Umeå presents Marta "final offer"

"We have mailed our last offer to Marta today", says Umeå's manager Roland Arnqvist. "We can't go any higher than this", he adds. He says he had a long talk with Martas agent and feels optimistic about the result. "We both agree that this has dragged on far too long".

Arnqvist also comments on Umeå's recent talks with Kolbotn's midfielder Ingvild Stensland and says that he's got the feeling that she will choose Göteborg over Umeå. "If you let other reasons than football decide your choice of club, we're not as interested any longer", Arnqvist comments.
Sista budet till Marta, Ingen Stensland i Umeå IK,

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I like Roland Arnqvist, he's not afraid to say what he _really_ feels. It seems choosing another over Umeå IK would _have_ to be for reasons other than football. Well, except for Sofia Lundgren of course, who (according to the news available to the general public) changed clubs solely based on the challenges available away from Umeå. Despite what I've written thís far, I do applaud Umeå IK;s talent for signing and developing star players and I hope that mr Arnqvist will be as successful now as in previous years.UWC gold in April!

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