Finally, Sweden defeats Norway

It's been a while since Sweden last defeated Norway. Exactly how long was the subject of some debate. Since 2003, Thomas Dennerby guessed, but he was way off the mark. Sweden defeated Norway in an unofficial test match just before the 2000 Olympics, but that match doesn't appear in the Norwegian FA's statistics. We have to go back to the European Championships 1995 to find an official Swedish win and all the way to 1985 to find the last time Norway was denied any goals.
(The good people at did the work in the archives, thanks.)

By the way, Sweden defeating Norway just before the 2000 Olympics should teach you just how much you should rely on the results from this kind of matches to predict the outcome of an upcoming championship. Norway won the gold 2000, Sweden managed to get 1 (one) point in three group matches.

Sweden - Norway 2 - 0 (1-0)

Sweden: Kristin Hammarström [Örebro] (46 Sofia Lundgren [AIK]) - Anna Paulson [Umeå] (46 Anna Lindblom [Hammarby]), Malin Levenstad [Malmö], Charlotte Rohlin [Linköping], Frida Östberg [Umeå] (46 Sara Thunebro [Djurgården]) - Linda Sembrandt [AIK] (64 Maria Karlsson [Linköping]) - Nilla Fischer [Malmö] (89 Sara Larsson [Linköping]), Johanna Almgren [Göteborg] (85 Lisa Dahlkvist [Umeå]), Frida Nordin [Malmö] (64 Maria Nordbrandt [Örebro]) - Lotta Schelin [Göteborg], Jessica Landström [Linköping] (71 Madelaine Edlund [Umeå])
Goals: 1-0 Lotta Schelin (16 PK), 2-0 Jessica Landström (68)
Dennerby continued to use the Cyprus camp to give as many rookies as much exposure as possible. Sweden started with a centre line looking like this: Hammarström (0 caps) - Levenstad (0) - Sembrandt (13 minutes against England the other day), Almgren (5), Landström (3). Needless to say the coach was pretty pleased with what they accomplished.
The Norwegian side, also a somewhat unexperienced side even if they sported a full-size attack with Kaurin-Gulbrandsen-Herlovsen up front, had the wind in their backs the first half and the Swedish defense was kept busy. Sweden managed fairly few counters, but Nilla Fischer got brought down in a penalty area shuffle at a Swedish free-kick and Lotta Schelin converted the following penalty-kick. Norway then earned a penalty-kick of their own, but rookie goalkeeper Kristin Hammarström read the shot well and saved.
The second half was, as these matches usually are, marked by numerous substitutions on both sides. Sweden had the advantage of the wind in the second half and created probably a little bit more than Norway in the match as a whole. Jessica Landström scored the second goal on a fairly typical Swedish manner - defender Charlotte Rohlin won the ball on Sweden's half and delivered a long ball through the Norwegian defense to Landström, who had a pretty easy finish.
The Cyprus training camp gave head coach Dennerby a lot of promising answers: "I am very pleased with everyone who has played in these two matches. It really feels like we have a much broader selection of players", he said and added that the more experienced players that were left at home this time will be challenged by these younger players the next time he selects a starting eleven.
Lotta Schelin has now, with her penalty goal, scored in every one of the last five matches for the national team.
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Posted by: Vort

Surely this game will also not go down as an official match in the Fifa books as Sweden made 110 changes (not sure about Norway) while Fifa rules state you are only allowed to six subs per official match. Looks like Sweden's 13-year wait for an official win against Norway continues.

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