Umeå looking for replacement for Elaine?

Umeå's head coach Andrée Jeglertz tells local press that he wants the club to recruit a replacement for Elaine, who will spend the most of the coming season in rehab. Club manager Arnqvist says he understands Jeglertz wish, "but there is a financial side to it too". He sees two alternatives, either trying to find a player that is available on the market and is good enough to take a place as a starter in Umeå's eleven. Or bringing in a younger player from Umeå's development team.
"I get proposals from agents every week", Arnqvist says, "mostly about players from Ghana and Nigeria. And then there is Brazil and USA. If we want to, we'll probably find someone". But they do need to make a fairly quick decision, ideally a new player should be with the team no later than the middle of February.
Jeglertz vill ha en ersättare

The two other recent ACL victims in Umeå, Hanna Ljungberg and Johanna Frisk, says that they will do everything they can to help and support Elaine through the injury period. Elaine reveals in an interview with the local TV station that she plans to stay in Sweden during her rehabilitation period, "Umeå is not only a team, it's family to me". She will use the time to study Swedish and English. And, if what the interviewer is implying is correct, spend more time with her love, even if Elaine laughs away the question.
Västerbottenskuriren: Marta om Elaine: "Jättetråkigt"
Västerbottensnytt: video interview

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