Mäkinen to Bälinge, Julin to AIK

Bälinge presented their latest signing at a press conference today: Umeå's and Finland's highly rated midfielder Anne Mäkinen. Mäkinen explains that she moves to the Stockholm area to be able to get the education she wants and that she decided for Bälinge because of the challenge. "I want to be part of a team that commits to the future. I've heard a lot of good things from my Finnish teammates [Finland players Minna Mustonen and Heidi Matinlassi]".
Bälinge's chairman Conny Sjöberg called Mäkinen's signing "probably the biggest event in the history of the club" and was "extremely proud and happy" that she chose Bälinge.
Upsala Nya Tidning:
Mäkinen klar för Bälinge, interview with Mäkinen and Bälinge's coach Zaine Söderlund (video)
Expressen: Bälinge gör stjärnvärvning

Jessica Julin, Kopparbergs/Göteborg and Finland midfielder, has signed a two year deal with newcomers AIK. AIK's Peter Johansson says that Julin, who has 90 caps for Finland, will with her experience and leadership qualities be one of the new team's key players .
AIK: Jessica Julin ny mittfältare i AIK

Umeå presents Marta "final offer"

"We have mailed our last offer to Marta today", says Umeå's manager Roland Arnqvist. "We can't go any higher than this", he adds. He says he had a long talk with Martas agent and feels optimistic about the result. "We both agree that this has dragged on far too long".

Arnqvist also comments on Umeå's recent talks with Kolbotn's midfielder Ingvild Stensland and says that he's got the feeling that she will choose Göteborg over Umeå. "If you let other reasons than football decide your choice of club, we're not as interested any longer", Arnqvist comments.
Sista budet till Marta, Ingen Stensland i Umeå IK,

Linköping trying to overbid Umeå for World Player top three nominated Marta

FIFA today annonuced that Marta is one of the three remaining nominees for the FIFA Women's World Player award (the others are USA's Kristin Lilly and Germany's and FFC Frankfurt's Renate Lingor). Not much of a surprise, really.
Nu kan Marta få revansch

A little bit more of a surprise is that Linköping FC executive Anders Mäki thinks that he can outbid Umeå for Marta's services. He tells tabloid Expressen, that he can pay SEK 10,000 to 20,000 more than Marta earns today (allegedly SEK50,000 a month). He is trying to get in touch with Marta's agent Fabiano Farah to find out exactly how much it would take to lure Marta away.
Expressen: Linköping erbjuder Marta drömlön

And from a completely different place in women's football, Kopparbergs/Göteborg announces that they have signed Mallbacken's 19 year old back-up keeper Sandra Bjurteg as back-up for their own Maria Edman.
Värmlands Folkblad: Sandra Bjurteg har skrivit på för Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC

Linda Forsberg joins Djurgården

Linda Forsberg, a Hammarby all-round player with about 30 Sweden youth team matches, has decided to accept an offer from Djurgården/Älvsjö. The 21 year old, who mostly has been playing as a midfielder, is praised by Djurgården's sport director Micke Söderman as "one of Stockholm's most interesting players".
"Foppa" till Djurgården

Norway's Rønning turns down Linköping

Norway and Kolbotn midfielder Trine Rønning has decided to turn down the contract offer she recieved from Linköping FC. "Linköping looked good", she says, "but this is a championship season and I don't want to change clubs and maybe put my national team place at risk." But she keeps the door open: "I've told Linköping that, if then still want to, we can get in touch a year from now."

For Linköping this means that they still haven't found the new big name they are looking for. Umeå's Elaine might be a possibility. Marta, whom Umeå might have to let go, is not a realistic option, says sports director Bengt Ekholm.

Corren: Landslagsstjärnan säger nej till LFC

Therese Lückner considers Qbik deal

Defender Therese Lückner, who has had her 2006 season with Norwegian outfit Team Strømmen destroyed by injuries, is considering a proposal from Qbik. She says that it would feel good to accomplish something with the Norwegian top side before leaving, but Qbik's Karlstad is home and it's tempting to return.

Qbik's U21 midfielder Rebecca Jonsson has drawn attention to herself from clubs like Djurgården, Malmö and Kif Örebro. She is flattered by the interest and says that she of course wants to play at as high a level as possible. She has however one year left on the contract with Qbik, which could complicate a transfer.

Värmlands Folkblad:
Lückner in - Jonsson ut?

Umeå: Söberg signs, Marta negotiates

Mallbacken's goalkeeper Carola Söberg has signed a 1 year deal with Umeå IK and will move to Umeå directly after the holidays.
Umeå IK:
Carola Söberg klar för UIK!

The contract negotiations between Umeå and Marta drags on. "Right now, we're pretty far from an agreement", says Umeå manager Roland Arnqvist and puts the blame on Marta's agent Fabiano Farah. Farah, who also manages the business for players like Real Madrid's Ronaldo, has according to Arnqvist no understanding of women's football. "No women's club in the world can pay the kind of money he demands".
Let's just take this as a part of the negotiations. Farah understandably wants to pressure Umeå as far as possible, but I think he's aware that he cannot find another club with Umeå's resources. Marta's current salary is supposed to be around SEK 50,000 a month.
Västerbottenskuriren: Umeå IK har inte råd med Marta

Djurgården defender to AIK

Djurgården/Älvsjö's experienced fullback Linda Lekander has signed with newcomers AIK. Lekander hasn't had much playing-time with her club lately due to an injury-ridden season, but would probably still have been the third choice behind Kristin Bengtsson and Sara Thunebro.
Rutinerad back till AIK

Qbik talks with Nigeria and turns down Söberg

Victor Macdonald, an agent representing the Nigerian Football Association, has met with Qbik's management. He forwarded the apologies from the Nigerian FA and wanted to find a solution that will make it possible for the three Nigerian players Maureen Mmadu, Faith Ikidi and Yinka Kudaisi to continue playing with the club the 2007 season. Nigeria offers to pay the player's wages for three months and have the national team play a friendly with Qbik. Qbik's chairman Lars-Inge Hallstensson says there will be no deal: "We have left this behind us".
Värmlands Folkblad:
Nigeriansk agent bad Qbik om ursäkt - erbjöd landskamp

Meanwhile, Qbik is pretty active on the transfer market and seems set to replace the Nigerians with domestic players. Kopparbergs/Göteborg's winger Sofie Andersson and Jitex defender Amelie Rybeck, both Sweden U21 players, are in talks with the club. Both players are picked by the new coach Janne Jansson.
Qbik has also finished their talks with Mallbacken goalkeeper Carola Söberg and will instead sign a new contract with Maria Yatrakis. "The difference between Söberg's demands and Yatrakis' was big. We couldn't afford Söberg at all." Which pretty much points Söberg to Umeå, I would think.
Qbik has already signed the experienced defender Kathleen Fernström and the 17 year old midfield talent Julia Spetsmark from Mallbacken.
Värmlands Folkblad: Qbik spetsar truppen med Julia från Mallbacken, Här är mittbacken som Qbik vill ha..., Qbik jagar ung landslagsspelare

Elaine returns?

When Umeå's Elaine left Sweden to join Brazil's national team in the South American championships, it looked like she wouldn't return. But now Linköping FC has expressed their interest in the tenacious midfielder and Umeå's Roland Arnqvist comments that even if she didn't have the best of seasons this year, she is a great football player and he doesn't exclude the possibility that the brasilian will be offered a new contract.
With Anne Mäkinen already out of the picture, Malin Moström unsure on her future plans and Ingvild Stensland maybe opting for Göteborg instead of Umeå, Elaine should be more interesting for Umeå than she was a month ago.
Elaine - ett namn för LFC
Västerbottenskuriren: UIK öppnar oväntat för Elaine

Stensland visiting Göteborg

Kolbotn's and Norway's sought-after defender/midfielder Ingvild Stensland visited Göteborg to look at the facilities and to talk with Kopparbergs/Göteborg's management. Stensland comments that she is pleased with what she's seen and heard during her visit and definitely has something to think about.
Kopparbergs/Göteborg cannot offer her a salary even close to the deal Umeå IK is proposing, but Stensland says: "I'm not playing football for the money. I want to play centre midfield and after talking to Martin [Pringle, Göteborg's head coach], it feel really good and I think I can develop here."
Göteborg is also much closer to her home in Oslo than Umeå and since Stensland really doesn't like flying, that is an important factor.
Stensland is under contract with Kolbotn, but Göteborg's chairman Peter Bronsman doesn't think that will be a problem. "We have released several players to Kolbotn without compensation earlier."
Stensland nära Göteborg

Kopparbergs/Göteborg's forward Sara Lindén has renewed her contract with the club.
Göteborgsposten: Lindén stannar i Göteborg FC

News, rumours and videoclips

Lisa Dahlqvist, who even surprised herself with the amount of playing-time she got as a 19 year old in her first season with Umeå, has happily resigned with the club.
Umeå's back-up goalkeeper Johanna Baecklund has decided to leave the club after two years on the bench. She has offers from both Damallsvenskan and 1st division clubs, but states that she will move to a club where she can expect to be the first choice.
Umeå IK helt utan målvakt

That Matilda Agné, who just signed with Hammarby, has a famous father was something I had decided to ignore. But so did not the tabloids. Aftonbladet has put up a video on Matilda, focusing on the fact that the daughter of a Hammarby player legend (Kenta Ohlsson, 333 matches for the club) has signed for her father's club. Matilda comments that there are similarities - the position they play in and the way they move - but that the expectations on her probably would have been bigger if she had been a guy.
Mr Ohlsson himself is of course proud or as he put it "This is a big thing for me".
Aftonbladet TV: Mr. Bajens dotter - klar för Bajen (Video)

Anna Sjöström got one and a half minutes farewell at the TV4 news. She hopes she will still get invited to the parties.
TV4: Anna Sjöström, 29, slutar (video)

AIK's team captain Emilia Reimer has decided not to follow her team to Damallsvenskan. She says she's got a great new job (she's got a sport management education) and wants to be able to focus on that. Devoting time to both work and play during the last season didn't work out all that well, and she thinks her playing suffered most.
AIK: "Vi har fått stödet av föreningen"

Linköping FC's Lotta Runesson has decided to leave her club and probably football altogether. The 25 year old says she's grateful for all she has experienced with club and youth national teams, but that it's time to try something else.
Corren: Runesson lämnar LFC – slutar med fotbollen

Malin Moström reveals to tabloid Expressen that it is her plans to take up a career as a real estate agent, that might make her leave football. "I will start working a bit next year, and I don't know how well that will play with the football." Still no decision, though.
Expressen: Nytt avhopp hotar Blågult

New Umeå and Hammarby signings

Umeå has agreed on renewals of the contracts for veteran full back Maria Bergkvist, seldom fielded defender talent Emma Berglund and André Jeglertz, Coach of the Year. This will be Jeglertz' fourth season and he comments that it can be good with a bit of continuity in the staff when there is movement with the players.
Västerbottens Folkblad:
Jeglertz och trio klara för nästa säsong

Hammarby announces the signing of 21 year old midfielder Andrea Comaneci from 1st division side Eskilstuna United. Comaneci was the main star in a team that finished 4th in their league and is considered fast and physical in her play.
Hammarby has also picked up the young midfield talent Matilda Agné from Stockholm southern suburb club Enskede. Agné has 9 appearences for Sweden's youth teams the 2006 season. She will probably go very good together with Hammarby's Lollo Fors and Emma Lundh, whom she's played with on Sweden's U18.
Eskilstunakuriren: Andrea klar för Hammarby
Hammarby: Matilda Agné och Andrea Comaneci klara för Hammarby

Finnish change of guards at Bälinge

The Finnish forward Minna Mustonen, regarded as one of Bälinge's best players the 2006 season, has decided to move (back) to USA and leaves the club.
On the other hand Bälinge has announced the signings of Petra Vaelma and Katri Nokso-Koivisto, both from Finnish cup-winners FC United, Mustonen's old Finnish club. Both the defensive player Vaelma and winger Nokso-Koivisto have extensive international experience with 60 and 20 matches respectively for Finland. In spite of that the players are only 24 years old, Bälinge sees them as coming with important experience to add to their young squad.
Upsala Nya Tidning:
Landslagsspelare till Bälinge
Damfotboll.com: Bälinge ökar med en finländsk landslagsspelare

Marta stays in Umeå ?

Marta has decided to stay in Umeå and will within a few days sign a new contract with the club. This according to tabloid Expressen, that is quoting an unnamed source. Umeå is home to Marta, says the source, and there is no reason changing clubs a season, when she should be focusing on preparing for the World Cup. The new contract is supposed to give her SEK 50,000 a month plus benefits.
Umeå IK's manager Roland Arnqvist does not want to comment on the news.
Marta nobbar toppanbuden

Newcomers Falköping making moves

Krister Engström, who quit Mallbacken a year ago to take a break from club football (he works as a highschool coach), has recieved a contract offer from newcomers Falköping. Engström reveals that he is pleased with the offer, but wants to think it over a few days before making a decision. He says Falköping is in for a tough season in Damallsvenskan, but that both he and the club is up to the challenge. Engström adds that he has suggested that the club tries to get Mallbacken's Icelandic national team midfielder Erla Arnadottir to the team.
Värmlands Folkblad:
Allsvenskan lockar igen

Umeå: Sjöström quits, Klaveness stays

Longtime Umeå winger/forward Anna Sjöström has, after 10 seasons with Umeå, decided to quit. "This last year I've felt that it really takes a lot of your time. And it's not good when yoy start thinking that way", she comments and adds "It's been a really hard decision, but it feels good."
Umeå's Roland Arnqvist comments that the 29 year old Sjöström's decision didn't come as a complete surprise. He also confirms the rumours that Malin Moström (31) is also thinking about retirement, but has still not made up her mind.

Lise Klaveness and Umeå IK has reached an agreement on a contract for 2007, Klaveness' second season with the club.

Umeå IK:
"Sjöa" ställer skorna på hyllan, Lise förlänger sitt kontrakt med UIK!
Västerbottenskuriren: Anna Sjöström lägger av, Klaveness stannar i Umeå
SVT: Umeås Anna Sjöström lägger av

More signings and more rumours

Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC has resigned midfielder Salina Olsson and has also presented a contract offer to Kolbotn's Ingvild Stensland. The club is also talking to Amelie Rybeck, defender from relegated Jitex, and Emmelie Farfa, Holmalund winger that was on loan to Göteborg most of the fall.
Göteborg's playmaker Jessica Julin writes in her column at the Finnish network YLE's website, that she has decided to continue playing at least until the European Championships in Finland 2009. She is currently evaluating contract proposals from different clubs, one of them Göteborg.
Fotbollsgalans drottning får sällskap av Salina Olsson
Damfotboll.com: Kopparbergs/Göteborg lockar stjärnmittfältare
YLE: Viktiga beslut ska fattas

Norway's Kolbotn has offered Umeå's Lise Klaveness a deal. "It will take a lot to lure me away from Umeå", comment Klaveness, without completely dismissing the offer. But at the same time, she admits that she is trying to talk her close friend Ingvild Stensland into taking Umeå's offer.
Østlandets Blad: "Hvis tilbudet er godt nok, kan jeg jo ikke si nei", –Stensland får tilbud

Linköping FC's manager Anders Mäki says that USA star Tiffeny Milbrett, who played the last part of the season for the team, might return next year. "She is willing to return and we have definitely not closed the door", he says.
Corren: Öppen dörr för USA-stjärnan

Umeå Södra's 18 year old forward talent and Sweden U19 player Josefin Johansson has signed a 2 year contract with Sunnanå. Midfielders Sanna Frostevall and Carina Holmberg have signed new contracts with Sunnanå.
Norra Västerbotten: Josefin Johansson klar för Sunnanå
Västerbottenskuriren: Talang klar för Sunnanå

Bälinge's new coach Zaine Söderlund has brought an assistant coach with him, Ali Amini who worked in the same position in Söderlunds last club.
Upsala Nya Tidning: Ali Amini ny tränare i Bälinge

Malmö FF's head coach Jörgen Petersson, nominated for the Coach of the Year award, has renewed his contract with the club.
Malmö FF: Tränarstaben i MFF Dam klar

Mallbacken's goalkeeper Carola Söberg is evaluating offers from four different clubs, of which two are Umeå and Qbik. "It's not just about the money", she says, "It's about the whole concept". There is on the other hand no doubt in Umeå: "We hope she choses Umeå. She is a great goalkeeper and we want her."
Värmlands Folkblad: En kvartett återstår
Västerbottenskuriren: Söberg trolig ersättare

Umeå re-signings slowly moving on

After seeing defender Johanna Frisk and forward June Pedersen renewing their contracts, and having agreements with Hanna Ljungberg, Madelene Edlund and Karolina Westberg since earlier, Umeå's manager Roland Arnqvist could jokingly say "We've almost got an entire futsal team now!"
Arnqvist expects most of the questionmarks around Umeå's 2007 squad to be cleared during the next week. It is already clear that Umeå has lost goalkeeper Sofia Lundgren (AIK), defender Sanna Valkonen (AIK) and midfielder Anne Mäkinen (address unknown, but most likely also to a club in the Stockholm area). He expects answers from key players Marta and Lise Klaveness soon and also from Malin Moström. Moström, now 31 years old, has no ambition to change clubs but is trying to make up her mind if she is going to play top football for yet another year.
Another player that might be moving on is full-back Anna Paulsson, who is also in talks with AIK. Apart from the possible lure of "bright lights, big city", Paulsson also seems to be interested in training to become a make-up artist, a field where Stockholm has more to offer than Umeå.
The main task for Umeå's management must be to find a replacement for Anne Mäkinen. They have had talks with Ingvild Stensland, who plays in a Mäkinen position for Norway. If she doesn't sign, says a columnist in the local paper, Umeå is in serious trouble. Arnqvist would have to place a call to somebody like  USA's Shannon Boxx.
Still, futsal jokes aside, Arnqvist is confident: "Believe me, we'll have a competitive team next year too and we will be fighting for the silverware. It's fun to watch AIK's efforts, but UIK is something different altogether."
Ersätt Mäkinen - det är nyckeln till framgång
SVT: Spelartappet oroar inte Umeå
Västerbottens Folkblad: Frisk och Pedersen stannar i Umeå IK, Arnqvist lugn trots få spelare klara

Qbik board dismiss Nigerian plea

Qbik's Nigerians Faith Ikidi, Yinka Kudaisi and Maureen Mmadu returned earlier this week to Karlstad from their successfull African Championship campaign. They claimed they had been given permission by coach and players to leave the club and join their national team at the Championships. The head coach denies this and adds that even if the players were sympathetic to the Nigerians difficult situation, it still is the decision of the board that matters.
Ikidi, Kudaisi and Mmadu met the Qbik board yesterday for talks, but their plea was unsuccessfull. The board stands by their earlier decision to terminate the contracts. Chairman Lars-Inge Hallstensson says that they are all interesting players, but the club had no choice: "We can't have players that just leaves when we're struggling for survival".
The Nigerian trio says that they are disappointed with the club's decision, but that they will talk to their agent and try to get contracts with other European clubs.
All of them might not have to wait very long. FC Indiana in the US WPSL league has issued a press release, stating that they are in talks with Ikidi. The young defender says that she is looking at FC Indiana's offer and adds that "it would be good for once to play alongside [FC Indiana's Ghanian stand-out] Adjoa Bayor".
Värmlands Folkblad:
"Vi fick tillåtelse", Qbik står fast vid sin linje, "Vi är besvikna"

Dates set for UEFA Women's Cup final

The UEFA Women's Cup final between Umeå IK and Arsenal LFC will be played in Umeå April 21, 2007 and the return leg in London at Emirates stadium on April 29, 2007.
"Just playing the Women's Cup final is great in itself. Then meeting Arsenal, that we've never played before and which is a pretty good brand name, is something we're looking forward to. And then playing at the Emirates - well, there's a lot to look forward to", comments Umeå's manager Roland Arnqvist.
Dagens Nyheter:
Umeå kan få spela på Emirates Stadium
Umeå IK: Datum för Women's Cup-finalerna klara

I'm buying plane tickets right now. I'm making reservations.

Change in goal at Umeå

Umeå IK's Sofia Lundgren (16 national team caps) has signed a contract for 2007 with ambitious newcomers AIK. "The main reason is that I want to have more to do. In Umeå there are so few matches in a season when you can really show what you can", she says.
Sofia Lundgren från Umeå till AIK

Mallbacken's sought-after goalie Carola Söberg yesterday returned from Umeå with a contract offer. She says it will make her "sort of professional". She says that from a footballing point of view, it can't get any better than in Umeå. She's still not decided though, since there are other things in life to conside .
Värmlands Folkblad: Umeå erbjöd Carola Söberg ettårskontrakt

Hanna Ljungberg stays in Umeå and other news

Hanna Ljungberg turns down offers from Linköping and possibly more clubs (AIK has been mentioned) to stay another year with Umeå IK. "I like it here and I think I can continue to develop in Umeå IK", she says and adds that the World Cup finals next uear has played some part in her decision "When you move it takes some time to get used to the new surroundings and I know I will get good training in Umeå".
Västerbottens Folkblad:
Ljungberg stannar i UIK

Malmö FF's assistant coach Martin Sjöberg, mentioned in connection with Linköping earlier, has renewed his contract with MFF.
Malmö FF: Martin Sjögren stannar i MFF Dam!

Hammarby goalie Katarina Wicksell has renewed her contract with the club.
Hammarby:  Katarina Wicksell förlänger

Goalscorer Kent back with Bälinge

Bälinge's 2005 top goalscorer Annette Kent will join the team for the 2007 season. "We have an agreement", says Bälinge's chairman Conny Sjöberg, "there are only minor details remaining". Kent is expected to join the team in February to participate in the pre-season training.

Bälinge has only signed contracts with three players so far, goalkeeper Maja Åström, defender Lina Andersson and midfielder Michaela Björklund. They have verbal agreements with Nera Smajic, Emma Lindqvist and Linda Sembrant. But their top priority is still Anne Mäkinen. "It feels like we're still in the game there, but I think all the Stockholm clubs are interested too."

Upsala Nya Tidning:
Måldrottningen Kent tillbaka i Bälinge

Linköping and Qbik signs coaches

Linköping FC has signed Daniel Petersson, a 33 year old university educated with coaching experience from lower division men's teams, as their new head coach. Malmö FF's assistant coach Martin Sjögren, who earlier was rumoured to be Petersson's co-coach, is no longer in the picture since Malmö got their Damallsvenskan license renewed.
Seger får en ny trendig tränare

Qbik has signed Janne Jansson, previously Team Strømmen and before that Mallbacken, as their new head coach. The experienced Jansson alradey has plans for his new team. He thinks the team needs to be more aggressive on the field and doesn't want to hire full-time professionals: "We're not at that level yet". He is focusing on local players like Therese Lückner (Team Strømmen), Carola Söberg, Maja Johansson and Kathlen Fernström (all Mallbacken).

The competition for Söberg's services now seems to have narrowed down to, besides Qbik, Hammarby and AIK. Should Söberg not choose Qbik, they will try to get Maria Yatrakis back.
Värmlands Folkblad: Ett väntat besked 

Malmö and Sunnanå clears the bar in licensing board's audit

Malmö FF and Sunnanå SK, that both has had their financial status scrutinized by the Swedish Football Association's licensing board, today got the decision: they passed.

Sunnanå has seemed pretty confident already when they filed their papers about a month ago, but chairman Sören Gustavsson still showed relief. "We've made a huge job and now with a renewed license we can start working with sponsors and players for the next season".

Malmö's chair ingrid Gustafsson admitted that she had been really nervous (and the rumour says that the club was only SEK 25,000 from losing the license) and were very relieved. She also says that she is pleased that neither players nor coaches has tried to secure their future with other clubs while waiting for the license decision. Goalkeeper of the Year winner Caroline Jönsson, mentioned in connection with clubs as Linköping, Djurgården and Asker, says that she wants to stay, but needs to discuss details.

Immideately after the audit result became public, Malmö FF announced their "Europe 2009" plan, a SEK 21 million plan to win the UEFA Women's Cup 2009. They already are in detailed talks with three major sponsors and promises to reinforce the squad with "selected player profiles".

MFF Dam kan andas ut, Bara sex spelare med kontrakt

Post Award show comments: Mockery, insult, scandal!

Marta's non-nomination for Forward of the Year was still the big talk the day after the Sweden Football Award show, and few people (including me) understands what the jury was thinking. Apart from that, the award winners were considered worthy their prize. I had expected some disappointment from Umeå considering the outcome of the midfielder prize, but the local Umeå journalists must have caught Arnqvist and Jeglertz after they spent too much time at the bar. Arnqvist calls the event a mockery and an insult and promises to never put his foot there again and blames the Football Association for the jury's choices, while Jeglertz states that not a single one of the winners were good enough to get a spot at the Umeå team.
"Det här är så pinsamt"
Västerbottens Folkblad: Jeglertz dömde ut Fotbollsgalan

Jeglertz is wrong by the way, and he knows it. Caroline Jönsson is a better goalkeeper than Sofia Lundgren and Umeå would take back Hanna Marklund any day, no questions asked. Schelin could probably move Anna Sjöström out of the starting eleven, but Caroline Seger would find herself in an Lisa Dahlqvist position in Umeå - thrilled for every minute she gets to play. Mäkinen and Moström are better players than Seger, but she is much more fun than they are. And this is show business.

A couple more Lotta movies, just to make Joao happy.

EDIT: Ok, this almost getting ridiculous, but I found another Lotta Schelin clip. This one is from the SVT morning show, and Lotta confesses that she hasn't been to bed yet. I won't translate the interview - she's just happy, she's had a great year, she's looking forward to China, women's football has won a lot of recognition the last years but still far from equal.
SVT: http://svt.se/content/1/c6/70/03/20/sport-2006-1114-lotta.ram

Sweden Football Awards 2006

The 2006 big Sweden Football Award Gala was earlier tonight. You can find the nominees and my personal comments here. The winners:

Coach: André Jeglertz, Umeå IK
Breakthrough: Stina Segrström, Kif Örebro
Goalkeeper: Caroline Jönsson, Malmö FF
Defender: Hanna Marklund, Sunnanå SK
Midfielder: Caroline Seger, Linköping FC
Forward: Lotta Schelin, Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC
The Diamond Ball, Player of the Year: Lotta Schelin, Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC

When, in the presentation of the nominees, Caroline Seger was asked why she should get the award, she answered "Because I'm a hot chick". If you want to see her, other hot chicks, a bunch of old men and some hot guys you can check out these places:
Dagens Nyheter
Aftonbladet (video)
Svenska Dagbladetand again 
Svt: Just Schelin (video)

Mirjam Marklund rejoins Sunnanå

Mirjam Marklund, last year with AIK, has decided to move back home to Skellefteå and play for Sunnanå. "It has to be Skellefteå", Mirjam explains, missing friends and family. "We really want to move home".
Mirjam has a year left of her studies in Stockholm, but will combine commuting and taking some distance courses. Sunnanå has also reached an agreement with Djurgården/Älvsjö, that Mirjam can train with them while in Stockholm.
Norra Västerbotten:
Mirjam åter i SSK

Smith stays in Sunnanå

Sunnanå's New Zealand defender Rebecca Smith has decided to stay with Sunnanå another season, despite interest from among others Bayern München in the German Bundesliga.
Tackade nej till Bayern München

UEFA Women's Cup: Umeå brush Kolbotn away

Umeå IK  -  Kolbotn IL  6 - 0 (2-0)
Umeå: Sofia Lundgren - Anna Paulsson, Karolina Westberg (62 Lisa Dahlqvist), Johanna Frisk, Maria Bergkvist - Lise Klaveness (83 Erika Karlsson), Malin Moström, Anne Mäkinen - Anna Sjöström (71 June Pedersen), Hanna Ljungberg, Marta 
Goals: 1-0 Marta (12), 2-0 Hanna Ljungberg (24), 3-0 Anne Mäkinen (48), 4-0 Malin Moström (55), 5-0 Marta (77), 6-0 Hanna Ljungberg (90+2)
Attendance: 762

Another brilliant performance from Umeå, who in the second half almost seemed to be able to score at will. The Kolbotn players was brought along as extras, something for Umeå to stand out against. "They were simply better than us, but going down 1-11 is really embarassing" said Kolbotn's Solveig Gulbrandsen

Sanna Valkonen, for the last five seasons one of the first picks in an Umeå starting 11, spent the entire match in the bench. Not that she was actually needed, Kolbotn had only two real shots at Umeå's goal, but it smells a bit of retribution for announcing her move to AIK just days before the game.
Valkonen's fellow countrywoman Mäkinen, tired but satisfied in the postgame interview, also became a bit vague when the final against Arsenal came up "I don't know if I'm with the club by then. I have to go home and do some thinking."
Marta, happy as ever, gave a more positive answer to the question about next year: "There's a good chance I'll stay. We just have to talk to [Umeå manager] Roland [Arnqvist] about some details."

SVT: Umeå krossade Kolbotn i cupsemin, the goals (video clip), Mäkinen interview (video clip), Marta interview (video clip)
Adresseavisen: Flaut for Kolbotn

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention that Arsenal defeated Brøndby 3-0 at home in the other semifinal, taking Arsenal to the final with a 5-2 aggregate win. Arsenal's manager Vic Akers promised, in the heat of the moment I'm sure, that Arsenal's home leg will be played at Emirates Stadium.

Dowling renews contract with Kif Örebro

Kif Örebro's American defender Keeley Dowling has accepted an offer to renew her contract for the 2007 season, reports Damfotboll.com. Dowling did a brilliant performance in Örebro's defense this season, says Örebro chairman Karin Tellås, who thinks Dowling will be even better next season. Other Örebro key players like Pavlina Scasna, Stina Segerström, the Hammarström sisters and Lena Andersson are already secured for the 2007 season.
Dowling tillbaka till KIF Örebro nästa år

Malmö players looking for alternatives

Malmö's young full back Johanna Rosén is reported training with Kristianstad DFF, a team that finished 2nd in the 1st division this season, only one point from promotion. Kristianstad is making a serious attempt to reach their goal to promote next season and is looking at several players with Damallsvenskan experience. Therese Björk (Jitex) and Maria Åhlund (Sunnanå) were also present at the training session.
Besides Johanna Rosén, Kristianstad is also having talks with Malmö's winger/forward Emma Stålhammar. Both Johanna and Emma has been occasional starters, but just as often late substitutes for Malmö this season. They would both like to play a more important role with their team and are probably also worried about the outcome of the licensing committee's review of Malmö's financial status. The committee's decision, that should be official this Tuesday, could lead to relegation from Damallsvenskan for Malmö.
Allsvenska spelare tränade med KDFF

Djurgården's Pedersen back to Norway?

Just promoted Norwegian club Asker is looking to reinforce their squad for the awaiting season in the top flight. As earlier reported here, coach Eli Landsem demanded a serious attempt to reach the top if she was to remain with the club. Among the players she wanted to Asker was Djurgården/Älvsjö's and Denmark's midfielder Katrine Pedersen. Norwegian media now reports that Asker is in negotiations with Pedersen and an unnamed Danish national team central defender and hopes to reach an agreement during the weekend. I don't think "central defender" is the right way to describe Dorte Dalum Jensen, so it's probably some team in the Danish league that will suffer.
Asker jager landslagsduo

Malmö and Kolbotn rumours at Linköping

Malmö FF's assistant coach Martin Sjögren will, together with local man Daniel Pettersson, share the head coach position at Linköping FC. At least according to local newspaper Corren. Sjögren declines to comment.
Linköping FC's former coach, Per-Johan Karlsson, has been signed as head coach at Carlstad United, a men's 1st division (level 3) side in his home town Karlstad. He says that after coaching a team like Linköping FC it would just feel strange with another women's team.
Ny tränarduo till Linköpings FC

Linköping is still looking for a new big name player. After Hanna Ljungberg, Therese Sjögran and Asthildur Helgadottir, their top prioroty now seems to be Kolbotn and Norway midfielder Trine Rønning. Rønning says that she hasn't heard from the club yet, but that she will listen if they get in touch: "I have played nine years in the Norwegian league and could be tempted to try something new."
Corren: På jakt efter norsk landslagsstjärna

Player signings in Sunnanå

Sunnanå winger Maria Nordbrandt (previously with Umeå) has signed a new 1 year contract with her club, turning down an offer from Kif Örebro. Two other key players, Anna Bodén and Sanna Frostevall, have contract offers but are still thinking about them. Umeå Södra's 18 year old midfielder Josefin Johansson (10 goals in 1st division this season) has visited Skellefteå and the club and is a highly probable signing.
Sunnanå has also offered Mirjam Marklund a contract. Mirjam, Hanna's younger sister, left Sunnanå after the 2005 season to focus on her education in Stockholm. Halfway into the 2006 season she got persuaded by AIK to join the club. AIK were by then an obvious promotion candidate, but leaking in goals and the defense needed to be tightened. Mirjam gave experience and stability to the young AIK defense and the team conceded only 12 goals in 15 matches with her, to compare with 16 goals in the 7 first matches. Mirjam, who also has a proposals from AIK, says she is tempted to return home and play with Hanna.
Norra Västerbotten: 
Nordbrandt förlänger med Sunnanå

No worries in Umeå over players leaving

Sanna Valkonen has signed with newly promoted AIK, Anne Mäkinen also seems to be considering a move south, Marta is attracting the usual crowd of suitors and then some, Anna Paulsson has offers from Sunnanå and AIK, Linköping tries to lure away Hanna Ljungberg. And more to that. But UIK's management is not worried.

Roland Arnqvist says he doesn't know which players the club will field in the UEFA Women's Cup final next year, but there is no reason to worry: "It was much worse last year", he says and reminds of a tabloid headline a year ago announcing "The stars are fleeing from Umeå". He also underlines, that it is important that the players they sign are dedicated, that they really wants to play for Umeå. And there is a generation change to deal with. "It would of course be great to keep the entire squad and just play on next year. But we have a lot of players close to 30 and it's better to replace some of these now instead of replacing a lot of them next year."

Probably a couple of more players will follow Valkonen and leave Umeå, but Arnnqvist says "There is a lot of good football players in the world. I can assure UIK will field a strong team next year too."
Västerbottens Folkblad:
Sista matchen med UIK-gänget
Västerbottenskuriren: UIK kan säkra finalplatsen – men vilka spelare blir kvar?

Mäkinen to Bälinge? Valkonen to Stockholm!

Defender Sanna Valkonen tells local daily Västerbottenskuriren that she has decided to leave Umeå after this season. She has an agreement with a Stockholm club, but doesn't want to reveal the name of the club yet, since all papers aren't signed. The deal is for a full-time professional position, just like she has with Umeå. Sanna also says that she will take a break from the Finnish national team next year and see if she wants to continue to play in 2008.
Valkonen: "Jag flyttar till Stockholm"

EDIT: We can replace Stockholm with AIK. The northern Stockholm club happily announced Valkonen's signing at a press conference earlier today.
AIK: Sanna Valkonen från Umeå till AIK

Bälinge has been in touch with Umeå's star midfielder Anne Mäkinen and will have continued talks next week, after Umeå's second UEFA Women's Cup semifinal match against Kolbotn. Bälinge's Conny Sjöberg seems excited and says that Mäkinen is the second biggest transfer you can make in the Swedish league, only Marta would be bigger. She is not only a great player, she would also be a great leader and role-model for Bälinge's young players. Sjöberg finally adds that Bälinge wouldn't have started talks with Mäkinen if she hadn't hinted that she might be interested.
Upsala Nya Tidning: Bälinge satsar på att värva världsstjärna

Marta's agent: German clubs in the race for Marta's signature

Marta's agent Fabiano Farah tells tabloid Expressen that in addition to Umeå IK and FC Indiana, there are also two top clubs from the German Bundesliga competing for a contract with the Umeå IK and Brazil star forward. He will not disclose which clubs, but if what he says is true, and it doesn't necessary have to be spin just because he's an agent, I'm sure one of the clubs is FFC Frankfurt.
Farah says that Marta has to play in the league "that adds most to her value". "The Swedish is competitive", he says, "and so is the German. And the American is really trying to be there."
Umeå IK has presented a contract proposal, says Umeå manager Roland Arnqvist.
Marta på väg till Tyskland

EDIT: This actually made the evening TV news too. Lots of footage of Marta in action, but she herself refuses to comment. She won't even talk to media and just refers to her agent. Coach Jeglertz says that Marta is a good player, so of course other clubs will try to pull her away from Umeå. And towards the end of the clip, when manager Roland Arnqvist looks like he's being made to answer a personal and slightly awkward question, he is just trying to avoid answering to how much they are offering Marta for 2007.
SVT: Marta på väg att lämna Umeå? (video clip)

Coaches and players renew deals with Göteborg

Kopparbergs/Göteborg's head coach Martin Pringle (nominated for the Coach of the Year award) and goalkeeper coach Christer Möndell has signed new contracts with the club for the 2007 season.
Among the players, the club has already signed 2007 contracts with Johanna Almgren, Lisa Ek, Maria Edman, My Hjelm, Frida Höglund, Maria Nilsson, Camilla Schelin, Lotta Schelin, Marlene Sjöberg. Kopparbergs/Göteborg hopes to be able to release news on more signings within short.
Göteborg FC:
Klara ledare inför 2007, Ett helt gäng spelare klara inför nästa säsong..

Djurgården forward goes to AIK

Djurgården/Älvsjö's forward Sofia Simonsson has signed with 2007 newcomers AIK. Simonsson has played one year with Djurgården, but has mostly come in as a substitute. Competeing with Victoria Svensson and Laura Kalmari for a starting position isn't easy.
AIK says they are happy Simonsson signed and calls her "a strong and fast forward".
Sofia Simonsson till AIK

Mäkinen turns down FC Indiana

Anne Mäkinen tells local newspaper Västerbottenskuriren that she is not interested in joining FC Indiana, but she still might leave Umeå for another team. Now 30 years old, she thinks it's getting time to think about an education. She is interested in a naprapathy degree, but she have to move to Stockholm to get that education. So far Mäkinen is undecided about her future in football, but she expects to make up her mind shortlyu after the UEFA Women's Cup semifinal this weekend..
Mäkinen nobbar USA

Stolpe and Dammström hangs up boots

Mallbacken captain Therese Stolpe, who has attracted interest from Qbik, Kif Örebro and Bälinge, has decided to leave football. Stolpe, who is 27 years old and working as a teacher, says she lacks motivation to keep on.
Värmlands Folkblad:
Storstjärnan slutar

Kopparbergs/Göteborg defender Sofia Dammström leaves the club after three years and 62 matches. She has been accepted by the Police Academy and moves to Växjö for studies.
Göteborg FC: Nu blir Sofia "Dammis" Dammström polis- på riktigt...

Therese Sjögran stays in Malmö

Malmö FF fan favourite and national team midfielder Therese Sjögran has signed a contract for the 2007 season with the club. The club is happy with her decision and hopes other players will follow. Sjögran has, as usual, been surrounded by transfer speculations with Linköping FC as the most eager suitor.
Jenny Engwall, Nilla Fischer, Malin Levenstad, Therese Lundin and Emma Wilhelmsson already have contracts for 2007, since they signed 2 year deals last year.
Malmö FF:
Glädjande besked till alla Malmö FF Dam-fans

Stensland to replace Valkonen in Umeå?

Kolbotn's Ingvild Stensland will stay behind after the UEFA Women's Cup semifinal in Umeå this coming weekend for contract talks with the Swedish champions. At the same time a Sanna Valkonen move from the club to either AIK or Finnish HJK Helsinki sounds more and more likely. Finding a good defender to replace her should be a top priority for Umeå. And signing Stensland could probably make Lise Klaveness stay on for another year.
Stensland is under contract with Kolbotn for the 2007 season, but her contract states that the club shall not stop a move if it gives her a full time professional deal. There will most likely be a transfer fee, but nothing that Umeå can't afford to pay.
Norska förstärker UIK - Valkonen väljer AIK
Østlandets Blad: Stensland i samtale med Umeå

In other Umeå news, the USA club FC Indiana has notified UIK that they are interested in Marta (not the first time we've heard that) and, more interesting, Anne Mäkinen. Mäkinen, who has spent most of her football career in USA (college, WUSA and W-league) has earlier declared that she might return to USA at one time or another.
Marta has hired herself a new agent, Fabiano Farah, who also manages the affairs of Real Madrid star Ronaldo. Umeå's manager Roland Arnqvist doesn't think that will be any problem in their contract negotiations. They have had some preliminary talks "and he seems like a reasonable guy", Arnqvist says.
Västerbottenskuriren: Ronaldo och Marta har något ihop..., Amerikansk klubb jagar Marta och Mäkinen

Ye Olde Rumour Mill

Lise Klaveness talks to Norwegian press while in Kolbotn for the UEFA Women's Cup semifinal. She says it's fifty-fifty wether she stays in Umeå another year or not. "You can't get it better as a footballer than in Umeå, but it's about life outside football too", she says and adds that she dreamed about being a professional footballer but it turned out being really boring. She needs something outside the trainings and matches and wants the club to help her get a trainee-ship if she is to stay.
Another thing that could persuade her to stay is Umeå signing her Norwegian best friend, national team defender Ingvild Stensland. Umeå's manager Roland Arnqvist confirms that he has notified Stensland's club Kolbotn that they want to talk to her, but that she is neither more nor less hot than any of the other players on their list.
Fotball eller livet rundt for Klaveness
Västerbottens Folkblad: UIK intresserat av Kolbotnspelare

Umeå defender Sanna Valkonen says she has made up her mind about her future, but will not get into details until after the season has finished. Manager Arnqvist says he thinks he knows what Valkonen has decided, but he has no answer from her yet. He adds that he thinks it's completely natural, and a good thing, that a few players move every year.
The Stockholm club AIK has been named as a possible destination for Valkonen. The club confirms the talks, but will only comment further when and if there is a signed contract.
Västerbottenskuriren: Valkonen på väg att lämna UIK

Finally a non-rumour: Sunnanå's young forward Madeleine Edlund will sign a 1 year contract with Umeå IK later this week. She says she is thrilled to play and train with Umeå's world star squad and even thuogh she knows she will be spending time on the bench, she really wants and looks forward to the challenge to break in to the first team.
Norra Västerbotten:  Madde Edlund väljer Umeå IK

Promoted AIK has resigned 11 of the players from the 2006 squad (Jenny Lundqvist, Anna Lundin, Lina Hedkvist, Ingrid Bohlin, Freja Egebrand, Anna Karlsson, Camilla Ulander Nilsson, Nazanin Vaseghpanah, Madelene Göras, Madeleine Wedin and Hanna Jöhnk) and also found a 17 year old midfielder from 2nd division side Brommapojkarna, Danielle Wallander. She has been on Sweden's U17 team, but I really don't think that 17 year-olds is the way to go to prepare for Damallsvenskan. Unless they are Hanna Ljungberg or Marta. She might be one of those.
AIK: Danielle Wallander damernas första nyförvärv

To continue the youngsters theme, Hammarby made an agreement with two 18 year-olds to trial with the team in December. Michelle Lilja and Lina Frank are playing in 1st division team Gideonsberg and Sweden's U18. Just a trial so far though.
Vlt: GIF-talanger ska provspela med Hammarby
Damfotboll.com: Landslagsduo provtränar i Hammarby

At last it seems like Bälinge will get their 2005 top-scorer Annette Kent back with the team. Kent, who played her college soccer at Perdue University, played an instrumental part in Bälinge's 2005 promotion campaign, tearing up defenses of all 1st division sides and scoring loads of goals during her 6 month stint with the club. It looks like she will return for the 2007 season and it will be interesting to see how it works out for Kent at the top level.
No link. I'm pretty sure on my source here, but this entry might actually be the place where the rumour starts.

UEFA Women's Cup: Umeå already ready for the final

Kolbotn IL - Umeå IK  1 - 5 (1-1)
Umeå: Sofia Lundgren - Anna Paulsson, Karolina Westberg, Sanna Valkonen, Maria Bergkvist - Lise Klaveness, Malin Moström, Anne Mäkinen, Anna Sjöström (78 Lisa Dahlqvist) - Hanna Ljungberg, Marta
Goals: 0-1 Hanna Ljungberg (2), 1-1 Trine Rönning (35), 1-2 Lise Klaveness (54), 1-3 Marta (67), 1-4 Hanna Ljungberg (77), 1-5 Marta (89)
Attendance: 762
Kolbotn suffered a crushing defeat and the TV interviewers couldn't even get the Umeå players (trained to never take anything for granted and never focus on anything than the next match) to question their spot in the finals, that will be played in April next year.
The small Sofiemyr stadium, just south of Oslo, offered a hard and spotwise icy pitch on the cold but sunny Saturday afternoon. Initially players of both teams had problems with the surface and there were some "Bambi on ice" moments before they adapted the play to the surface. But already before that Umeå had taken the lead. Lise Klaveness suddenly was completely free with Kolbotn's keeper and tried to chip her, but hit the goalbar. Hanna Ljungberg was speedy on the rebound and could score after less than two minutes of play. Umeå continued to play good and had a couple more close shots, including a Hanna Ljungberg header, that was saved on or maybe even a bit behind the goalline by a defender. But around 30 minutes into the first half, Kolbotn began to get their play working and Trine Rønning's equaliser was followed by a very good Norwegian period and 1-1 seemed a fair half-time result.
Hanna Ljungberg, interviewed in half-time, thought 1-1 was a good result and wouldn't mind bringing that home to Umeå for the return match.
Umeå had started with a 4-4-2, trying to match Kolbotn's strong 3 player midfield and getting through on the wings. But the more they played on in the second half, the more players they pushed up in their attacks and they often looked more like 4-3-3 and even 4-2-4 when in possession. After 10 minutes of the second half Hanna Ljungberg found Lise Klaveness, who again managed to get free behind the Kolbotn defense line, with a perfect pass to score and give Umeå the lead. After that it was almost play against one goal. Marta out-ran the Kolbotn's defense from what seemed an impossible position. She was at least 5 after two Norwegian defenders, trying to catch a long pass from Anna Sjöström, but beat them to the ball and scored a beautifull goal, shot from the edge of the area.
Ten minutes later Kolbotn's defense again failed to get Umeå's fast attackers off-side and Hanna Ljungberg could get around the keeper and shoot into the open goal. Kolbotn's defensive tactics, with the defense-line high up in the field trying to pressure already in midfield and setting up offside-traps for the forwards, failed completely. "Gutsy, but stupid tactics" as the TV commented, pointing out that Umeå's pacy attack took all the advantage they could from the setup.
Another Kolbotn weakness was their somewhat unreliable goalkeeping. Just before time, Kolbotn keeper Lise Beate Bye got in her head that she, instead of just kicking the ball to the nearest player, should challenge Marta in the penalty area. Marta of course won the ball and could score the fifth and final goal for Umeå.
Dagens Nyheter:
Marta sköt Umeå mot final
SVT: Umeå nära final i Womens Cup, match clip, pre-match clip (training, Jeglertz mulling over tactics)
NRK: Kolbotn overkjørt av Umeå 

In Copenhagen, Brøndby and Arsenal reached a 2-2 draw in the other semifinal, giving Arsenal the upper hand in their home leg, that will be played next weekend.

Hedvig Lindahl stays in Linköping

Friday night Linköping FC could announce that goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl has signed a new contract with the club. Sport director Bengt Ekholm said that it feels very good that they now have secured such an important part of the team as the goalkeeper.
The club could also announce the renewed contract for their young forward talent Sandra Landberg.
Lindahl klar för LFC
Linköping: Två spelare till klara

Lollo Östman leaves Örebro and other news

KIF Örebro's striker Louise Östman has decided to leave Örebro and move south to live with her boyfriend Axel Kjäll, who plays professional football with Trelleborgs FF (just promoted to Allsvenskan, the men's top side). Her quite endearing explanation is that "football is not forever, but I want Axel to be". Lollo, 23 years old, scored 5 goals for Örebro this season and will probably not have any problems finding a new club. Both Malmö FF and 1st division side Husie IF is nearby her new home.
KIF Örebro's Thomas Rasmusson says Lollo's move is a loss för the club, but understandable. He can also reveal that the club has secured the services of national team defender Stina Segerström for another year.
Nerikes Allehanda:
Louise Östman lämnar KIF Örebro

Qbik is looking for a new coach. Linköping FC's former coach Per-Johan Karlsson has been named as an interesting option, but he has now declined. Another name is Janne Jansson, who coached one of Norway's top teams Team Strømmen the last two years, and he says it could be interesting to work with Qbik. Qbik's assistant coach Jan Svensson is under contract for 2007 and might be a name for the head coach position.
Jennifer Meier, Qbik's German forward, has been negotiating with the club and even if no papers seems to have been signed, they have agreed on a deal for the 2007 season. She will have to take a pay-cut, but the club will help her getting a part-time job.
Qbik had 5 professional players this season and they won't be able to repeat this 2007 - they lost about SEK 700,000 this year. But there is still place for "a couple of professionals". But for the moment their main focus  is on resigning players from their current squad.
Värmlands Folkblad: Två tränare kvar på Qbiks önskelista

Linköping's interest in Hanna Ljungberg is still hot news. Bengt Ekholm, who is responsible for player transfers, tries to modify the story: "nobody would turn down Hanna Ljungberg, but she is not our prime target". Who is, he will not reveal, but the journalist adds Anne Mäkinen's name to previously mentioned Therese Sjögran and Asthildur Helgadottir.
Corren: Ljungberg kan bli aktuell

Malmö newspaper Sydsvenskan adds Caroline Jönsson to possible targets for Linköping. The Malmö goalkeeper, probably interersting for Linköping only if Hedvig Lindahl moves, has been in touch with Linköping, but will not make any decisions until the questions around Malmö's Damallsvenskan license have been answered. "If the club gets renewed license, I will probably stay, but I won't stay if Malmö get's relegated".
Sydsvenskan: MFF-trio jagas av Linköping

Hammarby has renewed the contracts for Elin Sölveskog, Jessica Landström and their Belgian international Marijke Callebaut.
Hammarby: "Coco", Elin Sölveskog och "Landis" förlänger

Poaching Umeå: Hanna to Linköping, Sanna to AIK??

Linköping FC wants to take the next step after defeating Umeå in the Swedish Cup. They know they need to get at least one more top player to do that. Linköping's chairman Christer Mård reveals that their prime target is Umeå's Hanna Ljungberg. Hanna, who has been with Umeå since 1998, says that she will not consider any contract proposals until after the UEFA Women's Cup semifinals the next two weekends.
Linköping vill värva Hanna
Expressen: Linköping vill värva Hanna Ljungberg

Linköping is also looking south. Malmö FF's Martin Sjögren confirms that Linköping has been in touch regarding Malmö's national team players Therese Sjögran and Asthildur Helgadottir: "and so has other clubs, but Linköping seems to be more eager than the others". Malmö hasn't started any contract negotiations with their players, since they want to get the Football Associations ruling on their Damallsvenskan license for 2007 first. Malmö is in trouble because of their shaky economy and the licensing committee will make their decision within two weeks. Malmö's management seems worringly uncertain on the outcome, though.
Local newspapers, no link

Newcomers AIK, that spent one year in Damallsvenskan 2005, has learned that dominating the 1st division means nothing in Damallsvenskan. Without serious reinforcements you will suffer Jitex' fate. So AIK is in talks with Umeå and national team goalkeeper Sofia Lundgren as well as Umeå and Finland defender Sanna Valkonen. Lundgren tells tabloid Expressen that she is trying to find an agreement with AIK, but she is not prepared to take a pay-cut to move. But she expects a lot of tougher matches with AIK: "There are so many good players in front of you in Umeå, that you hardly get anything to do". She also confirms that Valkonen might end up in the Stockholm club. "It would be fun if there were two of us that moved down south".
Expressen: Linköping vill värva Hanna Ljungberg

Transfer rumour mill, Part III

If people hasn't speculated before, the end of the domestic season opens the flood-gates.

Linköping FC has re-signed Ann Westermark, Charlotte Rohlin and Finnish international Anna-Kaisa Rantanen, but there still hasn't happened anything in relation to Hedvig Lindahl. "We'll get to it this week and hopefully find a solution", says sport director Bengt Ekholm. Lindahl has, as reported here earlier, attracted interest from Umeå IK and Arsenal LFC. Linköping is also hoping to reinforce the team with one or two players, capable of competing for a starting position. No names mentioned this time.
Linköping is also looking for a new head coach and Daniel Pettersson, a 33 year old with a university coaching degree and currently coaching Linköping FF in the men's 2nd division (4th level), is rumoured to be on top of their list.
LFC vill ha Pettersson
Linköping FC:  Tre till helt klara

Sunnanå finished the season on a high note, defeating Djurgården/Älvsjö in the last match. But Rebecca Smith, who scored the winning goal and has played an important role in Sunnanå's defense all season, has attracted interest from Bayern and FFC Frankfurt in the German Bundesliga and will explore these options further. She says however, that it is really important to find a team where she will get a lot of time on the field, especially if her New Zealand qualifies for the World Cup in China. She will have contract talks with Sunnanå before she leaves Sweden for the winter break.
Sunnanå, that is aiming for a smaller but sharper squad next season, will anyway lose veteran Carolina Marklund (retiring) and a few players from the bench. Their young striker Madeleine Edlund (13 U21 matches for Sweden) has attracted some interest from Umeå and perhaps also Malmö FF. If she goes, the club might want to get Emma Lindkvist from Bälinge. Other possible recruits are Josefine Johansson from Umeå Södra and Umeå IK's defender Anna Paulsson (maybe not as likely as Johansson). The only new contract that is signed is with Lisa Renberg, a Sweden U19 player from nearby Morön.
Norran:  Smiths minnesvärda mål sänkte Djurgården
Västerbottens Folkblad: Spelare kommer och går när Sunnanå bantar truppen

Umeå IK is still looking at goalkeepers, partly because current keeper Sofia Lundgren has offers from several other clubs. Umeå's goalkeeper coach Patrik Nordström says that Linköping's Hedvig Lindahl is interesting only if Lundgren leaves. But, he adds, there is a need for alternatives. Which might mean that relegated Mallbacken's Carola Söberg is interesting as competition for the starting position. Söberg is also interested, since she thinks she's capable of winning that competition, but comments that Umeå maybe isn't the best place to develop: "There is a risk you won't get that much to do in goal".
Umeå's first priority is to re-sign Marta. The club will present an offer this week and Marta says she wants to stay, "but I have to think a bit and talk to [Umeå's general manager] Roland [Arnqvist] first".
Västerbottenskuriren: UIK jagar Sveriges bästa målvakter
Västerbottenskuriren: I dag erbjuds Marta nytt kontrakt

While it seems like relegated Jitex is counting on keeping most of their squad and make a quick return to Damallsvenskan, Mallbacken is likely to lose several key players. Their highly rated goalkeeper Carola Söberg has been contacted by "eight clubs, six of them from Damallsvenskan" and has already stated that playing 1st division fotball is unthinkable. Mallbacken's captain Therese Stolpe and the Icelandic international Erla Arnadottir are both on Pia Sundhage's list of names to bring to KIF Örebro and they both seem willing to move. Defender Kathlene Fernström also wants to continue in Damallsvenskan, maybe with nearby Qbik.
Qbik has mentioned all these four players as interesting transfers. Therese Lückner, former Mallbacken player that spent this season with the Norwegian top side Team Strømmen, has also shown some interest for Qbik. On the other hand, it is very unlikely that Qbik's Nigerian national team players will be with the club next year and Qbik chairman Lars-Inge Hallstensson seems unwilling to have anything to do with the Nigerian Football Association in the future (if you don't know what I'm talking about, there are a couple of entries in this blog between October 18 and 24). But he says it should be possible for the club to hire foreign professionals next season too. One of them might be their German attacker Jennifer Meier, whom they will have talks with in the next few days. Qbik's American goalkeeper Maria Yatrakis is another one. Yatrakis says they will have talks "and hopefully the club wants me to continue playing here". Hallstensson thinks Yatrakis is "a great goalkeeper and I really hope we will be able to keep her".
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Nerikes Allehanda: KIF Örebro vill värva isländskt

Norway's and Kolbotn's star defender Ingvild Stensland tells local paper Östlandets Blad that she has been contacted by Umeå, Jitex, Malmö FF and Kopparbergs/Göteborg. The 25 year old has been with Kolbotn for 5 seasons and "I might need a new challenge". But she under contract with Kolbotn for the 2007 season too and she probably won't come cheap, so lets put this in the less likely categorie for the time being.
Östlandets Blad: Er ønsket av fire klubber

Norway's 2006 cup winners Asker has promoted back to Toppserien, Norway's highest level, and head coach Eli Landsem has signed a new contract with the club. When the renewal was discussed in the press a short time ago, she stated that she wanted the club to aim for the top if she should stay. One of the players she wanted to reinforce her squad with is Djurgården/Älvsjö's midfielder (and Danish national team captain) Katrine Pedersen. It is unknown whether she got the club to committ to her ambitions.
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