Match-Day 8: Sunday

Hammarby IF - Linköping FC  0-2 (0-2)
Hammarby (starting line-up): Katarina Wicksell - Karolina Rinman, Josefin Christensen, Annelie Norén, Maureen Metzger - Hanna Olsson, Jennie Jonsson, Christina Forsell, Elin Härén - Lisa Arnell, Jessica Landström
Linköping: Hedvig Lindahl - Sara Larsson (85 Karolina Kristenson), Charlotte Rohlin, Jenny Möller, Anna-Kaisa Rantanen - Malin Gustafsson (85 Therése Andersson), Lotta Runesson, Maria Aronsson - Ann Westermark, Josefine Öqvist (65 Maria Lindström ), Maria Karlsson
Goals: 0-1 Josefine Öqvist (25), 0-2 Malin Gustafsson (30)
Attendance: 434
Linköping dominated big in the first half, with a fast, attacking play with mostly one-touch passes. With Caroline Seger resting (thigh injury) Malin Gustafsson stepped up in the midfield and made the assist to Öqvist's goal and scored the second herself with a shot from 25 meters. Hammarby, without an injured Salina Olsson, stepped up in the second half and should maybe have converted at least one of their opportunities. Hammarby coach En Perlskog commented on their two new american college players, Maureen Metzger and Lindsay Demeree (both played), and said that they will stay with the club "at least for the rest of the season". Perlskog also announced that he will not bring his best side to Umeå on Wednesday "It's more important to rest players with minor in juries like Salina Olsson for the match against Mallbacken next weekend"
Dagens Nyheter: Bajen utan seger mot Linköping utan Seger
Linköping FC, 2
Hammarby match pics

KIF Örebro - QBIK  0-0 (0-0)
QBIK: Maria Busk - Annica Svensson, Therése Lückner, Kathlene Fernström, Marie-Louise Skålberg -  Linda Hallstenson, Jenny Hallstenson, Elin Sandgren - Lisa Mellberg - Anna Nilsson, Jennifer Meier
Attendance: 742
QBIK had the better chances in the goalless draw, somewhat surprising to many, but not to coach Dave Mosson: "We've been playing good the last matches. I am not surprised with the result".

Mallbackens IF - Umeå IK  1-3 (0-3)
Umeå: Sofia Lundgren - Karolina Westberg, Anna Pålsson, Sanna Valkonen, Frida Östberg - Malin Moström, Kristina Wiklund, Anne Mäkinen - Marta, Hanna Ljungberg (62 Emma Lindqvist), Anna Sjöström (70 Maria Nordbrandt) 
Goals: 0-1 Hanna Ljungberg (24), 0-2 Malin Moström (27), 0-3 Hanna Ljungberg (28), 1-3 Jenny Monsén (79)
Attendance: 2,051
Umeå scored three goals in only 5 minutes in the middle of the first half, which gave them the lead in the league on more goals scored than Malmö FF. Mallbacken pulled down and defended heavily and successfully in the second half and even got as consolation goal. Due to the suspensions of Elaine and Maria Bergkvist, Karolina Westberg and Kristina Wiklund, who both have beeen unhappy on the bench,  got 90 minutes.

Malmö FF - Djurgården/Älvsjö  1-0 (0-0)
Malmö: Caroline Jönsson - Malin Andersson, Denise Reddy, Therese Jönsson, Jenny Engwall - Formiga, Nilla Fischer, Therese Sjögran, Emma Stålhammar (59 Frida Nordin) - Therese Lundin (90 Linda Blom), Asthildur Helgadottir (89 Mia Westerblad)
Djurgården/Älvsjö (starting line-up): Maja Åström - Helene Fagerström, Jenny Curtsdotter, Jane Törnqvist, Sara Thunebro - Linda Fagerström, Anna Hall, Elin Ekblom, Kicki Bengtsson - Laura Kalmari, Sara Johansson
Goals: 1-0 Jenny Engwall (68)
Attendance: 1,592
An entertaining match between two good sides, both sides playing constructive and creating a lot of opportunities. The longer the match went on, the more Malmö got the upper hand and pretty much dominated things the last 30 minutes. Djurgården's Maja Åström was forced to some serious goalkeeping. Jenny Engwall, not the likeliest scorer, got the last foot on the ball following a Malin Andersson corner kick and a header from Formiga.Malmö played with more confidence than Djurgården, who most likely said goodbye to any real chances of reclaiming the championship title.
Sydsvenskan: MFF vann över Djurgården/Älvsjö
Dagens Nyheter: Ny förlust - och fortsatt tungt för Djurgården/Älvsjö
Malmö FF, Match pictures, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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