More weekend training matches

Fart (Norway) - Mallbachen 1-0
Mallbacken lost to the norwegian 1st division side Fart, but no cause to worry says head coach Krister Engström: "We dominated the match over 90 minutes and had 6 or 7 good scoring opportunities."
Värmlands Folkblad: Måltorka och förlust för Mallbacken

Antalaya P16 - QBIK 2-2 (0-0)
QBIK played a turkish boy's side in their first match at their Turkey training camp. The boys had good ball skills and were soon to take advantage of defensive mistakes, which showed when they scored twice early in the second half. But QBIK's better fitness and organization allowed them to level the match with goals by Lovisa Ericsson and Anna Nilsson.
Värmlands Folkblad: Qbik är på rätt väg

Additional news on Tiffeny Milbrett's debut match for Sunnanå in local daily Norra Västerbotten: Tiffeny visade vägen. Sunnanå's coach Kenneth Isaksson was impressed by Milbrett ("Great attitude, very professional and a tremendous player. It will be a pleasure working with her") but less so with the team's overall performance. Umeå IK's match against a turkish men's side seems to have been more like a boy's side, according to local daily Västerbottens Folkblad: UIK satte pojklag på plats. The paper has journalists at the camp who delivers daily reports, Ska förbättra den bästa is about Umeå's goal keeper coach Patrik Nordström who helping Sofia Lundgren to get back in shape after her injury and Frida Östberg talks about life on a 5 star training camp in "Kan koncentrera oss på fotbollen".

Posted by: jocasta

Good on ya, Milbrett, keep it up.

Dandal, last year Dagens Nyheter published a very nice preview and schedule of the upcoming Damallsvenskan season. Have any of the papers done anything like that for this season?

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