Linköping defeats dutch champions

Saestum - Linköping 0-8 (0-6)
Linköping fielded what looked pretty much to be their 1st eleven in the first match during their dutch training camp. They played Saestum, presently sitting on top in the dutch top division. Linköping played a fast and direct game and already after 25 minutes they were 5 goals up. Linköping's coach didn't make any substitutions, so the pace of the game probably slowed down. Goals by Maria Aronsson (3), Sara Larsson (2), Maria Karlsson (2) and Ann Westermark.
Linköping FC

Most Damallsvenskan teams will go south for a training camp before the league kicks off mid April. This week you will find Djurgården/Älvsjö and Hammarby on Cyprus and Malmö FF participates in a training tournament outside Barcelona. AIK will leave for Cyprus and Kopparbergs/Göteborg for Turkey, both next week. Umeå and QBIK will go to Turkey the week after that.

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I assume Öquist did not play?

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