Match-Day 2 - Sunday

Umeå IK - QBIK 7-0 (3-0)
Umeå IK: Sofia Lundgren (30 Johanna Baecklund) - Maria Bergkvist (Karolina Westberg), Anna Paulson, Sanna Valkonen, Frida Östberg - Elaine, Malin Moström, Anne Mäkinen - Marta (Maria Nordbrandt), Hanna Ljungberg, Anna Sjöström
Goals: Marta 1-0 (1), Anna Sjöström 2-0 (29), Hanna Ljungberg 3-0 (41), Anna Sjöström 4-0 (49), Malin Moström 5-0 (64), Frida Östberg 6-0 (74), Malin Moström 7-0 (87)
Yellow cards:
Attendance: 3427
Umeå IK celebrated their 20 years in women's football with birthday cake enough for every spectator. They had a party on the field too. QBIK's coach Dave Mosson said he hadn't expected anything but a defeat to Umeå, "They are better than us on every position", but his team did not have a good day. Two players, Ann-Sofie Halvarsson and Rebecca Jonsson suffered injuries that will keep them out of play for a long time.
SVT: Umeå IK vann stort hemma mot Qbik
Expressen: Marta och Umeå bjöd på målfest
Umeå IK
TV4: Highlights video (2 minutes, registration requited)
Svt: Highlights, including a few seconds fron the Sunnanå - AIK game (Windows media, 40 seconds)

Hammarby - Själevad 5-0 (1-0)
Hammarby: Camilla Halonen - Hanna Olsson, Josefin Christensen, Annelie Norén, Karolina Rinman - Elin Härén (80 Louise Fors ), Jennie Jonsson, Christina Forssell, Linda Forsberg (55 Tanja Meidal ) - Salina Olsson (70 Lisa Arnell ) Jessica Landström.
Goals: Salina Olsson 1-0 (3), Salina Olsson 2-0 (50), Jessica Landström 3-0 (54), Salina Olsson 4-0 (64),  Elin Härén 5-0 (66)
Yellow cards:

Attendance: 425
A much better Hammarby with a brilliant Salina Olsson didn't give Själevad any chances. A really good attacking play that, according to Hammarby coach En Perlskog, should have resulted in more first half goals than just one.
SVT: Själevad hann inte med Hammarby

Sum-up for all weekend matches as usual at, the vital stats at their results page.

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Don't forget,2789,635899,00.html

Welcome to the Damallsvenskan - Newcomers QBIK knocked out by umeå.

2005-04-25 @ 14:49:19
Posted by: Dandal

Come on, except for the trademark "tabloid wit" in the headline, that story didn't contribute with anything at all.

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True, but don't frown on tabloid wit. "Tullen tagna på Schengen" is a classic from back when.

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