Dennerby picks experienced team for Algarve

Sweden's squad for the Algarve Cup in March was today named by national team coach Thomas Dennerby. Unlike the youthful selection that went to Cyprus, this is an experienced side. The 100+ capped Victoria Svensson, Hanna Ljungberg, Therese Sjögran and Karolina Westberg are all back while only one of the 6 players that got their first caps against England and Norway on Cyprus returns, Örebro goalkeeper Kristin Hammarström.
"This is the last chance to take a thorough look at the players for the Olympics. All the young players that were with the team on Cyprus performed well and improved their chances. There is a good competition and it's tough in all parts of the team", commented Dennerby his selection.

Points of interest:
Linköping's Josefine Öqvist is back on the team after her ACL injury last summer. She is in full training, but still hasn't played her first match since June 2007. She is supposed to do so this weekend.
Johanna Almgren returned to the national team after a long and grueling injury period when she started against Norway last week. Either she impressed a lot or Dennerby simply wants to have a better look at her - she has hardly played a full 90 minute match for more than a year and a half.
Of the many national team injury victims last year, we are now only waiting for usual starting keeper Caroline Jönsson to return. She was close, but experienced problems with her knee during Malmö's camp in South Africa and will have to wait for next time.

Kristin Hammarström, Örebro
Hedvig Lindahl, Linköping
Sofia Lundgren, AIK

Sara Larsson, Linköping
Anna Paulson, Umeå IK
Charlotte Rohlin, Linköping
Stina Segerström, Örebro
Sara Thunebro, Djurgården
Karolina Westberg, Umeå IK
Frida Östberg, Umeå IK

Johanna Almgren, Göteborg
Nilla Fischer, Malmö
Linda Forsberg, Djurgården
Caroline Seger, Linköping
Therese Sjögran, Malmö
Victoria Svensson, Djurgården
Josefine Öqvist, Linköping

Jessica Landström, Linköping
Hanna Ljungberg, Umeå IK
Therese Lundin, Malmö
Lotta Schelin, Göteborg

Dennerby satsar på rutin i Algarve
Dagens Nyheter: Erfaren trupp till Algarve Cup
Svensk Fotboll: Rutinerad trupp till Algarve Cup

At the same time, Dennerby also announced the bigger group of players that will participate in the Swedish national team's yearly strength and fitness test. in addition to the players on the list above, these were called up: Caroline Jönsson (LDB FC Malmö), Johanna Frisk (Umeå IK), Malin Levenstad (LDB FC Malmö), Lina Nilsson (LDB FC Malmö), Lisa Dahlkvist (Umeå IK), Maria Karlsson (Linköpings FC), Maria Nordbrandt (KIF Örebro), Frida Nordin (LDB FC Malmö), Linda Sembrandt (AIK), Maria Aronsson (LDB FC Malmö) and Madelaine Edlund (Umeå IK).


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