Surprise match for Umeå IK

Antalaya combination (Turkey) - Umeå IK 3-4 (2-0)
A match against a local combination of players on saturday was part of the deal for Umeå's sponsored training camp in Antalaya, Turkey. The standard of turkish women's football can't be very high, so before the game Umeå had planned to use the game to try out attacking combinations. Not until the players entered the pitch they became aware that the opposing team was a men's side. Nevertheless, the game was played. Umeå stood up well against the initial pressure from the turkish side and in the second half, possibly due to better fitness, they turned the match around. Umeå used all 18 players, which means brasilian Elaine played her first for the club. One of the team's youngsters, Johanna Andersson, scored twice while Anna Sjöström and  Emma Lindkvist made one goal each.
Umeå IK - Umeå's website publishes daily reports from the camp, entertaining reading but in swedish


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