Linköping signs Cristiane and Daniela

Linköpings FC today announced, proudly, that they have succeeded in signing two Brazilian World Cup players, the 22 years old forward Cristiane and the 24 years old midfielder Daniela. Both players are signed on five month contracts, arriving in March and staying with the team until the long break for the Olympics start in early July.
Club manager Anders Mäki is very pleased that Linköping has been able to tie the two world class players to the team: "It's great to be able to offer two colourful world class stars to our fans and partners. Hopefully this will take the team another step towards the top." He adds that the deal with the two players isn't cheap, but doesn't cost more than it would have been to sign a one year deal with a big Swedish star like Lotta Schelin.
Linköping has been hunting for a big name player for so many years now, that I was on the verge naming them the proverbial car-chasing dog of Swedish football - a lot of running and barking but nothing to show for it. but unlike the dog I think they actually knows what to do when they finally caught something. And it is probably more Daniela than Cristiane they really need - they already have a lot of good forwards, but they have been missing a quality offensive midfielder since forever.
LFC värvar brasilianska världsstjärnor
Linköping FC: Cristiane och Daniela till LFC
SVT: Video interview with Linköping's manager

And, while we're at it, a rumour from Brazil wants us to believe that Umeå is negotiating with Brazil's experienced midfielder Formiga and already have made a contract offer. Formiga isn't a stranger to Sweden (she played in Malmö 2004-2005) and she should be a good replacement for Elaine during her rehabilitation from her knee injury, so it's not out of the blue. But only a few days ago the same agent, Daniel Freire, talked about negotiations with AIK and Djurgården.
And then Umeå denies this in the local paper Västerbottens Folkblad. Umeå were ready to give her a proposal, says the newspaper, but Formiga is under contract with a Brazilian club and Umeå were not up to paying the USD 10,000 a transfer would cost.
We will probably see more like this before the Swedish transfer window finally close March 31.
Dagens Nyheter: Formiga på gång till Umeå
Västerbottens Folkblad: Formiga för dyr för UIK

Posted by: Ravinho

I love watching and supporting the Brazilian women football team.. they're the best to me..
and i also have a crush on Martha and Cristiane.. lol.. i think i'm the only Jamaican who loves watching the Brazilian Female team play.. i was cheering them on also in the world cup last year when they lost to another good team in Germany

2008-05-18 @ 02:32:56
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