: Lions overcome in Larnaca

Training matches: AIK defeated by Hammarby

AIK - Hammarby 1-2 (1-0)
AIK: Jenny de Age - Elin Karlsson (75), Frida Höglund, Jessica Julin, Linda Lundström (46 Linda Lekander) - Sofia Simonsson (60 Anne Mäkinen), Elin Ekblom Bak, Emelie Karlsson-Wedin (46 Louise Fors), Ingrid Bohlin (46 Anna Bohlin) - Annica Sjölund (75 Helene Holmgren), Freja Egebrand (46 Emma Lundh)
Hammarby: Kathrin Lehmann - Kicki Bengtsson (Malin Broberg), Malin Nilsson, Karin Lissel, Matilda Agné - Jennie Jonsson, Andrea Comaneci - Madeleine Tegström, Nazanin Vasegphanah, Daniella Chamoun (Susan Varli) - Lisa Björkvik
Goals: 1-0 Annica Sjölund (19), 1-1 Nazanin Vaseghpanah (62), 1-2 Daniella Chamoun (63)
AIK ae still losing to both their Stockholm rivals, last week to Djurgården and this weekend to Hammarby. But competition seems to be closer than last year, even if you shouldn't rely too much on early preseason matches. As usual in the early matches several starters in both teams were missing for various reasons and both teams used players from their development teams and farm teams. Nazanin Vasegpanah scored on her old club, Mäkinen got her first minutes for her new club but Elin Ekblom was the dominating figure on the field and might prove to be AIK's most important signing this season.
Två olyckliga minuter avgjorde matchen
Hammarby: Hammarby Damfotboll slog AIK med 2-1

Djurgården - Älvsjö AIK 1 - 0 (1-0)
Djurgården: Sofia Åhman - Freja Hellenberg, Malin Engdahl, Therese Brogårde, Madelene Göras - Linda Sällström, Marijke Callebaut, Anna Hall, Rebecca Johnson - Mia Jalkerud, Jennifer Meier
Goals: 1-0 Mia Jalkerud
Djurgården played their cooperation club Älvsjö with several starters still resting (Svensson, Forsberg) and also loaned out Angerer to tend the goal for Älvsjö. The match finished Djurgården's training weekend, with emphasis on strength anmd fitness, and it was a team wuth tired legs that showed up. The match was played in 30 + 30 minutes.
Djurgården: 1-0 mot Älvsjö

Kopparbergs/Göteborg - Jonsered P15 9-0
Göteborg: Sandra Bjurteg (75 Johanna Andersson) - Jenny Hallstensson, Maria Nilsson, Jane Törnqvist, Marlene Sjöberg (60 Sofia Karlsson) - Maria Karlsson, Lisa Ek (75 Hanna Bäckman), Ameleie Rybäck - Lotta Schelin (46 Emelie Farfa), Sara Lindén, Sofie Andersson (65 Johanna Almgren)
Goals: 1-0 Sofie Andersson (14), 2-0 Lotta Schelin (23), 3-0 Sofie Andersson (25), 4-0 Amelie Rybeck (29), 5-0 Sara Lindén (49), 6-0 Jane Törnqvist (64), 7-0 Maria Karlsson (77), 8-0 Sara Lindén (81), 9-0 Johanna Almgren (90)
Göteborg played a local team of 15 years old boys and had a field day - 9 goals from 7 different players. Jonsered, which actually has pretty good boys teams, is coach Torbjörn Nilsson's first club and some 40 years ago he would have played on the P15 team.

Göteborg's scoreline is now 15-1 after the first two training matches. Time to look up some real competition?
Göteborg FC: Seger mot Jonsereds IF

Åsum HJ - Kristianstads DFF 2-1 (0-1)
Kristianstad: Maria Edman - Johanna Jönsson, Maria Åhlund, Johanna Rosén, Carolin Ericsson - Virre, Veronica Persson, Vlora Bajraktaraj, Maria Nilsson - Frida Pettersson, Elin Bjerre
Goals: 0-1 Frida Pettersson
Kristianstad played the local men's club Åsum's junior team (usually 17 year old boys), and it worked well in the first half with their starting defense line. Several half-time substitutions made the team weaker, but coach Thomas Mårtensson was happy with the performance.
Kristianstadsbladet: Tränar mot juniorer

Cristiane close to signing for Linköping

Brazilian star attacker Cristiane is close to signing with Linköpings FC, according to reports in several Brazilian newssites yesterday. Only minor details in the contract are left to sort out, the Brazilian news says, quoting Cristiane's agent Fabiano Farah. The contract should be signed within a few weeks.
Linköping chairman Christer Mård confirms that the club has presented Cristiane with a contract offer and that they are close to an greement. "It will not be a cheap contract", says Mård, but it is financially viable. Initially it will be for the first half of the season, until the league goes on a break for the Olympics in July and August.
Storstjärna nära Linköping

The Brazilian newssite UOL Esporte also mentiones that in addition to Cristiane, Linköping is also talking to midfielder Daniela. And both AIK and Djurgården are reported to be interested in signing the tenacious midfielder Formiga, even if Formiga shouldn't be available until after the Olympics.
UOL Esporte: Daniela Alves e Cristiane próximas de se tornarem rivais de Marta

Bälinge's White gets national team call-up

The attacking midfielder Kacey White, who I thought was supposed to report at her club Bälinge in February, has been called up by USA's national team. She will participate in a one week long training camp between February 9-17 in Carson, California. The 26 players in camp will then be cut down to the 20 player, that will go to the Algarve Cup in March.
During her 2006 season with Bälinge, White had written in her contract that she could leave the club if and when she recieved a call-up from the national team. I presume it's the same this season, even if I think it has been possible to notice a change in attitude from several Swedish clubs, now being unwilling to release players to their national teams other than at official FIFA dates.
U.S. Women's National Team Training Camp Notes

Elaine still hoping for Olympics

Elaine had her knee surgery last Wednesday, much sooner than first anticipated. The local ice-hockey team Björklöven's physician, who performed the operation, said it was a fairly difficult procedure and there were large damage in the knee. But the operation was very successful and full recovery is anticipated, even if it will be a long recovery process.
Elaine is eager to start her rehab programme as soon as possible and says she will do everything she can to be fit again in time for the Olympics. Club manager Roland Arnqvist reiterates, in view of the recent speculations, that there are at the present no plans to hire a replacement for Elaine.
"Jag hoppas fortfarande på spel i OS" 

LDB Malmö goes to Africa

LDB FC Malmö's players left Malmö for their two week long camp in South Africa today. The camp is in Thanda in northern KwaZulu-Natal, where the team will be able to train and also play a match against the South African national team on February 13. The camp has been possible thanks to the support from local businessman Dan Olofsson, who owns a private game reserve in Thanda. The team will also do work in support of Olofsson's Star School project, an AIDS awareness and prevention program, while in South Africa.
The club will publish a travel diary at it's website, a diary which they have put Manon Melis, Aylin Yaren and Pavlina Scasna in charge of. They must be the three players least proficient in Swedish in the entire team, so chances are updates will be published in some other language. I'll keep you posted, even if their first entry is more
post-a-picture-from-your-cellphone than an actual diary entry.
Sydsvenskan: LDB laddar i Sydafrika

Umeå Södra signs American forward

Umeå Södra has signed the young American forward Jennifer Nobis, in view of the rumours the last weeks not a very surprising move. She is not an unfamiliar face to Södra's management. They know Nobis from last fall, when she played for Danmarks IF in the same 1st division as Umeå Södra. She was an important part of Danmark's successful season finish, scoring 7 goals in 9 matches and putting her team in competition with Umeå Södra for the promotion to Damallsvenskan. Her new coach Jörgen Åström says that he is extremely pleased with his new signing.
Before Nobis moved to Sweden, she played college soccer for University of Missouri and club soccer with River Cities in WPSL. She will join Umeå Södra in late March and is signed on an "artist contract", a contract that gives foreign players great tax benefits as long as they don't stay in Sweden for more than 6 months.
Umeå Södra värvar amerikanskt
Västerbottens Folkblad: Jennifer Nobis till Södra

Training matches: Göteborg routs 1st division side

IK Gauthiod - Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC  1 - 6 (1-5)
Göteborg: Sandra Bjurteg - Amelie Rybäck, Jane Törnqvist, Maria Nilsson (73 Jenny Hallstensson), Marlene Sjöberg - Maria Karlsson, Lisa Ek, Johanna Almgren (68 Catrin Johansson) - Emelie Farfa, Sara Lindén (60 Sofie Andersson), Lotta Schelin
Goals: 0-1Emelie Farfa (11), 1-1 Erika Dahlberg (19), 1-2 Lotta Schelin (29), 1-3 Sara Lindén (33), 1-4 Maria Nilsson (38), 1-5 Emelie Farfa (41), 1-6 Sofie Andersson (69)
A big win is only what is expected by a team like Göteborg when playing a side from the lower half of the 1st division. Coach Torbjörn Nilsson was still very pleased with his players performance in the first half, when they played with a lot of energy. The second half was more complacent, but the fact that they came to the evening match directly from an afternoon training session probably contributed to make it less energetic.
Kopparbergs/Göteborg tvålade till Gauthiod
Göteborg FC: Seger i första träningsmatchen  

No replacement for Elaine in Umeå

Umeå IK's general manager Roland Arnqvist tells local daily Västerbottenskuriren that the club most probably won't try to find a player to replace long-time injured Brazilian midfielder Elaine, at least not before the summer. It's hard to find an unattached player, that can step in for Elaine and there is very little time left before Umeå's team has to be settled. Arnqvist says that they probably will bring up a player from the development team and take another look at the situation to the summer. "If we sign another player, it will likely be in the summer", he says. And to me that sounds like during or after the Olympics.
Arnqvist also comments on Brazil's attacker Cristiane, whom he still hasn't ruled out completely. "We will keep in touch", Arnqvist says, but adds that she is not someone to replace Elaine, she is a radically different kind of player. The local paper Västerbottens Folkblad also adds that Linköpings FC now seems to be actively persuing Cristiane. And there should be some funds accessible in Linköping, after failing in all their earlier attempts at high-cost transfers.
Umeå IK ersätter inte Elaine
Västerbottens Folkblad: Oklart om UIK ersätter Elaine

Umeå's neighbouring Damallsvenskan club, Umeå Södra, are losing their hope to be able to re-sign their key defender Marina. The Brazilian player, that has played for Umeå Södra the last two seasons in the 1st division, has stated that she needs a significantly improved contract to return for the 2008 Damallsvenskan season.
Västerbottenskuriren: Umeå Södra har gett upp Marina

Kristianstad players on loan

Newcomers Kristianstad DFF has decided to let the experienced 31 years old forward Tanja Pihlblad go on loan to local 1st division side Vittsjö GIK. Pihlblad returned to Kristianstad last year following a short stint with 1st division side Älmhult after she returned from spending almost a decade in USA, playing (at Franklin Pierce) and coaching (Central Connecticut State) college soccer.
1st division newcomers Vittsjö also wants to see Kristianstad's junior goalkeeper Emelie Karström join the club.
Norra Skåne:
Pihlblad förstärker Vittsjö

Not really football, but Hammarby's Swiss goalkeeper Kathrin Lehmann hasn't only been playing snowy football the last week. She also won the European ice-hockey club championship with her Swedish club AIK.

Training match: Linköping debutant scores hat-trick

Hammarby - Linköping FC  1 - 3 (0-3)
Hammarby: Kathrin Lehmann (Lisa Mattsson) - Emma Wall (Malin Paulsson), Karin Lissel, Malin Nilsson, Therese Dahlberg (Agnes Jörnung) -  Andrea Comaneci, Jennie Jonsson - Malin Broberg (Kicki Bengtsson), Nazanin Vasegphanah, Madeleine Tegström - Lisa Björkvik
Goals: 0-1 Lisa Nilsson, 0-2 Lisa Nilsson, 0-3 Lisa Nilsson, 1-3 Lisa Björkvik
One of Linköping's winter signings, 20 year old Lisa Nilsson from 1st division side Dalsjöfors, scored three goals for her team in a first half, that Linköping dominated over a Hammarby, that seemed to have problems getting into match spirit. It worked better for the hosts in the second, but Linköping also handicapped themselves with a copule of their substitutions.
The match was played in falling snow and, as usual in these early friendlies, several of the teams more experienced players rested. Linköping's Josefine Öqvist and Caroline Seger are still not quite fit after their surgeries and Hammarby's Annica Svensson and Sara Johansson had similar reasons to stay on the sidelines. Hammarby also missed their newest ibnternational, Anna Lindblom.
Förlust i första träningsmatchen
Corren: Tre mål direkt av Lisa Lisa Nilsson glänste i snön på Stadshagen

Training matches: Djurgården, Malmö wins in first out-door matches

Djurgården - AIK 2 - 0 (0-0)
Djurgården: Nadine Angerer - Linda Hybinette (78 Ida Hallgren), Malin Engdahl, Therese Brogårde, Sara Thunebro - Beatrice Strand (62 Caroline Frånberg), Marijke Callebaut, Anna Hall, Rebecca Johnson (88 Jennifer Meier), Linda Sällström, Jennifer Meier (78 Malin Eriksson)
Sofia Lundgren - Elin Karlsson (46 Anna Bohlin), Frida Höglund, Linda Sembrant, Linda Lekander - Elin Ekblom Bak, Emelie Karlsson-Wedin (73 Elin Karlsson), Jessica Julin, Ingrid Bohlin - Sofia Simonsson (60 Helene Holmgren), Annica Sjölund (46 Freja Egebrand)
1-0 Jennifer Meier (58), 2-0 Linda Sällström (62)
On a cold and windy pitch, AIK managed to stand up much better against the Damallsvenskan runners-up from last season, than they did in a similar pre-season friendly last year, which they lost 6-1. AIK kept up fairly well, but as the match grew more intense in the second half, Djurgården took over. Both Djurgården's goals were scored by new signings, Meier from Qbik and Sällström from Finland's TiPS.
Both AIK and Djurgården left several important players on the sidelines and fielded some farm team players. Djurgården's Victoria Svensson and Ariane Hingst decided to rest and Linda Forsberg is still only doing light rehab training, while AIK's Anne Mäkinen also rested and Emma Lundh and Lollo Fors were on camp with the U19 national team.
Förlust på Stadshagen
Djurgården: 2-0 mot AIK
Lots of pictures from the match by Magnus Neck and anders-h.

Skovlunde - LDB FC Malmö 0 - 5 (0-2)
Malmö: Stephanie Öhrström - Therese Jönsson, Malin Levenstad, Emma Wilhelmsson, Lina Nilsson (70 Lina Rehov) - Nilla Fischer (46 Dora Stefansdottir) - Manon Melis (46 Frida Nordin), Therese Lundin, Aylin Yaren (46 Emma Stålhammar), Therese Sjögran - Maria Aronsson
0-1 Therese Sjögran, 0-2 Therese Lundin, 0-3 Emma Stålhammar, 0-4 Emma Stålhammar, 0-5 Emma Stålhammar
Malmö went to Copenhagen to play Denmark's current number 3, Skovlunde. Coach Pettersson experimented a little with the line-up and played Therese Lundin in midfield and gave young recruit Aylin Yaren a spot in the starting eleven. Malmö still dominated completely. This 4-5 1 with Nilla Fischer as a balance player, thaty Malmö also used against Umeå last weekend, might be something we'll see more of in the future. Hat-trick av Emma Stålhammar

There should have been a third Damallsvenskan friendly this winter Saturday, but the match between Göteborg and 1st division Gauthiod was cancelled due to the snow storm in western Sweden.

Umeå looking for replacement for Elaine?

Umeå's head coach Andrée Jeglertz tells local press that he wants the club to recruit a replacement for Elaine, who will spend the most of the coming season in rehab. Club manager Arnqvist says he understands Jeglertz wish, "but there is a financial side to it too". He sees two alternatives, either trying to find a player that is available on the market and is good enough to take a place as a starter in Umeå's eleven. Or bringing in a younger player from Umeå's development team.
"I get proposals from agents every week", Arnqvist says, "mostly about players from Ghana and Nigeria. And then there is Brazil and USA. If we want to, we'll probably find someone". But they do need to make a fairly quick decision, ideally a new player should be with the team no later than the middle of February.
Jeglertz vill ha en ersättare

The two other recent ACL victims in Umeå, Hanna Ljungberg and Johanna Frisk, says that they will do everything they can to help and support Elaine through the injury period. Elaine reveals in an interview with the local TV station that she plans to stay in Sweden during her rehabilitation period, "Umeå is not only a team, it's family to me". She will use the time to study Swedish and English. And, if what the interviewer is implying is correct, spend more time with her love, even if Elaine laughs away the question.
Västerbottenskuriren: Marta om Elaine: "Jättetråkigt"
Västerbottensnytt: video interview