Match-Day 1

TV match of the week: Malmö FF - Umeå 2-2 (1-2)
Malmö FF: Caroline Jönsson - Malin Andersson, Denise Reddy, Therese Jönsson, Jenny Engwall - Frida Nordin, Nilla Fischer, Therese Sjögran, Emma Stålhammar (73 Maria Westerbladh) - Formiga, Asthildur Helgadottir
Umeå IK: Sofia Lundgren - Maria Bergkvist, Anna Paulson, Sanna Valkonen, Frida Östberg - Jessica Julin (68 Elaine), Malin Moström, Anne Mäkinen - Marta (82 Maria Nordbrandt), Hanna Ljungberg, Anna Sjöström
Goals: Hanna Ljungberg 0-1 (14), Sanna Valkonen 0-2 (16), Emma Stålhammar 1-2 (37), Denise Reddy 2-2 (83)
Yellow cards: Therese Sjögran, Malmö FF, Therese Jönsson, Malmö FF, Alfhildur Helgadottir, Malmö FF, Malin Andersson, Malmö FF, Frida Östberg, Umeå IK, Hanna Ljungberg, Umeå IK, Maria Bargkvist, Umeå IK (and yes, the referee in this match has been much critizised)
Attendance: 2,117
Shaky start from Malmö with slow and passive defense. Umeå pressured from the first moment and exploited the empty area between Malmö's defense and medfield. But Umeå's early goals, a Hanna Ljungberg header and Sanna Valkonen's off a cornerkick, were more thank's to lack of communication and determination in Malmö's defense than any brilliant attack. After about 30 minutes Malmö finally started to push up and meet Umeå's attacks in the mid third of the pitch. Much more even play the rest of the match and Malmö deservedly equalized, a beautifull shot by Emma Stålhammar from the edge of the area and Denise Reddy's somewhat lucky shot from a Malin Andersson free kick.
Malmö's Nilla Fischer and Umeå's Elaine impressed but I expected much more from Umeå's Mäkinen.
Aftonbladet: Malmö luggade guldfavoriten på poäng
Aftonbladet: Umeås löfte sprack redan i första matchen
Dagens Nyheter: Malmö knep poäng av Umeå
Sydsvenskan: MFF fick oavgjort mot Umeå
SVT: Highlights from the match (Windows media, 2 and a half minutes)
SR Radiosporten: Short interview with Malmö's Emma Stålhammar

AIK - KIF Örebro 0-1 (0-1)
AIK: Sofie Holmqvist - Emilia Reimer, Yolanda Odenyo, Sara Andersson, Maria Moustakakis - Madelene Göras, Therese Sandström, Hodan Siid-Ahmed (57 Lina Hedkvist) - Anna Bergendal, Lena Persson, Nazanin Vaseghpanah (61 Anna Lundin)
KIF Örebro:
Yellow cards: Sara Andersson, AIK
Goals: Louise Östman 0-1 (14)
Attendance: 813
Örebro had a nervous start, but after the first 10 minutes they dominated and should have closed the match much earlier than the last minute. Several missed opportunities by Östman and Kristine Lilly, who otherwise showed high class. AIK could count themselves fortunate that the defeat wasn't bigger. Lilly herself commented that she thinks she did ok, but should have scored at least one goal.
Nerikes Allehanda: Premiärseger för KIF Örebro
Nerikes Allehanda: Lilly: Jag missade för mycket
Nerikes Allehanda: Match pictures
Nerikes Allehanda: Segern i premiären värd mer än tre poäng
Dagens Nyheter: AIK kom billigt undan
SR Radiosporten: interviews with Örebro's  Louise Östman and Pia Sundhage

Kopparbergs/Göteborg - Hammarby 1-0 (1-0)
Kopparbergs/Göteborg: Maria Edman - Camilla Schelin, Frida Höglund, Sofia Dammström, Marlene Sjöberg - Maria Karlsson, Jennie Svensson, Lisa Ek, Sofia Palmqvist (65 Heidi Kackur) - Johanna Almgren, Lotta Schelin
Hammarby: Camilla Halonen - Karolina Rinman, Josefin Christensen, Annelie Norén, Hanna Olsson - Jessica Landström (85 Louise Fors), Jennie Jonsson, Christina Forssell (70 Lisa Arnell), Elin Härén - Salina Olsson, Linda Forsberg (45 Tanja Meidal)
Goals: Maria Karlsson 1-0 (28)
Attendance: 512
Göteborg started well and deserved the lead, but in the second half Hammarby was the better side and goalkeeper Maria Edman was forced to several saves to keep the victory for Göteborg. Göteborg's midfielder Lisa Ek (former Hammarby player) comments that as long as they managed to play according to their tactics, short fast passes through the midfield with the wing backs supporting the attack, it worked fine. In the second half they didn't seem to have the energy to do that, which let Hammarby back in the game.
Göteborgsposten: Korta passningar i långa loppet - så skall favoriterna utmanas

Själevad - Mallbacken 2-1 (0-0)
Själevad: Magdalena Åstrand - Johanna Engwall, Sanna Frostevall, Camilla Nyberg, Anna Segerbäck (45 Emma Jonsson) - Elisabeth Nilsson, Therese Kapstad, Josefine Engwall (70 Kristina Arnlöf ), Johanna Ahrling - Jennie Dahlberg, Josefin Larsson (90 Anja Steen)
Goals: Emma Jonsson 1-0 (54), Jenny Monsén 1-1 (60), Therese Kapstad 2-1 (89)
Yellow card: Erla Arnadóttir, Mallbacken
Red card: Carola Söberg, Mallbacken
Attendance: 922
Close fought but not very well played match. Mallbacken's goalie Carola Söberg took a red card close to the end of the match as she brought down a free Emma Jonsson. Therese Kapstad scored the winning goal on the following direct free-kick from just outside the area.
SR Radiosporten: Short interview with Mallbacken's Jenny Monsén

Sum-up for today's all matches at, the vital stats at their results page.

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