Thomas Dennerby interview

Expressen talks to new national team coach Thomas Dennerby.

About the generation change:
There is a lot of young players coming, but when it comes to the international level they have to take one more step. The next years we might see e.g. Madde Edlund (Sunnanå), Emma Stålhammar (Malmö) and Maria Aronsson (Linköping).

He's talking to all the national team players, but so far no one has announced that they are retiring. "You can be 14 or 40 years old as long as you are good enough", Dennerby says.

About the national team:
There will not be any big changes in our way of play. But he would like the team to dare to hold on to the ball a bit more. Our forwards get to run back and forth a bit too much now.

About the difference of coaching a club team and the national team:
It's a big difference. You don't get to spend much time with the players. National team coaching is a lot about team-building.

Expressen: "Det kommer att bli en tajt sommar"


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