Easier to get foreign players than swedish ones to Sunnanå

It's easier to get a foreign top player to sign with Sunnanå than it is to get a swedish player to move here, complains Sunnanå's chairman Sören Gustafsson, who has signed Tiffeny Milbrett (USA), Rebecka Smith (New Zealand but playing in Bundesliga) and Biancha Rech (Germany) this spring. Many swedish playera are reluctant to move to a small town in the far north, while the club gets a lot of inquiries from foreign players and agents. It's also a problem that it is much less expensive to hire a foreign player on a 6 month contract than it is to pay a swedish professional.
Norra Västerbotten: Svårare att värva svenska spelare än utländska

Posted by: Steve

Sunnanå has not signed Bianca Rech, at least not yet.
From the article: "och förhoppningsvis tyskan Bianca Rech om hon kan få ledigt från sitt jobb som militär."
Her being in the Bundeswehr may be a problem, but at least one player (Conny Pohlers) have played abroad while being in the Bundeswehr.

2005-04-17 @ 18:20:11
Posted by: Dandal

You're quite right. I have made some posts earlier about Rech covering this. I try to avoid to long or to complicated explanations and have in some posts been using the word "signed" for things that better could be phrased as "verbal agreement", "mutual interest" or even "positive talks". I'll make an effort to do better in the future.

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