Match-Day 2 - Saturday

TV match of the week: Linköping FC - Djurgården/Älvsjö 2-1 (1-0)
Linköping FC: Hedvig Lindahl - Sara Larsson, Lotta Rohlin, Jenny Möller, Emma Claesson - Malin Gustafsson (60 Lotta Runesson), Anna-Kajsa Rantanten, Maria Aronsson - Ann Westermark (72 Karolin Kristenson), Josefine Öqvist (85 Therese Andersson), Maria Karlsson
Djurgården/Älvsjö: Maja Åström - Sara Thunebro, Therese Brogårde, Malin Nykvist, Helén Fagerström - Jane Törnqvist - Victoria Svensson (62 Anna Hall), Linda Fagerström - Sara Johansson (28 Venus James), Laura Kalmari (45 Elin Ekblom), Kristin Bengtsson
Goals: Maria Karlsson 1-0 (23), Victoria Svensson 1-1 (56), Lotta Rohlin 2-1 (79)
Yellow cards:
Attendance: 2,188
The team of the future (8 starters 25 years or younger) met the present champions (1 starter 25 or younger). Linköping seemed to follow a well thought match plan, using high pressure, attacking with a lot of players and a keep-it-simple approach. Not many teams would take such a bold stand against the champions. In the first half it worked fine. Linköping made good use of their fast forwards and Djurgården/Älvsjö had problems making use of Victoria Svensson in her position just behind the forward line. Linköping's Malin Gustafsson did a great job there. The first half goal, even if it as the other two came directly off a goalkeeper mistake, was a product of Linköping having three forwards inside the area, pressuring goalkeeper and defender. Djurgården, having lost their national team striker Sara Johansson to an early injury, made some thinking and changning in the half time. Victoria Svensson moved up front, replacing Laura Kalmari, and Elin Ekblom took Svensson's midfield place. Djurgården controlled more of the game in the second half and equalised on a little solo thing from Svensson. But she seemed to have stretched a thigh doing it and had to go off minutes later. Djurgården still dominated, but Linköping defended good and had dangerous counters. The winner was scored on a free-kick close to the penalty area after Josefine Öqvist (fast and dangerous most of the time) was brought down and a confused Djurgården defense failed to clear the ball.
Corren: LFC vann hemmapremiären
Aftonbladet: Linköpings knallseger spetsar guldsnacket
Expressen: "Vi kan utmana topplagen"
Dagens Nyheter: Linköping besegrade mästarna
SVT: Landslagsstjärnor skadade när mästarna föll, Highlights clip (Windows media, 1 minute)
TV4: Highlights clip (1 minute, register to watch)

KIF Örebro - Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC 1-1 (0-0)
KIF Örebro:
Kopparbergs/Göteborg: Maria Edman - Camilla Schelin, Frida Höglund, Sofie Dammström, Marlene Sjöberg - Lisa Ek, Jennie Svensson, Maria Karlsson, Sofia Palmqvist - Lotta Schelin, Heidi Kackur (80 Johanna Almgren)
Yellow cards:
Goals: Kristine Lilly 1-0 (57), Lisa Ek 1-1 (90)
Attendance: 1589
A rather even first half with a lot of missed chances, including KIF's Kristin Hammarström saving a Heidi Kackur penalty kick, turned into a second where Göteborg had to focus on their defending. KIF's Kristine Lilly grew better and better through the match and scored what could have been the match winner. But Lisa Ek came running on a long ball from Göteborg's defense and equalised in extra time. KIF Örebro's Pia Sundhage was very disappointed to get robbed of the victory, but thought the team should have been able to decide the match earlier. Göteborg's Martin Pringle said his side were under a lot of pressure in the second half, but looking to the whole match he had no reason to apologise for the draw.
Göteborgsposten: Göteborg "stal" poäng
Nerikes Allehanda: Tung poängförlust för KIF Örebro
SVT: Ek smög in kvittering på övertid

Mallbackens IF- Malmö FF 0-5 (0-4)
Malmö: Caroline Jönsson - Jenny Engwall (75 Sara Stålhammar), Therese Jönsson, Nilla Fischer, Malin Andersson - Emma Stålhammar, Therese Sjögran, Formiga (70 Anna Mörstam), Frida Nordin (64 Corinne Briers) - Asthildur Helgadóttir, Maria Westerblad
Goals: Asthildur Helgadóttir 0-1 (8), Maria Westerbladh 0-2 (10), Malin Andersson 0-3 (25), Maria Westerbladh 0-4 (29), Asthildur Helgadóttir 0-5 (69)
Yellow card: Formiga Malmö FF
Attendance: 666
After two goals in the first 10 minutes Malmö FF had the match in their hands. Mallbacken didn't get to one single dangerous opportunity. Malmö FF's coach Anders Johansson was very satisfied: "Everything worked out today".
Sydsvenskan: Malmö FF släppte inte till en målchans
SVT: Språngnick och klack MFF:s segervapen

Sunnanå SK- AIK 5-0 (2-0)
AIK:  Sofie Holmqvist - Lisen Åkerlund, Yolanda Odenyo, Sara Andersson, Emilia Reimer - Therese Sandström, Madelene Göras (45 Lina Hedkvist ), Anna Bergendal (45 Hodan Siid-Ahmed ) - Anna Lundin, Lena Persson, Nazanin Vaseghpanah (65 Maria Moustakakis)
Goals: Madelaine Edlund 1-0 (6) Carina Holmberg 2-0 (37), Madelaine Edlund 3-0 (57), Carina Holmberg 4-0 (60), Madelaine Edlund 5-0 (76)
Yellow card: Madelene Göras AIK, Therese Sandström AIK
Attendance: 1028
Sunnanå's Tiffeny Milbrett left the match 8 minutes from time, goalless in spite of several good scoring opportunities. Still, she was Sunnanå's most valuable player in the match, being part of almost every attacking movement. Sunnanå dominated the match against the newly promoted AIK.
Norra Västerbotten: Storseger för Sunnanå
SVT: Milbrett bakom Sunnaås alla fem mål

Sum-up for today's all matches as usual at, the vital stats at their results page.

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