Kristianstad looking at American players

Newcomers Kristianstad is looking to strengthen their team with two American players. There are four offensive players, one of them having played in Sweden before, that they are investigating, but they will only sign two.
Sport director Ulf Berglund doesn't want to mention any names, afraid that someone with a bigger wallet could step in, but all four have experience "from different national teams" and they have been in touch with USA national team coach Pia Sundhage regarding the players. A decision will probably not come until after a few more weeks, as Kristianstad wants do inform themselves well enough not to make any mistakes.
KDFF jagar spelare i USA

Sought-after defender Linnea Gjersvold will not change clubs to Umeå Södra FF. Her club Piteå IF, one of the top sides in the 1st division last year, didn't want to release her and Umeå Södra probably didn't want to pay what it would take to buy her contract. Inget allsvenskt spel för Gjersvold

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