Men and women in different (football) worlds

Swedish public service TV makes an interesting comparison between two neighboring premier division clubs, GIF Sundsvall (men) and Själevad (women). Even if you don't understand swedish just looking at the clip will give you an idea what it's all about. But all right, in the clip the sun shines on the men and it rains on the women. It's not always literally like that.
Svt: Fotbollens olika förutsättningar i Sundsvall (Real Player, 4 minutes)

Posted by: Boogiebop Phantom

Who are the principal people being interviewed, and what do they have to say?

2005-04-12 @ 03:43:10
Posted by: Dandal

Well, I'm pretty sure the Själevad girl is Sanna Frostevall and the older guy from Sundsvall (the men's team) is their norwegian coach Jan Halvor Halvorsen. Then there is one of the young guns from Sundsvall (don't know the team well enough to say who) and then I know the man in glasses is Själevad's head coach Yngve Persson.

They're saying what you think they're saying: It's a huge difference between men's and women's football. There probably always will be a difference. Money is important. But the women's game will continue to develop and so will the conditions for the players.

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