Match-day 2: Bälinge miss penalty kick in Örebro draw

Bälinge - KIF Örebro 1-1 (0-0)
Bälinge:  Maja Åström – Karolina Mats, Lina Andersson, Fanta Cooper, Nera Smajic – Maria Thuré (70 Mona Najib), Linda Sembrant, Julianne Sitch – Minna Mustonen (80 Madelene Hagberg), Emma Lindqvist, Kacey White
KIF Örebro:  Kristin Hammarström – Sandra Persson (67 Malin Nilsson), Ingrid Ericson, Stina Segerström, Caroline Näfver – Hodan Siid-Ahmed, Lena Andersson, Elin Magnusson, Marie Hammarström – Emelia Erixon, Louise Östman (88 Qaroline Nähl)
Goals: 1-0 Kacey White (49), 1-1 Emilia Erixon (59)
Attendance: 1,248
The home team had the first half, creating much more than Örebro. Örebro's goalie Kristin Hammarström kept the match even with a couple of really good saves, including a one-on one with Kacey White and Emma Lindqvist's 37th minute penalty kick. Örebro's notorious lack of attacking edge showed throughout the first half. Only minutes into the second half Kacey White could better herself, catching up with a long ball from the midfield and chipping it over Hammarström in goal. Then the game suddenly turned. Örebro began pressing forward and Emilia Erixon could equalise on a header. All in all it was a pretty even match and a fair result.

Nerikes Allehanda: 
1-1 mellan Bälinge och KIF Örebro
Upsala Nya tidning:  Bländande Bälinges kanonstart
Radiosporten: Kacey White interview (audio), Stina Segerström interview (audio)


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