Match-Day 11: Saturday

Djurgården/Älvsjö - AIK 6-0 (2-0)
Djurgården/Älvsjö (starting line-up): Maja Åström - Linda Lekander, Jenny Curtsdotter,Jane Törnqvist, Helène Fagerström - Elin Ekblom, Kristin Bengtsson, Anna Hall - Linda Fagerström, Sara Johansson, Victoria Svensson
AIK: Sofie Holmqvist - Emilia Reimer (46 Anna-Karin Andersson), Sara Andersson, Hanna Jöhnk, Maria Moutakakis - Hodan Siid-Ahmed, Yolanda Adenyo (59 Lina Hedkvist), Therese Sandström - Josefine Wejner (77 Anna Lundin), Lena Persson, Nazanin Vaseghpanah
Goals: 1-0 Victoria Svensson (27), 2-0 Victoria Svensson (32), 3-0 Linda Lekander (56), 4-0 Linda Fagerström (70), 5-0 Sara Johansson (73), 6-0 Linda Fagerström (76)
Attendance: 956
Victoria Svensson played her first match since the Euro semifinal against Norway. Djurgården's coach Benny Persson had planned to let Victoria come in from the bench, but when Laura Kalmari had to cancel with a minor injury he put Victoria as a starter. And she seems to have made quite a difference. Victoria, who left the pitch with just 15 minutes left, was very happy with her comeback: "Perfect! I didn't feel anything from my injuries". And the entire team seems to be back in shape now. AIK never managed to put up a real fight.
AIK, Match pics
SVT: Vilken comeback för Victoria Svensson
Aftonbladet: "Vickan" comeback!
Dagens Nyheter: "Vickan" glänste i comebackan

Sunnanå SK - QBIK 2-0 (1-0)
QBIK (starting line-up): Maria Busk - Charlotte Nygren, Annika Svensson, Kathlene Fernström, Marie-Louise Skålberg - Rebecca Jonsson, Jenny Hallstenson, Elin Sandgren, Lovisa Ericsson - Jennifer Meier, Anna Nilsson
Goals: 1-0 Carina Holmberg (21), 2-0 Madeleine Edlund (63)
Attendance: 620
An entertaining game where QBIK, in spite of a lot of attempts, didn't manage to get past Sunnanå's Hanna Marklund and Rebecca Smith in the defense.

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